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Posting a Message:  

  1. Visit Angelfire's Login Page.
  2. Username: /space/renovations
  3. Password: circe
  4. When the page loads (might have to enter data two or three times, angelfire can be stupid), go to the scrollbox, look for /circe, select it.
  5. Above that scrollbox, there is an open option for directories. Select it
  6. The /circe folder editing page loads (looks almost exactly like the first editing page). Go to the scrollbox, select chris.html.
  7. Above that scroll box, there is an open option for files. Select it
  8. .
  9. A page loads with a text area containing the code for a website. Scroll through it until you arrive at the paragraph tag (<p>...</p>) with a comment in it reading

    <!--Circe, write your message here.-->

    Enter your message here, deleting the comment tag and its contents.
  10. Select save. Then you can exit. To preview it, visit

Upload an Image:  

Complete steps 1 - 5 for posting messages (see above). This should leave you on the /circe edit page.

  1. Go BELOW the scrollbox, down to the buttons labeled browse & upload.
  2. Click browse, Browse to the picture you wish to upload, Select it.
  3. Click upload, and wait until the process completes.
The picture will then be in a place where I can access it (unless, of course, angelfire screws up the uploading process).

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Here we'll share information. Maybe some programming tutorials. We'll communicate here a lot if you want to learn some programming.
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