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Message 32 - Jan. 7

Subject: A small voice

I guess the first thing I want to ask is, are we okay? The last time we really talked was just before a near miss on a fight scenario after I dropped your freshly washed things off while you weren't home. You managed to admit that I hadn't done anything wrong, and I'm certainly not going to ever do any more favors in that realm again. Then that evening, your hug was rather nonexistent. Yesterday, you certainly didn't show an enthusiasm for my phone call. When we were cut off, you never bothered to call me back...

So here I am, half wondering of Robin said something or if you're thinking something that has something to do with a problem between us. I don't think there should be one, but we're nowhere near cured of our quarreling delimna.

I'm trying to figure out how to loop the messages for the CnC Message Center. We're halfway to July, and that's the first month we used this. Come this July, and we'll have to find another way to exchange hellos online unless we want to overwrite old messages. Reason is, the center doesn't take into account year changes. January 2003 is the same as January 2004. Maybe I'm getting a practical view of why the Y2K bug was such a pest, pun intended. Shoot, will we still be in contact by then? A strange little voice in my head tells me that we'll either be in deep and intense contact or none at all. Somehow, I cannot picture knowing you in gray area. You possess too much of my heart. I wonder what I'd ever do if we genuinely parted ways.

Well, in the Circe spirit of "get it over with", I already have all my books and school supplies, and I'm ready for a new, final semester of overload. I'm well in over my head this term as I've got a curriculum over the credit limit, as well as a job working for two separate individuals, possibly 3, and additional plans to meet regularly with poeple for bible studies, surfing, and just R&R. That doesn't even factor in church time, such as Wednesday and Sunday meetings. Where will I ever find time to breath?

So this promises to be a semester of putting away idleness and cranking out the effort. I'll learn discipline, some physical, mostly academic, and possibly financial (which I think is currently my best discipline). My theme verse this semester will be Proverbs 4:23, "Above all, guard your heart, for it affects everything you do" (NLT) or "Above all, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life." (NIV). Too busy not to pray will have a new meaning, I guess. I will literally be just as busy as you, I bet! Oh dear...

I hope to see you sometime soon, and I really hope you're doing well, and I really really hope your roommate, church, and job combined don't completely steal you from me. Then again, we'll know whether God has something up His sleeve within a month when we get the results of our applications to UCSC.

With loving admiration,

Chris'n'Circe Message Center

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