Murderous Love
Chapter 5

Ayame reached for the mini gun and held it tightly to her chest. It was going to be sloppy, it had to be. It was part of the shooting. To make it as dirty and bloody as she can so she can scare some people. She geared up her motorcycle and drove right into the door.

The door broke into thousands as Ayame pulled out her gun. She aimed it at the utterly shocked, unprepared-for-violence crowd and fired ten consecutive times. She waved her gun around wildly and veered her motorcycle around the benches so she can travel down the aisles.

By now, most of the people are crouching down on the floor, hands holding securely over their heads. She pulled the trigger again, her mind clouding with dark thoughts. She quickly scanned the church and noticed the groom staring, practically gaping openly at her. She aimed the gun at him and fired about three feet to his right. He jumped and she chuckled heartily to herself as she rode away.

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