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Message 10 - July 28

Subject: More Chris'n'Circe Message Center Updates!

Hey, Circe -
You mentioned that you wouldn't be available for phone chit chat on monday, wednesday, or thursday, so call you on tuesday and just write you the other days. Hope I got all that right. Well, writing you monday is the perfect excuse to set up this template, or format that I'll be posting my messages in from now on. I really hope you like what I've done to the message passing page. It went from the Circe Online Message Center to the Chris'n'Circe Message Center, and wow, I feel proud of this.

I should tell you now before I forget, I'm going to be putting some basic/semi-secure username and password protection on the Message Center. Your username will be circe, and password will be precious. I'll make sure you've got 'em before I set 'em up, otherwise you won't be able to get in and find out what they are.

I am just dying at the factory. Must've been peaked out today, and I was told several times to just go into the office and sit down in the AC so that I wouldn't have a heat stroke. It's getting so disorienting in there, and to top it off, my stomach was starting to hurt. But by the end of this week, I'll have worked off the plane ticket and any other expenses on my credit card. Of course, I don't receive the checks until two thursdays from now. That will feel really good, being debt free and having comleted all of my summer goals. I'll have enough money to do some decent clothes shopping, buy my school books, and still have enough to give the girl I have a crush on some respectable attention on her birthday. *shhhhh* don't tell! :)

Hope your bible studies are going okay. I really hoping that you're praying for us. I learned something in the Harry Potter book 5 last night. He mentioned that Potter must take control of his mind and his emotions if he's going to have control of himself. Harry was getting into the habit of allowing himself a real short fuse and a feisty temper, and meanwhile the main badguy doode is trying to use wizardry to hack into his mind for some power over Harry. So he's being taught to control what he feels about what enters his mind. I think the same applies to me - if I'm going to be in control, and hence treat you the way I used to (even when you misbehave), I have to be able to be strong about what I feel when things go into my mind and heart, and having someone not trust me or disrespect me mustn't upset me any longer.

Hope you're learning just as much. I'll try & call you tomorrow

Thinking of you. In love,

Chris'n'Circe Message Center

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