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Intelligence is Defined, as
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‘ the Ability to Connect to Relevant Data:i
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You are capable of Feeling where to look for data, and you can Sense the relevance and vitality of data
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— even in an ocean of data —
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by means of your Life Energy.
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This is also, how Feeling for relevant memories is working — as you know.
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Koos Nolst Trenite – human rights philosopher   (2011)        


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Human Rights Philosopher and Poet

'Cause Trinity'

Koos Nolst Trenité

'Nolst Trenite' Coat of Arms

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primary conclusion:

secondary conclusion:

N'ot to proliferate all of the most vital, the most im­por­tant, the most power­ful and the most truth­ful data, but to cen­sor these – such an at­ti­tu­de – de­fines Crimi­nal Mind or Socio­path.*

My data are by very far the most vital, the most im­port­ant, the most power­ful and the most truth­ful data, on Earth and beyond.

Their value can be measured in multiples of Gross National Products.

T'hat you do not even get the very normal idea, to as­sist me in this spe­ci­fical­ly,

let alone that you, as is most expected, do con­nect to your in­ten­se de­si­re to do so, for the Beau­ty and Joy and Pri­de, that that de­si­re con­tains and ra­dia­tes – if you con­nect to it – but your lack­ing in that...

can be understood as you having been, and generally, as your being that severe­ly Decei­ved and Hyp­no­ti­zed by Crimi­nal Minds or Socio­paths,

to such a dire depth, that you cannot Recog­nize true Friends, and that in­stead you in­deed Ad­mire true Ene­mies (Socio­paths),

with the result – intended by those Criminal Minds or “well-adjust­ed” Socio­paths – that you are lack­ing that incon­cei­va­bly in Sanity* and in Intel­li­gence,* and that you will even­tual­ly get bog­ged down in va­ri­ous dis­eas­es, too,

because you have been (and continue to be) that false­ly “edu­ca­ted” – by them and by their experts – “about Life.”

D' o not put me on a pedestal, but be a friend* to me, and a partner in (doing) Good (things).

To be more a friend, means to be less hyp­no­tized (and – be­cause you un­wit­ting­ly re­lay force­ful hyp­no­tism al­ways on­to any others too – you are then hyp­no­tizing others also less) so in the first place, you need to de­fi­ne that cor­rect­ly:

{definition} ‘Hypnotized’

‘Having Awareness, Perception, Feelings, Ideas and Pur­po­ses EN­FORCED on you and dis­tort­ed for you, by the Sociopaths and their helpers’ –

which is brought about by these im­mer­sing you in - that is, by their in­flict­ion on you of - the cor­res­pond­ing, Harm­­ful Life En­er­gies, that car­ry such dis­tort­ing Feel­ings and Ideas to enforce, etc. – (that means, with their Harm­­ful Life En­­er­­gy Part­­ic­les or ‘Bad En­er­gies,’ the So­cio­paths are) en­­forc­ing or dis­­tort­­ing or block­­ing your own and others’ A­wa­re­­ness, Per­­cep­t­ion, Think­­ing, etc..
{definition end}

The remedy is of course, to take the effort to find what is not your own, and who is the source of that, what is enforced on you or in­si­nu­a­ted in you, and to search for and find back, what is or would be your own, and so to cre­­­­ate, and de­mand of your­self also to use, your own En­er­gy any act­ion, any thought and feel­ing - how would you, real­ly your­self, feel about this - and use that in your choice of pur­po­ses and goals.

Also, true friends and other de­cent, ca­ring peo­ple LOVE you to be your­self.

This is especially important for bright and ca­ring, lo­ving child­ren, to be allow­ed to be con­nect­ed to who they are them­­sel­­ves.

And indeed, Sociopaths can be recognized by their (open or hid­den) HATE when these see peo­ple (and children) who are free­ly be­ing them­sel­ves and not hyp­no­ti­zed in­to so­cial o­be­di­en­ce or so­ci­al blind­ness.

T,here are– then be­com­ing ob­vi­ous – three ca­te­go­ries of people on Earth:

1. Those – the ge­ne­ral pub­lic – who WANT them­sel­ves and others to be more cle­ver­ly and more deep­ly hyp­no­ti­zed – and as part of any clever and deep hyp­no­tism, com­ple­te un­a­wa­re­ness of be­ing hyp­no­tiz­ed, must be in­flict­ed of course, too – IN ORDER “better” to en­joy a fake Life with each other.

They are served by hypnotizing each other, and their de­si­res are ve­ry for­ce­ful­ly obli­ged by (2.):

2. Those who DEMAND, that others must re­main hyp­no­tiz­ed, and be hyp­no­tiz­ed more deep­ly and more cle­ver­ly — in order to make it pos­si­ble for all others to live to­ge­ther with them, and then best with them in charge,

for everybody to “enjoy” a fake Life in which you must be­friend them (the "well-adjust­ed" So­cio­paths) as if the­se “are nor­mal peo­ple” – by ma­king these un­re­cog­ni­zed by you, or un­re­cog­ni­zed and not un­der­stood by the hyp­no­ti­zed crowds in ge­ne­ral:

Eve­ry­one “must” be hyp­no­ti­zed, to bring about a “Uni­fi­ca­tion” of all peo­ple on Earth un­der the same kind of hyp­no­tism - like be­com­ing a “bro­ther­hood” or a “fa­mi­ly of all peo­ple:”

or hypnotized into being “en­light­en­ed,” or ha­ving to “bring eve­ry­one to the same con­vict­ion or faith,”

or hypnotized in­to “the so­lu­tion to Life's suf­fer­ing is, that eve­ry­one must di­mi­nish and sup­press the de­si­re to en­joy Li­fe,”

“All Peo­ple Will Be Bro­thers” ...uni­ted in an “Ode To Joy”... whe­re “Peace Will Be With You, Or Up­on You and Up­on Eve­ry­one.” [DOP]

Everyone must be hyp­no­tized, that is, into ”en­joy­ing“ a fake, false Life to­ge­ther – a pre­ten­se of Life:

with in fact no peace at all, and no lov­ing fa­mi­ly to­ge­ther either – but where in­stead, all is fake and a lie – a dic­ta­tor­ship in one form or other.

This kind of “Life,” is constantly de­man­ded by the “well-ad­just­ed” So­cio­paths, by their friends and by their blind fol­low­ers – and they claim, that “they are ‘the so­ci­ety’.”

They even claim to be “ra­tio­nal” and “scien­ti­fic,” or they en­for­ce so­me re­li­gi­ous or po­li­ti­cal dog­ma – what­ever they have the most chan­ce with.

They are op­po­sedby (3.), here below:

3. Those who want to be LESS hyp­no­ti­zed, them­sel­ves, and who want others to be LESS hyp­no­ti­zed, too,

so that peo­ple can be mo­re them­sel­ves, and do crea­te Beau­ty and Lo­ve and Ca­ring sup­port for each other, na­tu­ral­ly,

and so that people are not sup­port­ing tho­se who de­stroy peo­ple's joy of Li­fe, but be­co­me less hyp­no­ti­zed,

thus to en­joy real Life to­ge­ther – fol­low­ing the na­tu­ral pur­po­se by which one want­ed to en­ter and did en­ter Life in the first place.

And this (the goal to make others become less hyp­no­ti­zed) you do al­so find qui­te na­tu­ral­ly – put in va­ri­ous word­ings – as the sta­ted goal in most media-, edu­ca­tio­nal- or go­vern­ment-type in­sti­tu­tions, and an­cho­red in the Con­sti­tu­tion of any coun­try.

Bliss­ful­ly do they omit to men­tion the crowd – now still the ma­jo­ri­ty of peo­ple – who want (1.):

‘To “enjoy” Life by be­ing hyp­no­ti­zed – into (for them by the So­cio­paths se­lect­ed and en­forc­ed) Un­aw­are­ness and Blind­ness and lack of Me­mo­ry:’

the ‘Comfort Zone.’

And those media- or educational- or go­vern­ment-type in­sti­tu­tions (as well as any and all self-help and re­li­gious gu­rus, too – those people are even more bliss­ful­ly omitting it – they) are omit­ting to men­tion (2.):

the hun­dred mil­lion or so So­cio­paths li­ving on Earth, who do not me­re­ly wish, but who are ve­ry act­i­ve in de­man­ding, that “All peo­ple must be cle­ver­ly and for­ce­ful­ly hyp­no­ti­zed and fal­se­ly ‘edu­ca­ted’ and ‘in­for­med’,” in or­der

for all people to be able to “en­joy li­ving to­ge­ther” with them, with a hun­dred mil­lion un­re­cog­ni­zed So­cio­paths – to make these ac­cept­ed –

ac­cept­ed as “be­ing nor­mal peo­ple, hard work­ing and in­flu­ent­ial people, and best put in char­ge of the group, or in char­ge of scien­ce, and so­me of the­se to pre­si­de over a who­le coun­try.”

