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  Visual Paradigm for UML 3.0 Features Lineup  
  New Features in Visual Paradigm for UML 3.0
In Visual Paradigm for UML version 3.0, there are many new features added to enhance the usability and quality of drawing UML diagrams.

  Snap in/out effect for visual containment indication
  Latest UML Notation Support
  Context-Sensitive Help
  Automatic Diagram Layout
  Textual Analysis in Project Level or Use Case Level
  Element Finder for Easy Lookup of Diagram Elements
  Learning Center for learning how to use Visual Paradigm for UML
  Multilingual Supports

  Special Color Filling Effect for Diagram Element
  Pin-enabled Connector End
  Customizable Connection Point Styles
  Show/Hide Shape Contents while Dragging
  Resource Centric Interface for better Usability
  Visual Hints to Show Valid or Invalid User Actions
  Multi-line Caption
  Cut/Copy/Paste Facilities for Diagram Elements
  Direct Text Editing in UML Diagram Elements
  Property Table for Viewing/Editing the Properties of a Diagram/Diagram Element
  Specification Dialog for Viewing/Editing the Details of a Diagram/Diagram Element
  Editing a Model Element using its Open Specification Dialog
  Rectilinear and Oblique Connector style
  Fast scroll for locating the diagram content
  Easily share the model by Model Assist
  Customizable Font for Diagram Element

  Model Generation for generating a new diagram from another (e.g. generating a Collaboration Diagram from a Sequence Diagram)
  Direct Editing of VP-UML OLE Object in other Applications
  Copy Diagram Elements to the System Clipboard as Image
  Sub-diagram Support
  Form New Diagram from Existing Models

  Dockable User Interface
  Customizable Perspectives of the Working Environment
  User Interface in Various Look-and-Feels
  Lockable and Movable Toolbar
  Fast Scroll of Diagram
  Project Explorer (Composed of Diagram Tree View, Model Tree View and Class Repository) to Show Different Perspectives of the Project
  Message Pane Displays Information/Warning/Error Messages
  Scrollable Diagram Toolbar
  Button Group organizes similar Diagram Elements in the Diagram Toolbar
  Quick Previewer for browsing the diagram before open it

  Use Case Diagram
  Class Diagram
  Sequence Diagram
  Collaboration Diagram
  State Diagram
  Activity Diagram
  Component Diagram
  Deployment Diagram

  System Boundary Support
  Extension Point Support
  Textual Analysis for Use Case
  Use Case Scheduling for Prioritizing Use Cases
  Use Case Description Support (including Flow of Event)

  Textual Analysis for Identifying Candidate Classes
  Creation of Models from Candidate Classes
  Problem Statement Editor for Editing the Problem Statement
  Different View Modes for Performing Textual Analysis in Different Stages
  Editing Identified Candidate Classes

  Support Package Containment
  Compartment Visibility Control
  Hot Keys for inserting Attributes/Operations

  Full Development Support with Eclipse Integration
  Importing VP-UML Project to Eclipse Project
  Synchronization between code in Eclipse and model in VP-UML
  Using the full features of VP-UML through Eclipse Integration

  Full Development Support with JBuilder Integration
  Importing VP-UML Project to JBuilder Project
  Synchronization between code in JBuilder and model in VP-UML
  Using the full features of VP-UML through JBuilder Integration

  Full Development Support with NetBeans Integration
  Importing VP-UML Project to NetBeans Project
  Synchronization between code in NetBeans and model in VP-UML
  Using the full features of VP-UML through NetBeans Integration

  Real-Time Code Generation, and Changes in Code will be Reflected in Class Diagrams
  Code Generation
  Code Reverse Engineering
  Java Language Syntax Check

  Importing and Executing Plug-ins
  Create Plug-in using Plug-in Packer
  Importing and Executing Templates
  Create Template using Template Packer

  Importing Rational Rose Project
  Importing XMI Format Project
  Importing JBuilder Project
  Importing JDeveloper Project
  Export Project into XMI Format (XMI 1.1 for UML 1.3 Unisys Extension / XMI 1.1 for UML 1.4 OMG)
  Exporting Diagram as Image (JPG, PNG and SVG Format)

  Sophisticated Diagram Printing Facility
  HTML Documentation Generation
  PDF Documentation Generation

  Online Product Update
  Local Product Update
  Feedback Facility for Sending Suggestions, Opinions and Bug Reports to Visual Paradigm

  Shortcut for aligning Shapes
  Shortcut for Zooming in/out the Diagram
  Shortcut for Increasing the Speed of Scrolling the Diagram
  Shortcut for Invoking the Open Specification Dialog