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Message 18 - August 17

Subject: One last half-week.

Hi Circe -
Mom and Dad made an arrangement with me - if I quit Mid-South on Tuesday (as in, that would be my last night of work), and spend Wednesday at home with the family, dad would compensate my last day of pay. So I think Wednesday will be a family picture day, possibly a professional one. We've already gone digital camera happy. I'll be sure and post some of them a little later on, maybe even today. They were fun.

Dad took Josh and I to Memphis, Beale St., yesterday for dinner. We went to Beale's Pig Restaurant, where I saw my first live Elvis Impersonator (not a bad one, either), who had, as he claimed, Elvisensory Perception. Very cute. There was a nice Lobby to the Peabody Hotel that we passed while we were walking, so I insisted on going in a complete circle through the revolving doors. So now I have actually done that. Wanted to all my life.

Think I'm going to pack today, sort of a preview to see if I need to pick up any other suitcase items. Biggest concern is that the printed won't fit. I am also taking something back for Sharah's Baby and something for Cory Hasegawa and his new wife. Don't have many clothes to bring back, really. I won't need to buy any shirts for school, but I do need new pants. I also have to try and scrape up all the socks I lost when I got here. Had about nine pairs, but now I can't find but three or so.

Actually, I just realized that I don't think I told you: Sharah had a baby boy, little Micah (From the bible), really tiny (either 8 lbs 5 ounces or visa versa) on August 4th, I think. I talked to her about it, and she says she's really tired now. I'm a god father!!! Hehehe... I can't go out to ainaola to visit her real often cause I don't wanna mess up the tercel (can go once in a while), but I have to visit her. I can't believe it - she was a teenage-hood friend, and now she has a baby. Wild, weird, freaky! Very exciting! Don't know how she's going to survive. I can't picture having a kid to take care of yet, but she's going in for the whole shebang. She is having the likely dad do blood samples for DNA stuff, all that, and ensure that he pays appropriate child support. I just hope they can get it out of him, because I know she'll really need it.

Getting nervous about the trip back, worried more and more about the little things, including a cab ride and a 22 hour layover, not to mention that I am going to be exhausted at a church I've never been to with beliefs I am really weary of that you're believing more and more everyday on your birthday. Do you know CPR? I might need it. On top of it all, just a week ago, I lost my school folder (remember the black and gray one) and a computer book at the other church we visited, so I'm trying my darndest to get the thing back before I go. Mom says she'll mail it, but I really don't wanna rely on that - I might even wanna do some javascript in LA while waiting on my flight, and that binder has my technology papers.

Oh by the way, I finally got the pictures you sent. LOVE 'EM!!! Already retook them with my digital camera to put them on my computer (I don't have a scanner), although the quality took a nose dive! I really want you to post your cavateo pictures, but I just can't seem to convince you to do that. You've never had any trouble with following the instructions for internet posting before, so I'm wondering if your christian friends are having something to do with that. I think it's really cute that they call each other disciples. I used to do that, but "christian" is a shorter word, and much less awkward to use. Somewhere in Acts it talks about when they started Calling disciples "little christs" or "christ-like", and the word christian kinda stuck.

Might try and call you tonight. No promises, but I'm kinda in the mood. Plus I need to give you your weekly anti-cult antidotes, right? (Just kidding).

Much luv, Tah Tah,

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