You can how­ever read in any Human Rights Issue, that it is not pos­si­ble to be friends with So­cio­paths matter how well you are hyp­no­ti­zed.

(26 Feb 2013)
minor revisions on 23 November 2013)


‘That indeed, has now to be understood by you, 
what I* already told you two and a half thou­sand years ago:*
You are living in a spi­ri­tual–per­cept­io­nal “Cave”
that is crea­ted and fier­ce­ly main­tain­ed by the So­cio­paths.’

The basis of Philosophy

Truth is defined in your soul as 'that what hap­pen­ed and who cau­sed it with what in­ten­tion'— you likely still know this, or maybe you have to realize it again.

The mo­ment something hap­pen­ed or is in­ten­ded, it be­co­mes part of The Crea­tion, and can not be e­ra­sed: It de­mon­stra­bly re­mains for­ever ac­ces­si­ble to Per­cep­tion by any­one. And indeed:

Truth is absolute, naturally – it is only the degree of Perception, that may make Truth seem “personal,” “relative” or even “contradictory.”  [CSTC]

Put in real-life practice:

I' n fact it is so, that Criminal Minds are really the only true Ene­mies – it is only these, who al­ways have been true En­emies, and it is these who al­ways will be the only true Ene­mies: [ODE]

Knowing this, makes peace now actually possible.  [NOW] [DOP] [FIL]

So­cio­paths, the­se are call­ed also, and a hun­dred mil­lion of the­se in­di­vi­du­als are li­ving on Earth.

(That many there are ‘living’ on Earth; mean­ing, we can't count and estimate those who are de­ceas­ed and now not born but who are not less ac­ti­ve Ener­ge­ti­cal­ly and – be­ing de­ceas­ed – are not real­ly re­strain­ed by so­ci­al obli­ga­tions.)

And these en­joy to do­mi­na­te, to harm or in one way or other to de­stroy Life and peo­ple and to take vital Life En­er­gy away from peo­ple, from you too — and they are do­ing so as much as you al­low them to, or while you are not even de­tect­ing them do­ing so but false­ly as­sign other things as “cau­sing the suf­fer­ing” that you may see or will be­come awa­re of.

I' In order for the Sociopaths to be what these consider “effective” in the society, and to re­main un­de­tect­ed by you or others, the So­cio­paths (the Cri­mi­nal Minds) are re­strain­ing them­sel­ves into “be­ing so­cial­ly well-adjust­ed”— to be res­pect­ed pro­fes­sio­nal­ly, and to avoid be­ing jail­ed.

And they adjust or transform the society itself, to make everybody fit them, they are ad­apt­ing the so­cie­ty, their group, their fa­mi­ly of course al­so — and, in or­der to be sup­port­ed and thus un­hin­der­ed in bring­ing a­bout de­struct­ion of as ma­ny peo­ple as pos­si­ble, they do ad­just their coun­try by as­sign­ing Evil to good peo­ple, they even align coun­tries to form an ‘Axis of Evil,’  [WPWW]

they do adjust the society, also by what they de­mand “is ra­tio­nal science” using their brand of “ra­tio­na­li­ty” – that they fe­ro­ci­ous­ly main­tain by the method of ex­clu­ding all re­le­vant and ve­ry a­vail­able, most vi­tal da­ta (da­ta that, by the way, will ex­po­se them),  [DOI] [NWBW] [MDSF]

in short, they do as you can ex­pect from Cri­mi­nal Minds.

Well, you probably read de­tect­ive sto­ries and watch thril­lers (that you are so fond of, and spend so much mo­ney and ti­me on) be­cau­se the wri­ters (by omit­ting in their sto­ries to point out the na­tu­re of Harm­ful Life En­er­gies, the wri­ters) ma­ke you feel mo­re at ease in your ‘Com­fort Zone:’

They do not ‘disrupt the Comfort Zone,’ that is im­po­sed by the So­cio­paths on you and on the so­cie­ty – and that you com­ply with in your think­ing and feel­ing,

that you comp­ly with, in what to Per­cei­ve and what “you can­not Per­cei­ve,” that you com­ply with, in what to Re­mem­ber and what “you can­not Re­mem­ber,”

which your ‘Educational Intelligence’ ex­plains to you in ve­ry ma­te­ria­list­ic terms, as be­ing “nor­mal.” [YEI]

And the ‘New Age’ gurus also do (much more de­li­ca­te­ly but not less ir­ra­tio­nal­ly) ex­plain it to you as be­ing “nor­mal” and as it be­ing “part of the great sche­me of things” — by which they mean, (but they pre­vent you from be­ing A­wa­re of, nor do they hint at, the fact) that that “great sche­me of things” con­sists en­ti­re­ly of the past and pre­sent in­ten­tions and do­ings of So­cio­paths ONLY.

The “bitter” pill of Truth is “too hard to swal­low” (that is how the So­cio­paths and their co­ward­ly sup­port­ers, with all their might make you FEEL about the sim­ple Truth of the mat­ter) be­cau­se:

Sim­ply the Truth about it, would ‘ca­ta­pult you out of the orbit’ of your Com­fort Zone and with that, well out of reach of their Do­mi­na­tion and out of reach of their Hyp­no­tism.

T'hese hundred million Sociopaths living on Earth, are indi­vi­duals with a re­verse con­science: They vam­pi­re on (they trick to ob­tain, they pull, or else they smash away) your and any­one's vi­tal Life Ener­gies including your con­nect­ing-type Life Ener­gy Par­ti­cles that bring about and that main­tain your Awa­re­ness.

And, by the pro­cess of smashing much of these Con­nect­ing Life En­er­gy Par­ti­cles away from you, they great­ly di­mi­nish your a­bi­li­ty to be Awa­re. It is from this ob­ser­va­tion – it is from re­al Li­fe – that you can de­ri­ve the {de­fi­ni­tion} of A­ware­ness.

They sense us as being “a battery or source of Life Energy for con­duct­ing their life,” for their Con­nec­tion and Awa­re­ness En­er­gy and for pro­vi­ding Sen­sa­tions to them — “we are their ‘un­ruly’ live­stock” you might say – that is how they re­gard us and treat us.

They feel, that they ‘own’ us peo­ple like one owns cattle; and with e­qual ea­se they get rid of peo­ple and of someone else's pos­sess­ions: “peo­ple should be re­gard­ed as ani­mals.”

The Sociopaths do that formally also, in­deed, in cur­rent, “ra­tio­nal” Uni­ver­si­ty “scien­ces,” and they have do­ne so through­out the ages (Lu­cre­tius in an­cient Ro­me, for in­stan­ce): They re­gard peo­ple as ani­mals.

You might however consider, that you do not want any coun­try to actual­ly have such an in­di­vi­du­al as its lead­er.  [FIL]

Or in any University, for that matter, one should – for very ob­vious and very ra­tio­nal rea­sons – remove such in­di­vi­du­als from their va­rious and mo­ney-devou­ring de­part­ments of “science” and of “phi­lo­so­phy.” [SHEFP] [RDFDS] [RCM]

Nor­mal peo­ple are completely different – when left un-do­mi­na­ted, un­re­strain­ed and un­mo­lest­ed – nor­mal peo­ple (nine­ty per­cent, the vast ma­jo­ri­ty on Earth) are so­cial, and are gi­ving heal­thy Li­fe Ener­gy to others.

B'y means of deceptive and vio­lent in­flict­ion of Harm­ful En­er­gies,* which are PAR­TI­CLES – of Li­fe Ener­gy that is Al­ter­ed by them to in­flict Harm – with their Harm­ful­ly Al­ter­ed Life Ener­gy,* some hun­dred mil­lion So­cio­pa­thic in­di­vi­du­als are con­stant­ly hit­ting you and any­one.

And they have always done so throughout history — they can not change, and do not want to change it, and they en­cou­ra­ge each other: ta­king pri­de in se­cret­ly or if pos­sible, also open­ly in­flict­ing Evil.  [ODE]

Also thoughts – and so, also their lies – are Life Ener­gy Par­ti­cles that they hit your soul with

– that they limit and in­fluen­ce and so try to domi­na­te your think­ing, your feel­ing and sens­ing, and your emo­tions and ac­ti­vi­ties with –

and thus they manipulate your goals, your actions and your Percep­tions: block­ing and dis­tort­ing and di­vert­ing your life, with­out that you no­ti­ce it at all

while they teach you, that “not they,” but “your brain does it to you” and, that “you only Per­cei­ve what your bo­dy's sen­se or­gans pass on to you:”

That is how inconceivably mean and dead­en­ing­ly ma­li­ci­ous they are – to you, and to any­one. Again: with­out that you (or others) no­ti­ce it at all.* (You need only to open the Health or Science sect­ion of any news media - to read their vast amount of high­ly de­struct­ive lies.)

T'hat part of Life is very easily under­stood – and is then remedied – by know­ing, what ‘stones or bricks’ these throw— what Harm­fully Al­ter­ed Life Ener­gy Par­ti­cles (or as you say, what ‘ne­ga­tive Ener­gy’) these hun­dred mil­lion in­di­vi­duals crea­te and in­flict on you and on any­one.

