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The country is full of good coaches. What it takes to win is a bunch of interested players.

-Don Coryell


So you want to catch like Johnny Bench,
 hit like Hank Aaron,
 and throw a fastball like Sandy Koufax? 

You'll have all the bases covered with these top-notch tips

"I will study and get ready and perhaps my chance will come."

- Abraham Lincoln


Muscle Memory 

Playing baseball is neurological...it is muscle memory. By doing the proper drills, you will condition your body to react properly in a game.
 Consult a professional to learn drills that will reinforce proper mechanics. 

As a player ,  you want to do everything you can do to help your team win. Being fundamentally sound in the field and at the plate are keys not only to your success but also your ability to help your team win. In this section we detail skills to help you improve your ability to play the game. We invite you to read, analyze, experiment, and practice the skills described.

Some hints to get the most out of this section: 

Do not take everything you read as gospel. There are certain fundamentals that most baseball players try to do exactly the same. There are other skills that vary depending on the player. Don't be afraid to try things out; if it works for you, use it. If it doesn't work for you, discard it and try something else.

Practice, practice, practice, practice. There is no substitute for playing.
Nobody available to hit you ground balls? Find a wall and practice fielding off the wall.
 Nobody to throw you batting practice? A hitting tee and a rolled up pair of socks can help you work on every part of your swing and can be done anywhere.
 Put on your headphones and enjoy working on your swing.

If available, try and have someone videotape you during a game or at batting practice. Videotape doesn't lie. You may feel like you are performing a skill a particular way. A videotape of you will either confirm what you thought or show you something you didn't realize.

You must focus during practice. If you are working on fielding a backhand play, then work on the skill as if that's the play you're going to have to make for the league championship. You never know, it just might be!
In addition to the work ethic you display at practice there are many skills that you can develop working by yourself at home. How good of a player do you want to be ? Make sure your effort reflects the answer.

Become a student of the game.
There is always more to learn.

Have fun. 
Baseball is a game. 
There is no reason you can't improve while having fun.

Abe was right about study and preparation. Become as knowledgeable as you possibly can about the game of baseball. There are a lot of  half-truths and well meaning but inadequate coaching instruction at the youth level. A coach would do well to become a student of the game. As a player if you have dreams and not wishes, go to work on your dream. And then work some more. Work separates the great from the average. If there are two players of equal talent, the one who studies and works harder will always win in the long run. There is no magical substitute for work, no instant drill to make you succeed, no one piece of advice that will put it all together.

One other suggestion: be patient.

Take small steps. Improvement is sometimes a slow process so don't get discouraged.
Many times, we've seen a player struggle throughout an entire year only to come back the next and be a different player.


Learn the game - practice matters

Hustle - how you practice is how you play

Be competitive - play to win

Respect and support each other - the golden rule

Respect yourself - no foul language or personal remarks

Play with poise - the game DOES start over with every pitch

Enjoy the game - and have fun being a part of it

Take pride in what you do - never be content with mediocrity

Baseball is a team sport but demands individual effort

General tip for tryouts 

Baseball tryouts can often be pressure packed.  Most tryouts consist of many players with little time to show what you can do. But, one thing that will set you apart is hustle. Run out to your position, sprint down the base path, and hustle on every play.


Hustle is what determines the winners from the losers and the players from the athletes. Hustle catches the attention of coaches. A coach may take a player who hustles over one who is more talented, because that person is more valuable as a team player.


It doesn´t take any talent to hustle. Run on and off the field. Run out all ground balls and pop-ups. Hustle will set a player apart. 


Twelve Step System
 Achieving Your Goals



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Don't show up empty-handed—check out the hitting, fielding and protective equipment you'll need to play your best each time you take the field.



Ultimately, most baseball games are won because the other team made more mistakes. Exploiting someone else's mistakes is a very useful thing to learn. You hit a short hopper and are certain to be thrown out at first. But you run like hell down the baseline hoping the first baseman will drop the ball. Americans trained in Little League become very good at this.



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