Murderous Love
Chapter 3

Ayame slipped on the ski mask and readjusted her gloves. She checked the small pistol that’s strapped to her back and cracked a smile to herself. It was another one of those ‘mission un-impossible.’ She patted her boots and left the house. She picked up helmet on her way out, securing the door like she always does when she goes out.

She reviewed the plans mentally, calculating she had exactly five minutes or less to bring destruction to the church. She was kind of uncomfortable when her father announced the assignment and she had no other reason to defy him, so she accepted.

She was brought up in Japan, raised in secrecy. Her parents had abandoned her when she was only a few weeks old, possibly were fugitives or secret agents of some kind. Since childhood, she was trained as a ninja and kept it undercover. She was soon transferred and traveled from one family to another. Soon, after five years of foster care, a wealthy and powerful man, Hong Shim, adopted her. Since nine years old, she served her ‘father’ as a ‘child hitman.’ While growing up, she had been to many places. Practically all over Asia, killing and admiring children of her age, sometimes wishing she was normal. It was never made clear whether she was full Japanese or Korean or Chinese. She looked like all three but no papers could help her identify which of the three and there was no evidence of her being borne to anybody. She picked up her [Japanese] name, Ayame, when her master first found her wandering around in the streets of somewhere, lost. Her memories of those days were all a blur and the only thing she could remember was him asking her for her name. It was strange, she could only recall that strange sound, possibly a word and soon, everybody started calling her that. But she never felt like she was part of them [Japanese], yet she felt she belonged to them, like she was a pet of some sort. When she was given up for adoption, the man was Korean traveling in hopes to make some business. As she grew older, the more she thought of how Hong Shim found her got even more troubling. Now she’s convinced that he bought her and brought her back home with him to Korea, claiming it’s his lovely daughter.

She threw a leg over the seating of her motorcycle and hammered down her helmet, trying to stir away the thoughts. She started her ride and jetted down the street, leading her away from her home, taking her to the unthinkable.

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