Basically they inflict four types of Harmful Life Energy or Feel­ings – and any com­bi­na­tion of these feelings, that they in­flict (and have in­flict­ed in the past) – on­to you and in­to your body,

for you to ex­pe­ri­en­ce “as your own” Feel­ings or as your body's “self-gene­ra­ted” Feel­ings – like Pains, or Itches in your body – or al­so (their Black En­er­gy Par­ti­cles, in­flict­ed on­to you as) “your own” Un­con­scious­ness.

The basic four (inflictions of) Harmful Life Energy are:

1. ‘Drugging Euphoria,’ (in non-photon Perception showing as Chalk-White Life Energy Particles)
2. ‘Ugliness,’(in non-photon Perception showing as Brown Life Energy Particles)
3. ‘Unawareness or Unconsciousness,’(in non-photon Perception showing indeed as Black Life Energy Par­ti­cles – as you pro­ba­bly know), and
4. ‘Pain or Hate,’(in non-photon Perception showing as Dark Red Life Energy Particles – as you may have ex­pect­ed)

1. ''and, together with those (1.–4.), they hit you with any

5. ‘Lies intending to make you keep these (1.–4.) Feelings’ – stuck on your soul (in your thoughts) or in your body: By means of lies (which are PAR­TI­CLES as well, thoughts ARE Par­ti­cles) in­flict­ed at the same ti­me with the Feel­ings (that ‘you should not or can not re­mo­ve,’ be­cau­se of these in­flict­ed lies)

lies such as: “you de­ser­ve this some­how,” or “you some­how brought this up­on your­self,” or “your body did ge­ne­ra­te the­se feel­ings, and your brain ge­ne­ra­ted these ideas”

in­deed, they are ma­king all peo­ple what you could call ‘In­con­cei­va­bly In­sa­ne,’ as it is done by the So­cio­paths and their sup­port­ers by means of our cur­rent “scien­ces” of bio­lo­gy and me­di­cine:

Those lies are projected by them together with the Feel­ings of Harm (1-4) that they inflict on you,

Harmful Feelings inflicted on you, which you experience — and “ex­plain” — with­in the fra­me­work of their lies about Life in ge­ne­ral;

and with their “ra­tio­nal scien­ces” great­ly aid­ing them,

by means of the cur­rent “scien­ces” of bio­lo­gy, phy­sics and me­di­cine where the So­cio­paths and their friends do not me­re­ly omit but they do act­ive­ly DE­NY any Life Ener­gy to exist at all,(!)

let a­lo­ne that those So­cio­paths would ad­mit the exist­en­ce of Harm­ful Life Ener­gy — much less could you ex­pect them to admit, that they them­selv­es and si­mi­lar in­di­vi­du­als, do con­stant­ly in­flict Harm­ful Ener­gy on­to others,

and never really, would they admit to you, that they all the time are in fact ta­king a­way healthy Li­fe E­ner­gies from others — can you ima­gi­ne – but so it is, that

they ma­ke you fail to re­mo­ve Harm­ful Life Ener­gy Part­ic­les (1. – 4.) from your soul and from your body.

Also any psychics or mediums (these can, at times, se­lect­ive­ly see some more, of what is there) also they are hit equal­ly, if not more fu­ri­ous­ly so, by the So­cio­paths – hit­ting them with tho­se In­flict­ions (1. - 5.),

re­sult­ing for in­stan­ce in the vast body of ‘New Age’ lies “about Life.”    {definition}

I'n this way, Criminal Minds (the Sociopaths) are confining you (confining your soul, that means of course) — they are keep­ing your Perception,* your Memory,* and your Under­stand­ing wall­ed off,

in order for you to remain “...within the ‘Cave’,“ or if you like, “in­si­de the ‘Spi­ri­tu­al La­by­rinth’,” that the­se – fe­ro­ci­ous­ly and cle­ver­ly, ve­ry in­tri­ca­te­ly and ve­ry un­der­hand­ed­ly – are in­flict­ing, and that the­se main­tain for you: To keep you cut off from the pu­re Life Ener­gy of The Crea­tion [NDG] (which they claim “does not exist),” so that you re­main

in your ‘Mental Comfort Zone’– as you ex­pe­rien­ce it day and night your­self – in­flict­ed by the So­cio­paths since thou­sands upon thou­sands of years, and as it has been most­ly ac­cept­ed by the so­cie­ty.

Over­coming this, re­qui­res con­si­der­able self-disci­pline (not ‘mind­ful act­ion’ etc., etc., etc., but – and for the first time in your and any­one's ex­ist­en­ce, it has now also be­come pos­si­ble – as self-dis­ci­pli­ne) ba­sed on know­led­ge about Life, that must be cor­rect to a very high de­gree of pre­ci­sion.

That is, if you ma­na­ge at all, to crea­te or ac­quire and main­tain that Life Ener­gy, that holds a strong de­si­re to over­come the Harm in­flict­ed, and to win – mo­ti­va­ted by a strong Love for ve­ry ma­ny peo­ple:

to actually win, and thereby re­le­ga­ting any Gold Medal of the Olym­pic Games for “win­ning over others,” to the dee­pest bot­tom of the ocean, in com­pa­ri­son.

Only inching forward, or leaping two feet forward follow­ed by a one foot set­back, gra­du­al­ly sens­ing more and more of the So­cio­paths’ in­flict­ions and how they main­tain the Comfort Zone or Laby­rinth of feel­ings and ideas and for­ces (their Harm­ful Life En­er­gy Par­ti­cles).

Thus, each time you ma­nage to feel and to ana­lyze one or more parts of these, you are sca­ling (climb­ing) the ve­ry force­ful, Ener­ge­tic ‘walls’ as de­scri­bed a­bo­ve (1. – 5.),

and that is NOT pos­si­ble at all by with­draw­ing from Li­fe — not at all (be­cau­se if you with­draw, then you will not be fa­ced with those Harm­ful Ener­gies) — BUT it is by lead­ing and lov­ing Li­fe and peo­ple, that you will be fa­ced with it,

which is quite more fasci­na­ting (and end­less­ly more re­ward­ing) than play­ing a com­pu­ter game, or, at that, than pro­gram­ming a com­pu­ter game – I would with litt­le ef­fort be able to con­vince tho­se, who are cou­ra­ge­ous in Beau­ty and sin­ce­re in Lo­ve for others –

you will over­come de­bi­li­ta­ting and in­ca­pa­ci­ta­ting and sick­en­ing En­er­gies. But:

Overcoming this may become permanent only for yourself – by con­structive­ly teach­ing others about it as well, and – by study­ing and acqui­ring the vast­ly su­pe­rior know­led­ge of the Human Rights Issues,

based as these are on the Physics of Life itself, on ‘Fine Particle Physics,’ which – being of Life – is

naturally including Beauty and Love in those vast amounts that are fun­da­men­tally ne­ces­sary in re­gain­ing Truth (what has hap­pen­ed) and thus Know­led­ge (the un­der­stand­ing of what has hap­pen­ed).

Koos Nolst Trenite – human rights philosopher

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1 Kings 4:34  

Koos Nolst Trenite (Nolst Trenité)
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human rights philosopher and poet

Recent Publications (and only the newest Version of these)

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  (8 Sept 1999 - re-posted 20161113)!topic/Koos-Nolst-Trenite/-PqkVqVo3no  

'Natural Definition of Peace'
 (First workable Definition of Peace)
 {HRI 20070520-V4.0-t}  [DOP]
  (20 May 2007 - Version 4.0 on 12 Apr 2016)  

'Fine Particle Physics Definition of Sanity, and of Sanity Expanded'
 {FPP 20160331}  [FPDS]
  (31 March 2016)  

'Key to restore Love in people: Sensing-removing Hate Energy 
 Sociopaths inflict, that Blocks Love' - Fine Particle Physics - 
 (includes Introduction, in 9 chapters:
  Reformulation-Summary of earlier, related publications)
 {FPP 20160217}  [KRL]
  (17 February 2016)  

'To Stop Your Pain, by Perceiving Their Joy of Hating You - Fine Particle Physics'
 {FPP 20160115}  [PJH]
  (15 January 2016 - Version 2.0 on 10 Jan 2016)  

'Hallucinogenic, fake "Awareness," with "comfort and Certainty" 
 and an "alleviation of unpleasant Perception"'
 {note 20160113}  [HFAC]
  (13 January 2016)  

'Awareness Level 'Zero': Ability to become Aware of Sociopaths - AWL Series'
 {AWL-Zero 20160103-V2.0}  [AWL-Zero]
  (3 January 2016 - Version 2.0 on 10 Jan 2016)  

'What is The Sociopath's 'Definition,' of 'Being Sane'?'
 {note 20151231}  [SDBS]
  (31 December 2015)  

