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Message 31 - Dec. 11

Subject: Feeling okay?

Just hoping that you're feeling all right after our really vivid and somewhat morbid experience with Jimmy last night. That guy is something else - he's got more mood swings than a pregnant lady on birth control pills during finals week. I could tell that had a strange effect on you, finding out that you'd had suh an impact with so few harmless words so long ago. I guess it's sort of analogous to how you take my jokes. I'll say something I think is funny or silly and you'll feel insulted and it will follow you around for days, weeks, and months, and I won't have any idea, because among other things, I didn't mean anything by it. So that's the same kind of thing, I think. You didn't mean anything. If anything at all, you were just concerned for his well-being.

I just wanted to encourage you, since you deal with a lot of tempers and attitudes lately, for whatever reason. God's doing one of His plan-things. It'll work out. Just remember there are a lot of people who really care. Don't forget to lean on them, trust them (not just me, but I hope to be included) and remind them that you also care. Jimmy forgot all of these things, and here's a guy who's really hurting.

Getting a B in Olgas. I talked to her. She's says I do really well on tests (gee, where've I heard that before) so I just gotta stay studied up and fresh, do well, and I think the A's in the bag (at LEAST I better get an A-). I got an A on Dr. John's final (thank God!), so I got a B in the class (failed first final, so they balanced). Dr. Li is still up in the air. Ho boy, I can go either way on this one, but if I at least get a B+ on the final, I think I got an A on this one!!! I have all weekend to work this one out.

Take care. I'll see you soon! Hope you enjoyed your ice cream!!!


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