Murderous Love
Chapter 6

He watched the masked man ride away, paralyzed with terror. First, he was scared of the ceremony, now he’s scared of dying. Behind him Nikki moaned and quiet, low murmurs broke out. Heejun and Jiwon rushed over to him, giving him a hand and questioned his stability. Right when he dipped his head, signaling he was fine, a bloodcurdling, piercing scream rang out.

The males crowding around Kangta all whirled around to find Lynsee clutching Nikki’s head to her chest, sobbing violently. Kangta pushed the delirious woman aside and nearly fainted. His beloved stared up at him so-ever angelically, a look of horror pasted on her face. He kneeled next to her body and cradled her, staring deeply into those two big, Bambi eyes. Her mouth shaped none other, a perfect ‘o,’ her eyes bulging out of their sockets, her dress...

“NIKKI!” Heejun was the first to react. He gave Kangta a shove, trying to break him of his trance.

“Kang...” Jiwon started but let his voice trail.

“The dress...” Kangta said tastelessly. “It...It’s dirty...”

“N-N-Nikki...” Lynsee sobbed, her shoulders trembling.

“Someone call 911,” Kangta murmured, numb.

“’s no use,” Seonghoon said softly. But he reached inside his pocket for his cell and dialed anyway.

“I don’t care. Call,” Kangta said in a monotone.

“It’s all a nightmare. We’ll wake up. It’s all bad. Don’t worry, I’ll bet...” Jaewon suggested, looking around.

“’s dirty...bloody,” Kangta finally let out. He closed his eyes, trying to still his mind. It spun on like yarn on a wheel, his stomach churning like strawberry shake in a blender. “Hyung?” he heard Seonghoon’s voice cry out. He felt himself tumbling over and over, like he was a wet piece of garment in a dryer. A long silver pin appeared before his eyes, in the dark, he mentally saw the tip reflect, throwing off a shiny beam, blinding him. He watched the instrument sink slowly, feeling the very sharp end entering his chest, into his heart. In a flash, the silver needle was ripped out of him, tearing his heart in half. He howled at the sudden pain as it pierced him, screaming Nikki’s name.

Darkness rushed in and swallowed him whole.

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