'Do Ken Ogger (the late 'Pilot' of 'Superscio'), and Marty Rathbun,
 face l. ron hubbard's Evil?'
 {Note 20151123}  [KMLRHE]
  (23 November 2015)  

'Info: Did the Sociopath Balthasar Gerard receive his Reward for 
	 Assassinating William of Orange (of Holland)?'
 {info 20151103}  [I-BGAWO]
  (23 December 2015)  

'People Craving for Spiritual Science FICTION brought to them as 'True, because...''
 {note 20151223}  [CSSF]
  (23 December 2015)  

'Definition of 'Scientologist''
 {HRI Note 20090808-V2.0}  [DEFSC]
  (8 August 2009 - Version 2.0 on 14 Dec 2015)  

'Murderous, Vampiring Psychic Attacks by Roger Gonnet and 
 l. ron hubbard - fastest remedy of: [by creating Beauty Energy]'
 {FPP 20151216}  [PARCB]
  (16 December 2015)  

'l. ron hubbard is STILL Dreaming of Blowing up Planets 
 with People who don't Like him'
 {HRO 20081017-V7.0 ADDITION-1}  [HRO-BP]
  (17 October 2008 - addition of 7 Dec 2015)  

'Lisa McPherson - Life-denying Sociopaths (Tony Ortega etc.,
 Scientologists) HAVE NO CLUE and do NOT care about her'
 (additional Textnote, at)
 {HRI Note 20050118-plus}  [SCLM-p]
  (6 December 2015 - adds to HRI Note 20050118)  

'Be Free from Sociopaths: Spiritual (New-Age etc.) Sociopaths 
 do exploit the vacuum created by Science (material) Sociopaths 
 (Title: 'New Age Sociopath gurus like 'Val Valerian (Matrix 5),'
  dismantled by philosopher John Smith of')'
 {Note 20151202}  [NASOC]
  (1 December 2015)  

'Angel-killers show up at "Mafia funeral"'
 - Definition of 'Angel' and 'Angel-killer''
 {HRI Note 20151201}  [ANKIL]
  (1 December 2015 )!topic/soc.rights.human/kaJSfCNm_rw  

'Sociopaths DESTROY science, and support each other in
 DENYING Life itself (Life Energy), to exist' 
  {FPP Note 20151122}  [SDSC]
  (22 November 2015 )!topic/soc.rights.human/YSmwdnlAPSw  

'l. ron hubbard inflicting spiritual (Life Energetic Particle)
violence and terror on you. Anyone facing him?'
Fine Particle Physics DISCOVERS the Mechanics of suffering,
while Sociopaths destroyed Life Science AND religion.
 {FPP Note 20151111-V1.1}  [ISVT]
  (11 November 2015 - Version 1.1 on 13 Nov 2015 )!topic/soc.rights.human/uOc6cwBT3s8  

'INSIDE the "Safe Space" of "the Sociopath as your greatest friend"' 
 {FPP 20150915-V3.1}  [SSS]
  (15 September 2015 - Version 3.1 on 24 Oct 2015)!topic/soc.rights.human/RzMFIwXBd68  

'"Confidential" "Power Processes" stripped bare:
 'Recognize who Causes which Reality and what Suffering,
  and who does not''
 {HRI 20151015}  [CPPSB]
  (15 October 2015)!topic/soc.rights.human/RJWfZvR4YA8  

'Why do people love Sociopaths - truly enforced "Love"' 
 {FPP 20150906}  [WPLS]
  (6 September 2015)!topic/soc.rights.human/v6cHHFF4As4  

'To Free You(r Loved Ones) from a Mental Prison 
 (of the Extreme Ugliness Energy of Satan l. ron hubbard,
 now in Scientology)'
 {FPP note 20150902}  [FYSEU]
  (2 September 2015 )!topic/soc.rights.human/0fMbc3_Z4a4  

'Definition of Demon'
 (and a Demon pretending to be "good:" l. ron hubbard of Scientology)
 {HRI 20080421-V1.0.1}  [DEMON]
  (21 April 2008 - Version 1.0.1 on 24 Aug 2015 for issue as an HRI)!topic/soc.rights.human/s7m5b1D-gnU  

 l. ron hubbard (Satan from Scientology)'
 {FPP draft note 20140524-V2.0}  [SPIEU]
  (24 May 2014 Version 2.0 on 25 May 2014, re-posting as KNT on 23 Aug 2015)!topic/soc.rights.human/Mq0UI42CL1M  

'Compulsion to Serve Satan's Scientology, interrupted:
 Debbie Cook-Baumgarten now 'serves up' Fibromyalgia'
 {HRI note 20150802}  [CSSSF]
  (2 August 2015)!topic/soc.rights.human/tZrOQcUeElI  

'Nature of Sociopaths, 'for Dummies:'
 Is Adolf Hitler AS BAD as l. ron hubbard?
 (The latter is much worse ...if you know it)'
 {HRI 20150719-V3.0.1}  [HWTH]
  (19 July 2015 - Version 3.0.1 on 27 Jul 2015)!topic/soc.rights.human/gt8SOVN4s0M  

'Smothered during sleep by Harmful Life Energy Particles 
 inflicted  by l. ron hubbard's soul'
 {HRI 20150708} {FPP 20150708}  [SDSH]
  (8 July 2015)!topic/soc.rights.human/Re-VeFxEmRI  

'Ever had any KIND THOUGHTS about a HIDDEN SOCIOPATH (like l. ron hubbard)?
 They are signposts to Evil Acts on self and others'
	(KIND THOUGHTS about a HIDDEN SOCIOPATH, are 'signposts'
 to detect Evil Acts on self and others)
 {HRI note 20150630}  [KTAS]
  (22 May 2015)!topic/soc.rights.human/adubz0BhvAw  

'Natural Definition of Time'    read or download pdf 
 {HRI 20150621}  [NDT]
  (21 June 2015)!topic/sci.physics/GRT7myHRMpM  

'Natural Human Rights Order on l. ron hubbard
 (Satan as the individual, Founder of Scientology)'
 Version 7.0 - optimized for foreign-language students
 	"He would heap praise and admiration
	 on someone, but behind his back, as soon as the person had left,
	 l. ron hubbard would burst into a rage of Hate and verbal abuse against that very same person."
 {HRO 20081017-V7.0}  [HRO]    read or download pdf
 (17 October 2008 - Version 7.0 on 4 June 2015)!topic/soc.rights.human/ri0gX0TzkAM   

'Ousted by the Dictator, they are courted by the Sociopaths
 "together to fight the Dictator" - which joins a circle of perpetual Evil'
 {HRI-20150522}  [ODCS]
  (22 May 2015)!topic/soc.rights.human/EMY9uOM6-bw  

'Awareness Level Basic Questions - to penetrate-remove
 Euphoria, Ugliness, Unawareness and Hate-Pain'
 {AWL 20150513}  [AWLBQ]
  (13 May 2015)!topic/soc.rights.human/qkb_4bwJy7w  

'How a Sociopath "looks at" others - example of a Sociopath "journalist"'
	(How "journalist" Paulette Cooper - in her own words - makes herself
	   "comfortably look" at people whom she should professionally look at)'
 {HRI note 20150507-I}  [HSLO]
  (7 May 2015)!topic/soc.rights.human/3tBY6jhvVqc  

'Too cowardly even to READ the Human Rights Order (Version 6.2) on l. ron hubbard'
 (His courage lacking, to break Satan l. ron hubbard's hypnotism on him and on others)
 {note 20150504}  [TCHRO]
  (4 May 2015)!topic/soc.rights.human/L8kna0W6nyQ 


'Scientology IS HATE - it IS l. ron hubbard's Hate, and so,
  Scientology cannot be reformed'
 {note 20150311}  [SASI]
  (16 March 2015 )!topic/soc.rights.human/-q_qAo3GpaY 


'It behooves (Ex-)Scientologists in particular, to address
	 the Soul-Implants* that l. ron hubbard inflicted'
 {note 20150311}  [SASI]
  (11 March 2015 )!topic/soc.rights.human/V64JqkGNj9U 


'"Now totally free," Andy Porter HAS escaped Scientology,
 BUT NOT: l. ron hubbard's hypnosis and Soul-Implants'
 {HRI 20150308-V2.0}  [ESNS]
  (8 March 2015 - Version 2.0 on 10 Mar 2015)!topic/soc.rights.human/HcXmeozk-xk 


'ENVY and HATE is the core of l. ron hubbard and Scientology,
 but ALSO motivates his "critics"'
 {HRI 20150303}  [EHMSC]
  (3 March 2015)!topic/soc.rights.human/gGUKKiWWJuY 


'Key to remedy inflictions by any Sociopath, Demon & Satan l. ron hubbard:
 Look for their (carefully hidden) HATE for you, for others, for Life'
 (Key to remedy any inflictions: Search for the underlying (Altered Life-Energy of) HATE for you, for others, for Life)
 {HRI 20150226}  [KRSH]
  (26 February 2015)!topic/soc.rights.human/MkBrCMr9X5c  

