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Message 21 - August 23

Subject: You're watching me.

Wassup Home Girl! -
Hey circe, we are having a fun weekend, but the rec time is just about over and it looks like you'll be getting pretty busy with your teaching job. Suddenly, however, I don't feel like the combination of your job and your intimate and respectful views of Tes will be the end of us because I am suddenly incorporated into your career. What an honor, and for the students, the website is, although none of the students can reach this page unless they bypass my security (client-sided, of course), so they can't click that link. Hee hee.

Okay, we have to get to work now. It's been wonderful cuddling with you and I hope you enjoy the carnation more than you didn't enjoy our frustrated debate the other night - I like to think there's more good between us than bad, and dont' want to lose you to stupid arguments. Hey, I care. I promise. Just wish you'd respect me and trust me the way you do with these new christians you are suddenly so involved with and influenced by. Covet or no, I have plenty of reasons to be plenty jealous. So I hope to win more of your heart than the passionate side. I will continue to pray for you and for your dad.

Thinking of you more than you'll ever realize,

Chris'n'Circe Message Center

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