Taking the Mound

As a pitcher, you have a 10-inch height advantage on the mound over batters and a 2-foot lateral advantage because of the width of the pitching rubber. Make the most of these advantages by stepping to your dominant side of the rubber before starting your delivery.


"Right-handed pitchers should stand near the right edge of the rubber; left-handers should stand toward the left edge."

Step 1  

  • Hands apart 

  • Ball in either your glove or your hand 
  • Walk up to the pitching rubber from behind 


Step 2 

  • Stand squarely on the rubber 

  • Face the hitter 
  • Toes hanging over the front of the rubber 
  • Weight evenly balanced 
  • Remain relaxed  




Step 3  

  • Bring your hands together in the glove 

  • Take your pitching grip 
  • The fingers of your glove should be up 
  • Ball buried high in the web 
  • Hide the ball and cover the wrist 




Skills Drills


Before-the-pitch drill 

Practice going through the entire before-the-pitch routine on a mound like you would during a game. Start off the mound, get the ball, walk to the mound, take position on the rubber, accept a sign and begin your delivery. This helps you to get acquainted with the rhythm of the game. Doing it exactly the same way each time also prevents the opposing team from getting tipped off.


Troubleshooting Tips


Weight Distribution 



If your feet are uncomfortable, you might be standing too far forward on the rubber. Your weight should be distributed on, and behind the rubber, not in front of it.



Check Out the Mound 



No two mounds are the same. Take a few moments before each game to see if the mound is flatter or softer than you're used to. Perhaps the pitching rubber is warped or loose. It may take some adjustments to find your comfort zone.


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