'How Sociopaths intrude and gain your support by means of
	 Satanic "Affinity," "Reality" and "Communication" -
	 as in 'Scientology's "ARC"-triangle'
  {HRI note 20140617-A-V1.1.1} [SIARC]
    (16 February 2015 - Version 1.1.1 of same date)!topic/alt.religion/2vkOF91ny_E 


'LEF-meter, how to obtain a proper and strong signal -
 (Life-Energy-Particle Fluctuation meter)'
  {FPP 20150207}  [LEFMS]
   (7 February 2015)!topic/soc.rights.human/s5dI2wwhAuc  

'Spiritual Heritage of the Eskimos - 
        selected and explained by Koos Nolst Trenite'
  {SHI 20150204}  [SHI-E]
   (4 February 2015)!topic/soc.rights.human/-OhrdqAIzqY 


'Scientology's REVERSE Therapy PRETENDS "Awareness" in Drugged Euphoria,
 to HIDE Satan (l. ron hubbard)'s infliction of Harm'
  {HRI draft 20150129}  [SPSDS]
   (30 January 2015 - issued 4 Feb 2015)!topic/soc.rights.human/g3w2nevgtVE 


'Scientology, the Philosophy of Satan - 
 the Dissection and Shattering of'
  {HRI draft 20150129}  [SPSDS]
   (29 January 2015)!topic/soc.rights.human/MP6Z78o5VpQ 


 - Abilities to detect and prevent removal of your own Life Energy:
 while awake, asleep, sick, near or after death, or in infancy'
  {HRI 20150123}  [AWL-VII-XII]
   (23 January 2015)!topic/soc.rights.human/wIfn1GWitKk  

'Awareness Levels THREE, FOUR, FIVE and SIX:
 Ability to face basic Harmfully Altered Life Energy Particle (HALEP) types,
 inflicted by Sociopath souls like l. ron hubbard etc.:
 Drugged Euphoria(3), Ugliness(4), Unawareness(5), and Hate-Pain Energy(6)'
  {HRI 20150121}  [AWL-III-VI]
   (21 January 2015)!topic/soc.rights.human/esuhRDVzeRg  

''Eternal Scientology Spokesman' Mike Rinder, promotes LIES ALWAYS:
  l. ron hubbard's PRETENSES to establish his Evil on Earth'
  {HRI note 20141216-Addition}  [ESSMR]
   (17 January 2015)!topic/soc.rights.human/gVt89HDBse8 


'"Philosopher" Rathbun with followers, pitifully STUCK in their 
	 Buddhist 'Cave' forever, by their circular "Definition" of Truth'
  {HRI draft note 20150113}  [SBCCT]
   (13 January 2015)!topic/soc.rights.human/MHNrGHO9QqU 


'The PRETENSE of Satan's (Scientology, l. ron hubbard's)
 "Philosophy of Love" - WHY does Mike Rinder* insist,
 those lies "are true"'
  {HRI note 20150112}  [PSPOL]
   (12 January 2015)!topic/soc.rights.human/7PRYpXj6OPg 


'Awareness Level TWO: Restored Ability to LOCATE the Soul
 of Satan, of l. ron hubbard as he actually is'
  {HRI note 20150110-V1.1}  [AWL-II]
   (10 January 2015 - Version 1.1 on 11 Jan 2015)!topic/soc.rights.human/uE-1XB91WmA  

'Awareness Level ONE: Restored Ability to RECOGNIZE the Soul
 of Satan, of l. ron hubbard as he actually is'
  {HRI draft note 20141230}  [AWL-I]
   (30 December 2014)!topic/soc.rights.human/eMAIxMzMig4  

'Mike Rinder's Scientologists (Satan's "free" spiritual 
 slaves) [are] "Cream of the crop, can see and 
 [can] rely on their senses, and in Integrity act"'
    {note 20141226}  [SFSCC]
   (26 December 2014)!topic/soc.rights.human/tgU1KczeiUg 


'Scientology: Mike Rinder is a conduit for 
  l. ron hubbard's Satanic Evil on Mankind'
   {HRI note 20141216}  [SMRCS]
   (16 December 2014)!topic/soc.rights.human/mXCOXqLyNqM 


'Vitriolic Ugliness- and Physical Pain-Energy-Particle inflictions 
 into your body: Hidden Intentions of Sociopath souls like l. ron hubbard'
  {FPP 20140923-V3.0.1}  [PURBEI]
   (23 September 2014 - V3.0.1 on 6 Dec 2014)!topic/sci.physics/P4AXptG63w0  

'Facing l. ron hubbard EQUALS a fast 'slamming' meter pattern 
  (called a 'Shudder')'
  {FPP note 20130502-II-A-V1.2}  [FHES]
   (30 Nov 2014 Addition - Version 1.2 on 1 Dec 2014)!topic/sci.physics/SNb4bSMZN9w 

''5 Tibetan Rites' to push Cancerous Ugliness- and Pain-Energy
 out of and away from your body'
  {FPP 20140923-B}  [5TRUP]
   (11 November 2014 ADDITION)!topic/ 

'ENVY and HATE, root of self-inflicted Insanity:
 'Others are nothing, and don't exist' - example Scientology's Satan'
  {HRI note 20141102-V2.0.1}  [EHSI]
   (2 November 2014 - Version 2.0.1 on 4 Nov 2014)!topic/soc.rights.human/j83y4ZXodHA 

'How rabid Roger Gonnet became less violently Criminal and 
 Insane, recently, for a month only'
 (By accident (& for 1 month only) #removing in a #violent #Criminal 
 one of his many #Evil #Energy #connections to #Satan)
  {note 20141007-V1.1}  [RRGLC]
   (7 October 2014 - Version 1.1 on 4 Nov 2014)!topic/soc.rights.human/gLMwnSKd9_s 

'Physical Pain - Intentions of (l. ron hubbard with his) Pain
 Energy Particle Inflictions into (your) body'
  {FPP 201410923-A}  [IPEI]
   (22 October 2014 ADDITION)!topic/ 

'Satan l. ron hubbard Scientology's most horrendous lie,
 for him to gain wealth and absolute power'
 (#Satan #lronhubbard #Scientology's most #horrendous lie,
 for him to gain #wealth and #absolute #power{#HRI 20141015})
 {HRI draft note 20141015}  [SSWAP]
 (15 October 2014)!topic/soc.rights.human/y7Fg3W44NTo 

'Pain and Unconsciousness, Red-in-Black Energy Particle
 Infliction (Satan l. ron hubbard's "secret weapon")'
  {FPP 20140923-V2.0}  [PURBEI]
   (23 September 2014 - Version 2.0 on 29 Sept 2014)!topic/sci.physics/X_aPYhl5gDA 

'What Scientologists AND critics alike, wanted me captured
	 AND destroyed utterly, for publishing'
  {HRI note 20140925-V2.0}  [CDUP]
   (25 September 2014 - Version 2.0 of same date)!topic/alt.religion.scientology/5ChqMFAEKjk 


'Sociopaths (Satan l. ron hubbard, etc.) follow NO RULES,
	 except to LIE, to DOMINATE, to STEAL, and to DESTROY anyone'
  {HRI note 20140919}  [SFNR]
   (19 September 2014)!topic/soc.rights.human/x16l33xwcg0 


'Equal 'Life-Axioms:' of Satan, Sociopaths and Scientology'
  {HRI 20140815-V1.9}  [ASSS]
   (15 August 2014 - Version 1.9 on 21 Aug 2014)!topic/soc.rights.human/yVT4ZzKtcF4 


''Soul-Implants' (i.e. terrorizing, "irreversible" hypnosis)
 inflicted by l. ron hubbard (Satan), etc.,
 in the past 74 million years (on your immortal soul)'
 (#Soul-#Implants(#terrorizing #hypnosis) inflicted
  by #lronhubbard(#Satan)& #Sociopaths
  since #74_million_years{V2.1.3})
 (The #Terrible #Truth about #Scientology, that all #Sociopaths
  want you to hide, at any cost)
 {FPP 20140731-V2.1.3}  [SSI74]
  (31 July 2014 - Version 2.1.3 on 12 Aug 2014)!topic/sci.physics/H1uDG3itwsk 

'Hard-ball Interview with my very best,
 true Scientology 'Auditor' of 1989,
 Ludwig Schudt, in Copenhagen on 18 Sept 1997'
 (Hard-ball #Interview with my 1989 true '#Scientology' therapist-'#Auditor')
  {R-RI 19970918 - RI-930}  [SALSI]
   (18 September 1997 - Re-issued and annotated 29 Jul 2014)!topic/alt.religion.scientology/WAe3IRhGZSY 

'All equations of 'Scientology' SOLVE,
 with 'l. ron hubbard equals Satan''
 (All #equations of '#Scientology' #SOLVE,
 with '#lronhubbard equals #Satan')
  {HRI draft note 20140719-V2.0}  [SSHS]
   (19 July 2014 - Version 2.0 on 23 Jul 2014)!topic/ 

