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Westbank Fantasy Football League 

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League Guidelines 

  2003 Season


       A. Entry Fee:

       1) Each franchise owner must pay a non-refundable entrance fee of $50.00.

             2) Half must be paid by September 1, 2003.  

             3) Remaining balance must be paid by week 17 of NFL season.

 B. League Commissioner: Jeffrey Laborie

       1) Coordinates yearly meeting and draft.     

       2) Serves as league treasurer.

 C. Ten Team League:

       1) Two divisions of 5 teams each.  

       2) Play a 14 game regular season.

       3) Fantasy Bowl is on week 17 of NFL season.

       4) The top three teams in each division advance to the playoffs.

       5) Who should advance?

           A) Best overall won-lost record

           B) Head to Head competition

           C) Division record

           D) Largest margin of victory in both games vs. each other (Note: Only when two teams are tied)

           E) Most points scored vs. division opponents

           F) Most points scored overall

           G) Coin flip

 D. Draft:

       1) If owner can't be present, he may have a representative draft for his team, not another owner.

            A) Any owner not present must draft from remaining players.

       2) The draft will be 15 rounds.

A)    Two minutes allowed per pick for the first 5 rounds, then 2 1/2 the rest of the draft.

            B) If time limit is exceeded, that team is skipped and the next team picks, then

                  it will be that teams turn again.                                                                                                               

       3) After the draft is completed you may add a 16th player through waiver pick-up.

       E. Starting Lineups:

1)  8 Players will be used in the starting lineups.

2) There are two lineup options:

A)   1-QB                     B)  1-QB

       2-RB                           1-RB

       3-WR/TE                    4-WR/TE

       1-K                             1-K

       1-Def/Spt                    1-Def/Spt

       F. Defense/Specialties:

 1)  Kickers are separate from special teams. If a kicker scores it will not be credited to the special team 

      but to the individual kicker.                                                                                                                        

 2)   If a position player scores on defense or special teams, his points go to the defense/special team, not  

     to the individual player.     

3)   Each owner will draft one NFL Defense/Special Team to be used in the weekly lineup.

             4)  If your defense/special team is off during a given week, you are allowed to pick another 

                  defense/special team without it counting as one of your weekly moves. One must be dropped the 

                  following week. You can only carry one defense on your roster.

      G. Player Transactions:

1)   During the season you may claim players off of waivers or sign free agents. The waiver process will 

     run Tuesdays at midnight. The waiver process will use a worse to first order 

     for awarding player claims and any duplicate player claims. Players that are dropped will have to go 

     through the waiver process the next week before becoming free agents, which can then be picked up at 

     any time. Teams can sign free agents between Wednesday morning and Saturday midnight at any time 

     without going through the waiver process, and they will be put on your roster immediately.         

2) Each team is only allowed 2 claims per week. If your defense is on a bye week you can pick one up and 

     it will not count as one of your allowed 2 claims.

3) After Week 14  there will be no claims allowed.

      H. Trades:

             1) Fee is $1 per player or future draft pick.

2)  A trade can occur at any time. Who pays the fee must be decided between the owners involved in the 


             3) Week 10  is the trade deadline.

       I. Lineups:

1) Weekly lineups will need to be entered at least 5 minutes before kick-off  before each individual 

    player's games start for a given week. Once a game starts that individual player is locked in and 

    cannot be changed.

2) It's your responsibility to enter your lineups, if you do not enter a lineup the previous weeks lineup will 

    be used. If you enter a lineup that is not legal you will forfeit that game if you win. 

3) Signing a substitute defense does not count as one of your weekly moves.

       J. Scoring Method:

       1) Quarterbacks:

                4 pts-TD pass

                6 pts-TD rushing/receiving

                1 pt-300 yards passing in game

                1 pt-each additional 100 yards after 300.

      2) Running Backs, Receivers, Tight Ends:

                6 pts-TD rushing/receiving

                4 pts-TD pass

                1 pt-each 100 yards rushing/receiving in game.

                1 pt-each additional 1 00 yards after 100.

      3) Kickers:

                3 pts-field goal

                1 pt-extra point

      4) Defense/Special Team:

                6 pts-TD rushing/receiving

                6 pts-TD fumble/interception/punt/kick/blocked punt/blocked field goal returns.              

                2 pts-safety

                2 pts-team defense shuts out opponent

                1 pt for every 2 sacks

                1 pt for every 2 interceptions

                1 pt for every 2 fumble recovery

       5) 2 pt conversion same for all position.

                2 pts-pass

                      2 pts-rushing/receiving

      K. Overtime:

             1)  During the season you will name a reserve player to be used in case of a tie. His points will be used 

                  to determine the winner in overtime. The team whose reserve scored the most points wins the 

                  game in overtime. If reserves are tied then the game ends as a tie.           

              2)  In the playoffs the same rules apply except that if reserves tie then the computer will determine the 

                   winner based on a tie breaking system.

      M. Payoff:

               1) All money from entrance fees and trades will be put into the pot.

               2) The Fantasy Bowl winner will receive 80% of the pot with the remaining 20% going to the runner up.


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