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  OLE Support   Eclipse Integration   Textual Analysis in VP-SDE VS   Automatic Code Synchronization in .NET Languages  
Visual Paradigm Smart Development Environment Visual Studio Edition (VP-SDE VS) is a full-featured visual analysis, modeling extension for Microsoft® Visual Studio .NET™. VP-SDE VS contains all UML diagrams and model elements which allow you to model any sophisticated systems. With the unique textual analysis and use case modeling facility, you can perform the requirement capturing and analysis tasks easily. VP-SDE VS allows you to generate your .NET source code from the model directly, or reverse engineer your existing code into the model for further enhancement. The advanced diagram printing and documentation generation facility helps you to create detail report on your project. With VP-SDE VS, experience both the user-friendly environment brought from VP-UML, and the effortless editing behavior while performing analysis, modeling, implementation on the .NET environment.
Visual Paradigm for UML (VP-UML) is a powerful, cross-platform and yet the most easy-to-use visual UML modeling and CASE tool. VP-UML provides software developers the cutting edge development platform to build quality applications faster, better and cheaper! It facilitates excellent interoperability with other UML CASE tools and most of the leading IDEs which excels your entire Model-Code-Deploy development process in this one-stop-shopping solution.
Visual Paradigm for UML now have an aceadmic program which is welcome to all tertiary educational institutions. For more information, click here.
  New Features of VP-UML 3.0
NetBeans IDE/Sun ONE Integration - Your NetBeans project and the VP-UML diagrams can now be synchronized automatically.
Plugin & Template - Extends the functionality of VP-UML, create customized features which suit your need,
Export Project in XMI Format - Make your project protable with other application by export into XMI format.
Customizable Font - Changing the font size and style for the model elements.
  New Features of VP-UML 2.2
Eclipse Integration - Your eclipse project and the VP-UML diagrams can now be synchronized automatically.
JBuilder Integration - Your JBuilder project and the VP-UML diagrams can now be synchronized automatically.
Model Assist - Helps you to reuse existing model easily.
Rectilinear Connector Support - No more spaghetti in your diagram.
Quick Previewer - Preview diagram and diagram elements without opening the actual diagram.
Fast Scroll - Handy diagram navigator which helps you to move around your diagram.
  New Features of VP-UML 2.1
Dockable User Interface - Customizable and Dockable User Interface.
Multilingual Support - Visual Paradigm for UML Provides Four Languages for the User Interface: English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Japanese
Special Color Filling Effect - Defining Gradient Color and Transparency for the Model Element.
Pin-enabled Connector End.
Allow Different Connection Point Styles.
Multiple Shape Movement Styles.
  Feature Lineup of Visual Paradigm for UML
  Visit Swing Sightings volume 8 for more information on Visual Paradigm for UML
  Visit Swing Sightings volume 9 for more information on Visual Paradigm IDE
  You can download the cross-platform, free community edition of Visual Paradigm for UML here.
  Check out the UML Resources Center and UML Open directory contain more resources.
  A set of on-line interactive tutorial are avaliable at the tutorial page.
  Download the Brochure of Visual Paradigm for UML here.