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Message 17 - August 13

Subject: While you were away.

Hi Circe -
You know, one of the problems with your name is that the abbreviation that I use when I talk to you is spelled the same way your name is normally spelled, so there's some expression lost.

You've been at the beach for a couple of days now. I hope you're getting all the sun you can stand. Wish I could be there to see you :grin:! I worked on the Message Center some more last night, so all of the messages conform to the theme, including the first ones I wrote to you in July. I'm really proud of my work here, so I'll probably continue using this to send messages to you when I get to Hilo. 'Course, the way it sounds, I'm not going to get to be around you very much at all. Between your incessantly urgent bible studies and the demands of the new job, you won't have much time for excess social callings. I just have to be patient, I suppose, but I keep thinking of you. Actually, I'm probably going to call you tonight a little after 9pm (like usual on tuesdays) just to see if you're okay, because I keep having bad daydreams about you alone in Kiholo Bay, and need to confirm with myself that you're perfectly okay, and in fact in paradise. I'm such a worry-wart! Can't wait to have a teenage daughter out on dates when she hits 16 or a 14 year old son learning to skateboard or surf. Oh dear oh dear oh dear... then again, if I think I'm expecting to panic, you're the one who doesn't even want them getting dirty once in a while.

Just paid off the credit card, so the rest is for books and car stuff. What do you want for your birthday? Am I allowed to get you sweet things, like stuffed animals and flowers? I'm not sure how I'm supposed to connect with you on that, like whether that's overly romantic. I don't know if we'll act like boyfriend/girlfriend, but I'm certainly hoping that I can at least get you to go out on a few formal dates with me (like to the county fair... hee hee). For your birthday, what kinds of stuff do you need? Or want? Maybe I should buy you a bra, since I did so good with the shoes and skirts, and since bras of the right size are really hard for you and your sister to find. I remember that conversation, and she told you to get rid of the bra you were wearing and to try hers (only you weren't allowed to keep it).

I'm going to bring you a little trinket from the factory, since I brought my friends little water pump parts last time I worked there. I also left some pieces at home for the family. They represent my growth and efforts at getting through college. I've already got dad eager to pay for my last semester of school, because he wants the honor of getting me to complete the last six months. I'm not whining about that!

Gonna let you go. Hopefully we connect tonight. Otherwise, hope the sun is treating you well. Tah tah.

Thinking of you. In love,

Chris'n'Circe Message Center

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