'What's to Like-Admire about Satan (l. ron hubbard - Scientology):
 ALL Life Energy he stole-vampired-sucked-struck from you and me'
 (#Attraction to in fact OWN #Life #Energy,
 #stolen-#struck from you by #vampire-#Sociopaths and #Satan (#lronhubbard))
  {HRI draft 20140713}  [LSSL]
   (13 July 2014)!topic/alt.religion.scientology/pXgPW90_YtQ 

'What a Past-Life therapist OBVIOUSLY should know
  - but the Sociopaths (understandably) call "False Memories"'
 (For #Past_Life #therapists a #must_know, but #Sociopaths (understandably) call it #False_Memories)
 {HRI draft note 20140712-II}  [PLTFM]
  (12 July 2014 - Issue II)!topic/alt.religion.scientology/FHlxeSXq12w  

'LEF meter use, OF COURSE is denied, ridiculed (or restricted
 and perverted) BY SOCIOPATHS: It detects their Harmful Life
 Energy emanations and inflictions'
 (#LEF_meter OF COURSE #denied BY #SOCIOPATHS: It #DETECTS their #Harmful #Life #Energy #inflictions)
 {FPP 20140712}  [LEFMD]
  (12 July 2014)!topic/sci.physics/AVTAqZgs8Es  

'Any 'Scientologist' can not possibly 'be himself,' or 'in present time,'
     or 'perceptive of people,' etc., etc. - why, explained'
  {note 20140705}  [SNPTP]
   (5 July 2014)!topic/alt.religion/91eF1gnLNJY 

'All 'Scientologists' INCREASE the Level of Evil on Earth:
  BY giving their Life Energy to Satan (to l. ron hubbard)'
  {FPP draft note 20140628}  [SILE]
    (28 May 2014)!topic/alt.religion/S9fE3VUEFz4 

'Using people's noble Purposes, IN ORDER to entrap them,
 with Therapy, Directives, and Activities,
 - Example: Satanic Church of Scientology'
  {HRI draft note 20140611-V2.1}  [UNPEP]
    (11 June 2014 - Version 2.1 on 23 Jun 2014)!topic/ 

'Pineal gland, Harmful Energy Particle attacks on -
 Addition to Example (Natural Perception - Restoration and Defense...)'
  {FPP draft Issue 20140615-A}  [PGHEA]
    (Addition on 18 June 2014)!topic/ 

'Scientology's Satanic "A.R.C." triangle:
        "FIND something to like about a person"
 ...INSTEAD of naturally liking normal people'
  {note 20140617}  [SARCT]
    (17 June 2014)!topic/alt.religion/-fAUzyKAA8w 

'Natural Perception - Restoration and Defense of own,
 - Raw Data Example, with Preludium One and Two'
 (#Natural #Perception, #teaching Perception - #Restoration & #Defense of own, w elaborate #Example)
 {FPP draft Issue 20140615}  [NPRD]
  (17 March 2014)!topic/sci.physics/Iv-lFFIkbGU  

'Entrapment by seniority REVERSAL of Orders and Purpose -
	 Actual, real seniority of Orders in 'Scientology'
	 (and in other dictatorships)'
  {HRI draft note 20140611-V1.0.1}  [EROP]
    (11 June 2014 - Version 1.0.1 of same date)!topic/alt.religion/lK2dY9PAd7c 

'When l. ron hubbard (Satan) attacks (Toni Braxton, or) you,
 with Harmful Energy, "IT IS YOUR OWN" case-aberration-disease,
 in Scientology and in medical "science"'
 (#Create the #Life_Energy to keep #Evil away from you:
 #soul_Energy showing #who_you_are.#ToniBraxton shows it)
  {FPP draft note 20140603}  [AHROC]
    (3 June 2014)!topic/alt.religion/eZEgxtUcIbg 

'The spirit face of l. ron hubbard (Satan), is like 
        the 'Hocus Pas' Black Magician cartoon character by Marten Toonder'
  {FPP draft note 20140530-V1.1}  [SFSHP]
    (30 May 2014 - Version 1.1 on 1 Jun 2014)!topic/ 

'All Critics of 'Scientology,' make 'Scientology' even 
 MORE Confusing to understand - How do they'
  {HRI draft note 20140520-V1.0.1}  [CSMSC]
    (20 May 2014 - Version 1.0.1 on 21 May 2014)!topic/alt.religion/DX6YXUBXtN4 

'The Energy for 'NOT looking at l. ron hubbard' -
 Hypnotism explained scientifically'
  {FPP draft note 20140507}  [EHES]
    (7 May 2014)!topic/sci.physics/OzsAsif2gmo 

'Scientology, a kernel of pure malice, with a shell of good:
 A Clear view of Scientology'
  {HRI draft note 20140506}  [SKPE]
    (6 May 2014)!topic/alt.religion/2Hkfh1slUGo 

'To Build Civilization: CONSTANTLY create Energy to Perceive Evil,
 and CONSTANTLY create Energy to Disagree with Evil'
 {HRI draft note 20140505}  [CEPE]
  (5 May 2014)!topic/sci.military.naval/00CDc3wBHdw  

'Can Rinder, Rathbun and Miscavige, change 
   their own "Scientology" diapers?'
  {HRI draft note 20140420} [RRMCD]
    (20 April 2014)!topic/alt.religion/NUTesCmV4Jo 

'Protect your Perception: Don't sneeze, and use a LEF meter'
 {FPP Note 20140415-V2.0}  [PYPDS]
  (15 April 2014 - Version 2.0 on 17 Apr 2014)!topic/  

'The 'Tunnel of Evil' - Make a 'Sec Check List' of Crimes that l. ron hubbard 
  (may have) committed on you or others (including before this life time)'
  {HRI draft note 20140327}  [TECL]
    (27 March 2014)!topic/alt.religion/6FJ8bS25Bzc 

'(Marty Rathbun's) Scientology 'Bubble' escape attempt,
        ALSO needs (him) leaving the Buddhism 'Bubble''
  {HRI draft note 20140321}  [SBEBB]
    (21 March 2014)!topic/alt.religion/mm-MAeiWgyw 

'The Sociopathy of Science - "Butterflies evolved from caterpillars
 by chance" (short version)'
 {FPP draft note 20140317}  [SSBC]
  (17 March 2014)!topic/sci.physics/8g5v7TCsups

'Satan's "Beingness, Doingness and Havingness" is:
	 "Savior of Mankind and the Universe"'
('Scientology is FALSE "Tech" series')
  {HRI draft note 20140316}  [SBDH]
   (16 Mar 2014)!topic/alt.religion/dnoe9NTGHhY 

'Like Microbes are Invisible, so also Harmful Energies "do not exist:"
 You are so BEYOND Insane...'
 {HRI 20140223-V1.1}  [MISHE]
  (23 February 2014 - Version 1.1 of 25 Feb 2014)!topic/sci.physics/8QslXUsumAY  

'Want Peace and Sanity for Mankind? Then point at and remove the ultimate 
 SOURCE of Evil, l. ron hubbard (of 'Scientology' and its 'Sea Org' staff)'
  {HRI Note 20140215-V2.1}  [RSESO]
    (15 February 2014 - Version 2.1 of 19 Feb 2014)!topic/ 

'(Ex-)Sea Org members, 'Scientology's cackling-Insane 'Elite'
 in fake Navy uniforms'
  {Scn note 20140208-V1.1}  [ESOMI]
    (8 February 2014 - Version 1.1 of 9 Feb 2014)!topic/ 

'With a "God does not exist here," Rage of Hate and Unawareness,
 cut loose from The Creation and made into Sociopaths
 - WHO did that to them, how, when, where?'
 {R-RI 19990502-V2.4.1-final - RI-1208 annotated}  [GNEH]
  (2 May 1999 - Version 2.4.1-final, of 7 Feb 2014)!topic/

'David Miscavige's 'Student Hat' Basic Course far SENIOR 
	 even to l. ron hubbard's highest Level courses ('OT VII' and 'OT VIII')'
  {Scn note 20140125}  [DMSHSH]
    (25 January 2014)!topic/ 

'Creating the Perception Energy to face and push away Evil 
  (Satan, l. ron hubbard that is, now)'
  {FPP draft note 20140120}  [PEFS]
    (20 January 2014)!topic/ 

'You AGAIN want to trust Mike Rinder or Marty Rathbun,
	 'Scientology' Management Sociopaths? You never learn, do you...'
  {R-RI 19961217 - RI-764, twice annotated}  [MRSMS]
    (17 December 1996 - annotated 20090929, 20140118)!topic/ 

'How precise must a LEF meter be 
 - frequency range of Life Energy Fluctuation meter'
(Spikes reach up to 30 Hz, upon viewing l. ron hubbard's Harmful Energy,
   but the 'Scientology-meter' goes only up to 3 Hz!)
  {FPP draft note 20140118}  [HPLM]
  (18 January 2014)!topic/ 

