Murderous Love
Chapter 4

“Hyung! Look!” Seonghoon whispered loudly, jabbing Jiwon’s ribs. He pointed at Nikki as she began to walk down the aisle with her brother-in-law by her side. He let a low whistle as she went by him, nearly tripping at the quiet call.

Jiwon sucked in his breath as he stared at Nikki’s covered face. She was beautiful. He never actually looked at her, not because of Kangta, but because she never caught his attention. Now, in her beautiful white wedding gown, she reminded him of a fruit basket, so ripe and inviting.

“Hyung! Stop drooling!” Seonghoon said through gritted teeth.

“Shut up! Look at you!” Jiwon retorted, slightly nudging Seonghoon to the side.

“Keep doing that and your pants will know the Southern direction,” Seonghoon threatened.

Jiwon’s brows shot up. “If they do, then your name won’t be Rickey Kang Seonghoon anymore.”

Seonghoon’s eyes widened at the response. “You’re the man, man. Never mind.”

Jiwon chuckled to himself and quieted Seonghoon down. They returned their attention to the cerermony and waited patiently for Kangta and Nikki to exchange their vows and rings and all that blah blah blah.

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