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Star's Links

These pages are to share my words
or thoughts...some I've made for special
friends..and some are links to favorite spots ...

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My Pages and Ones Made for Friends

Just the Two of Us
My Master, My Lover, My Friend
River Watch
Turn Back Time
Lady N Red
Still of the Night
The Question
The Answer
Words from the Heart
Star's Painter Tools n Avatars Links
Circle of Friends
Dreams Come True
Toy's Page
Put Your Hand in Mine
Starlyn's World
Stars Links 2....
Fingerpaints 4U
StarRider Avatars
The Garden Chapel

More Star Words and Friends Pages

Damon's Passion
Midnight Reflections Paintshop
Jon's Original Art Gallery
Richard's Music Page
Craigs Chillin Crib
Lee's Hideaway Home
New Horizons Paint Shop
More Links from Star
Baron's Safari Retreat
Backstage Pass
Painters Party Pad
Wind Beneath My Wings
Hidden Reflections Paintshop
Starr & Sassys Avatars
Amara's Jukebox
Dan & Rob's Manchester Place
Everlasting Love

other might like

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Ing's AVs by Type
Mary Lynns Avs
Dreaming at Classics
Phone Free Page
House Call - Anti Virus Page
True Poyntz of Color Paint Shop
Windy's Design Studio - web page tools
Seduce Me
Pixie's Garden
Please Tell Me
Lovetakiss Love Links
Heart Tellers Links
Stone River
French Kiss
Total Eclipse of the Heart