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Hawaiian/English Glossary

Slide Some Bait!

Choosing the right bait is an art in itself. A bait that gets good results at one spot, may not get a nibble at another. And we're going after the same fish! Of the different baits used to catch ulua, fresh tako, or octopus, is by far the most popular. Many lava-cliff areas have sandy bottoms out to casting distance, and tako is the best bait for these spots. If you plan to be fishing in an area with a rocky bottom, you might want to save the tako for another time, as these spots are notorious for eel. They love octopus and always seem to find your bait before an ulua can get a chance. Most fisherman will prefer to catch live bait, like the a'awa in the photo. Almost any reef fish you can catch will make decent ulua bait, but my favorite for a rocky bottom is fresh eel filets.

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