'l. ron hubbard's purpose is NOT for you to UNDERSTAND 
	 'Auditing'-therapy, BUT that you duplicate and EXECUTE HIS COMMANDS'
   {HRI draft note 20140114}  [NUBEC]
  (14 Jan 2014 - published on 16 Jan 2014)!topic/ 

'Listen to Satan's voice recordings:
        To detect his vicious lies, you can hold a lie-detector 
        (a Life Energy Fluctuation meter) in the palm of your hand'
   {HRI draft note 20140110-V1.2}  [LSVM]
  (10 Jan 2014 - Version 1.2 on 11 Jan 2014)!topic/alt.religion/1MDczNYZR4Q 

'Are 'Past Life Deniers' similar to 'Holocaust Deniers'?'
 (Yes, they are extremely mean and malicious to people)
 {HRI 20131006-V1.2}  [PLDHD]
  (6 Oct 2013 - Version V1.2 on 6 Jan 2014)!topic/

''Scientology' IS the (flawed) MASK of l. ron hubbard -
 the 'critics' fight against that MASK ('Scientology'),
 rather than fighting HIM (Satan)'
 (includes an {extended definition} of 'Epilepsy' -
  and many other definitions - label {definition})
 {HRI Note 20131219-V4.0}  [SMLRH]
  (19 December 2013 - Version 4.0 on 2 Jan 2014)!topic/

'Your Educational Intelligence: [may lead to the questions]
Intelligence: "How come, neurons are mis-firing in your brain?"
Intelligence: "Why was Einstein immune to it?"
Intelligence: "The After-shocks of the Big Bang"'

	{Educated Intelligence}
	{Perception Sphere}
 		{identification friend or foe}
		{anti-collision system} (1)
		{anti-collision system} (2)
			{fast car driving}
		{photon perception only}

	{how you control your body}
 		{martial arts}
	{using your body to Perceive}
		{nightmare dreams}
		{the "voice of God"}
		{inflicted suicide}
		{direct Perception}
		{Perception raking up thoughts and feelings}
			{'noise' and attenuation and distortion}
	{physical mechanism of thinking}

	{your compliance with the Sociopaths}
	{notes on the Subject Title}
	{creation of galaxies etc.}
	{compelled by Sociopaths to think "as the Society"}
	{life of plants}
	{illusion to think 'you want to know about life'}

	{on Socrates}
		{balance of power}
		{Socratic neurons}
		{how Sociopaths apply mathematics to physics}
		{the 'plus apple' and the 'minus apple'}
		{how truth is made "relative"}
		{on hypnotism}
		{further on Socrates}
		{on privacy}

	{on insomnia}
	{a cure for insomnia}
	{Perception Sphere (2)}
	{"all reality is 'Educated'"}
 {HRI 20130112-V2.0}  [YEI]
  (12 January 2013 - Version 2.0 of 1 Feb 2013, published 29 Dec 2013)!topic/

'ЕДИНСТВЕННАЯ ЦЕЛЬ рона л. хаббарда в создании 'Саентологии:'
 Поставлять бесконечную энергию ВОСХИЩЕНИЯ для Себя 
 (и для любых других Социопатов)'
(l. ron hubbard's ONLY Purpose for Creating 'Scientology' ...)
   {Примечание HRI 20130611-V2.0.1-RU-V1.0}  [OPCSA-RU]
  (11 июня 2013 - Версия 2.0.1 от 15 июня 2013)!topic/alt.russian.z1/rUL-AsSmCGo 

'PART ONE, of 'Unawareness - Dark Energy, Black Energy - (inflicted by)
 Satan: l. ron hubbard, 'Scientology' in a Nutshell''
 {HRI 20131029-V1.9-P01}  [SINS-P01]
  (29 October 2013 - Version 1.9-P01, of 15 Nov 2013 published on 25 Nov 2013)!topic/

'The Sociopaths are denying and ridiculing the abilities of Jesus Christ,
 AND they destroyed the science to understand these abilities'
 {HRI draft subject 20131121}  [SDRJC]
  (21 November 2013)!topic/alt.religion/xRTxDMzAISQ

'Unawareness - Dark Energy, Black Energy - (inflicted by)
 Satan: l. ron hubbard, 'Scientology' in a Nutshell
 ...and you better keep him in there'
 {HRI 20131029-V1.9-Pre}  [SINS]
  (29 October 2013 - Version 1.9-Pre on 15 Nov 2013)!topic/alt.religion/lWxEaYizUHE

'Заказ Прав человека относительно l. рона хаббарда (Сатаны как
	 индивидуума) - (включая Определения 'Кармы,' 'Правды' и 'Наказания')'
(Human Rights Order on l. ron hubbard (Satan as the individual)
 {HRO 20081017-V3.3-RU-V1.0} [HRO-RU]
  (17 октября 2008 - Версия 3.3, 20 Сентябрь 2012)!topic/alt.russian.z1/pjHLr-woyaA 

'Три Способа Сатаны' (l. рона хаббарда) уничтожить Вас и любого'
(The 'Three Ways of Satan' (of l. ron hubbard), to destroy you and anyone)
 {HRI 20131018-V1.1-RU-V1.0}  [TTWS-RU]
  (18 октября 2013 - Версия 1.1, 22 октября 2013)!topic/alt.russian.z1/lu2NjJHn8qs 

'The 'Three Ways of Satan' (of l. ron hubbard), to destroy you and anyone'
 {HRI 20131018-V1.1}  [TTWS]
  (18 Oct 2013 - Version V1.1 on 22 Oct 2013)!topic/alt.religion/My9fhsY8A9g

'The ("Well-Adjusted") Sociopaths only PRETEND to care about people
 - with example Health-"care"'
 ('Studying Sociopaths' series)
 {HRI 20131015-V2.1}  [SOPC]
  (15 Oct 2013 - Version V2.1 on 22 Oct 2013)!topic/

'Первая Правильная Декларация Прав человека: ПАРАГРАФ ВТОРОЙ и Введение'
(Human Rights Declaration - ARTICLE TWO)
 {HRD-02 20100102-V1.3-RU-V1.0}  [HRD-02-RU]
  (2 January 2010 - Version 1.3 on 6 Jan 2010 - ru-V1.0 on 10 Jan 2010)!topic/alt.russian.z1/Zcg7U3u44sg 

'Detect the dominating Sociopaths in science, in its funding, its journalism:
 Use 'Complete Definition of Truth' (enclosed) {HRI 20120815-1-V4.2'
         (this is a 'directive summary' or wrapper, to use the 'Complete Definition of Truth' [CSTC])
 Preamble to the enclosed {HRI 20120815-1-V4.2}  [CSTC-P]
  (5 October 2013)!topic/

'(Studying Sociopaths): Lying THAT atrociously about themselves
  - as example 'Scientology' and l. ron hubbard - how could anyone...'
 {HRI 20130916-V2.4.1}  [LTAS]
  (16 September 2013 - Version 2.4.1 on 28 Sep 2013)!topic/sci.physics/64iiThfoh3M

'The Three Types of Unawareness Inflicted on you - and
 The Definition of Awareness (actual, working, and proven)'
 {FPP 20130911-V1.2}  [TTU]
  (11 September 2013 - Version 1.2 on 16 Sept 2013)!topic/it.politica/_vLzL-jZvwc

'Appeasing Putin, as Hitler was "appeased" by the British? - a Definition of 'Sociopath''
 encl. The 'First International Law' [FIL] short form
 {HRI Note 20130907-V2.0}  [APAH]
  (7 September 2013 - Version 2.0 on 10 Sep 2013)!topic/

'Первая Правильная Декларация Прав человека: ПАРАГРАФ ПЕРВЫЙ и Введение'
(Human Rights Declaration - ARTICLE ONE)
 {HRD-01 20091223-V1.1-ru-V1.0}  [HRD-01-RU]
  (23 December 2009 - Version 1.1 on 25 Dec 2009 - ru-V1.0 on 31 Dec 2009)!topic/alt.russian.z1/VpRmfaamHOI 

'Studying "Well-Adjusted" Sociopaths: By false accusations,
 they HIDE, what they ACTUALLY Hate about you'
 {HRI draft note 20130801}  [FAHAH]
  (1 August 2013)!topic/soc.rights.human/g4XEoHTYmTU

'How SENSITIVE must a LEF meter (Life Energy Fluctuation meter) be?'
 (Neutralizing Harmful Energy series)
 {FPP draft note 20130731}  [SLEFM]
  (31 July 2013)

'Unawareness and Pain Energy inflicted by Sociopaths like
 l. ron hubbard - WHY don't you report it' (Migraine, Epilepsy - attachm)
 {FPP Note 20130729-V1.1}  [UPEIS]
  (29 July 2013 - Version 1.1 on 30 Jul 22013)

'Hiding Sex, is RUINING Any Society, Any Group, Any Religion,
 and Any Personal Relationship - How to Restore Civilization'
 {HRI 20110626-V2.2}  (HSRS)
  (26 June 2011 - Version 2.2 on 26 Jul 2013)

''You can't teach flying to people trapped in a coal mine' (i.e. inside 'Scientology')'
 'Addition to: 'Scientology' "Super Power" for Oxes and Morons'
 {HRI Note 20130710-V2.0-A-V2.2)  [SSPOM-A]
  (13 July 2013 - Version A-V2.2 on 19 Jul 2013)

'Addition to: How to get OUT of 'Scientology''
 {HRI Note 20130702-V1.0.1-A-V1.1}  [GOOS-A]
  (5 July 2013 - Version A-1.1 on 12 Jul 2013) 

''Scientology' "Super Power" for Oxes and Morons'
  Version 1.0 was titled: 'Scientology's l. ron hubbard ENJOYED destroying his own followers'
 (long title: 'Also on 'Rock Slams' (the Repulsion and Shudder signal pattern on
  a LEF meter), Criminal Minds have everything IN REVERSE' - and quote from
  'Superpower - The Facts' by Satan*-follower Dan Koon'
  {HRI Note 20130710-V2.0}  [SSPOM]
  (10 July 2013 - Version 2.0 on 11 Jul 2013)

'Another reason why 'Scientologists' are Suppressive to Mankind:
 They HIDE vital data recovered in sessions'
 {HRI Note 20130708}  [HVDR]
  (8 July 2013)

'How to get OUT of 'Scientology' - the cult of Satan'
 {HRI Note 20130702 - V1.0.1}  [GOOS]
  (2 July 2013 - Version 1.0.1 of same date)

'And YOU are NOT attacked by the Harmful Energy-inflictions of others?'
 {FPP draft Note 20130701}  [NAHE]
  (1 July 2013)

'Electronic Detection of Harmful Life Energy, and thus Neutralizing it'
  (such as: detecting and thus neutralizing VIOLENT Harm from l. ron hubbard,
   or from Putin, or coming from any other Sociopath)
 {FPP 20130625}  [EDHLE]
  (25 June 2013)

'l. ron hubbard's ONLY Purpose for Creating 'Scientology:' To Supply
 Endless ADMIRATION Energy for Himself (and for any other Sociopaths)'
 {HRI Note 20130611-V2.0.1}  [OPCSA]
  (11 June 2013 - Version 2.0.1 on 15 Jun 2013)

'Not ALL independent 'Scientologists' are Evil... but
 ALSO THEY FEED the very Source of Evil, l. ron hubbard'
 (encloses: 'Becoming a Scientologist, gives you RELIEF from...
 (encloses: 'having to face l. ron hubbard'
 (encloses: '{note 20130602-V1.0.1} )
 {HRI Note 20130606-V1.1}
  (6 June 2013 - Version 1.1 on 7 Jun 2013)

'Actor Tom Cruise himself a Violent Life Energy Vampire:
 The source of his "talent" - (electronic meter use example)'
 {HRI note 20130607}
  (7 June 2013)

'Studying Sociopaths: They create a FAKE 'reality'
 - as 'science,' or as 'Scientology' - to replace life,
 and then they deny real life, as being 'fake''
 {note 20130604-V1.0.1}
  (4 June 2013 - Version 1.0.1 on 5 Jun 2013) 

'Johann Sebastian Bach Music to Measure the Condition of your Soul'
 {HRI 20130531-V1.0}  [BMMS]
  (31 May 2013)

'Tegengif tegen Robbert Dijkgraaf en Dick Schwab,
 en hun 'Anti-Wetenschap''
 {HRI Note 20130505-NL-V1.0.2}  [ARDDS]
  (5 mei 2013 - Versie 1.0.2 op 15 mei 2013  

'Fighting the Source of Harmful Life Energy Particles by Using an Electronic Meter'
 {FPP 20130502-II-V2.0-t}  [FHEUM]  (Version 1.0 was abbreviated [NSNFH], for a different title)
  (2 May 2013 Issue II - Version 2.0 on 10 May 2013)

'Sociopaths of the current biology "science:"
 Self-exposing [that they are so], by their comments
  to 'Life Energy used by someone for body self-defense''
 {FPP data note 20130502-V1.0}  [SESOLE]
  (2 May 2013) 

'Tom Cruise and Mike Rinder (top 'Scientologists'), and author Anne Rice,
 without a conscience: "Wanting something, makes it right" - plus
 interviews with Cruise and Rice'
 {HRI note 20130429-V2.0-t}  [TCARWC]
  (29 April 2013 - Version 2.0 on 30 Apr 2013)

'The First Law Of Education: connecting FEELINGS'
 {HRI 20130316-V1.0}  [FLOE]
  (16 March 2013 - published 24 Apr 2013)!topic/sci.physics/OU-Zw1tuWqs

'Power-Chess to remove dictators (e.g. Putin) - using Fine Particle Physics'
 {HRI 20130420-V1.0}  [PCRD]
  (20 April 2013 - Version 1.1 on 22 Apr 2013)

'The mammal Ray Kurzweil's University - Singularly for the Intelligent Sociopath'
 {HRI 20130411-V2.1-t-q1}  [RKUIS]
  (11 April 2013 - quote 1 on 19 Apr 2013)

'l. ron hubbard IS Extreme Ugliness and Hate - but hidden with a MASK,
 of pretending 'to be me''
 {HRI 20130411-V2.1-t}  [LEUMPM]
  (11 April 2013 - Version 2.1-t on 16 Apr 2013)

'How to Remedy Vampiring knockout hits (Unawareness)
 inflicted by Sociopaths'
 {HRI note 20130404-V1.1-t}  [RVKH]
  (4 April 2013 - Version 1.1 on 5 Apr 2013)

'Harmfully Altered Life Energy and its infliction on others (on you)
 — How Extreme Evil-doing is hidden and protected by the Sociopaths'
 {HRI 20130228-V1.0-t}  [EDHP]
  (28 February 2013 - published on 3 March 2013)

'Putin's and Rogozin's World War: They HATE Mankind AND Russia
 — but [they] USE Russia 'to fight against Mankind''
 {HRI 20081013-V1.7.1}  [WPWW] ('WHY Putin wants to build a World War')
  (13 October 2008 - Version 1.7.1 on 5 Feb 2013)

''Цель жизни' (Значение жизни) Определение, полное* теперь'
 ''Purpose of Life' (Meaning of Life) Definition Complete Now'
 {HRI 20120819-V3.4-RU-V1.0}
  (19 августа 2012 - Версия 3.4 от 11 сентября 2012
   - RU-V1.0 от 29 января 2013) 

'Stopping Tom Cruise's Spiritual Violence - and How actor Tom Cruise's
 Mind has been further Destroyed by 'Standard Scientology' "Therapy"'
 {HRI note 20130101-V1.0)
  (1 January 2013)

''Хороший и любимый, успешный' Социопат, преступное Мышление
 и Энергетический вампир - КАК ЭТО МОЖЕТ БЫТЬ?'
 'The 'Good and Beloved, Successful' Sociopath, Criminal Mind
 and Energy Vampire - HOW CAN THAT BE?'
 {HRI 20121029-V2.0-RU-V1.0}
  (29 октября 2012 - Версия 2.0 от 31 октября 2012
   - RU-V1.0 от 28 декабря 2012)

'Herstel van iemands Herinneringsvermogen (ongeacht leeftijd, intelligentie, etc.)'
 (Fine Particle Physics of Memory: 'Repair of Anyone's Memory')
 {FPP 20121122-NL-V1.0}
  (22 November 2012)

'What are Panic Attacks: Definition - and about Sneezing'
  (also posted as "The Fine Particle Physics of Sneezing")
 {HRI Note 20121114-V2.0}  [WAPA]
  (14 November 2012 - Version 2.0 on 19 Nov 2012)

'Your Self-esteem and Current State of Earth -
 America's Kirstie Alley Possessed by the l. ron hubbard ghoul, Evidence'
 {HRI Note 20121111-V1.1}  [KAPLRH]
  (11 November 2012 - Version 1.1 on 13 Nov 2012)

'The Fine Particle Physics of Obama's DESTROYING Democracy'
 {HRI 20121107-V1.0}  [PODD]
  (7 November 2012)

'The 'Good and Beloved, Successful' Sociopath, Criminal Mind and
 Energy Vampire - HOW CAN THAT BE?'
 {HRI 20121029-V2.0}  [GSHC]
  (29 October 2012 - Version 2.0 on 31 Oct 2012)

'Will 'Modern Theoretical Physicists' find Bosun Higgs
 (the Soul), OR their Black Hole?'
 {MTP SN 20120624-V1.1.1}  [MTPBS]
 {Modern Theoretical Physics Satirical Note 20120624-V1.1.1}
  (24 June 2012 - Version 1.1.1 on 26 Oct 2012)

'The Cause of World War One and Two - Educated Heroes wanted!'
 {HRI 20120415-V4.3.1}  [CWW]
  (15 April 2012 - Version 4.3.1 on 9 Oct 2012)

'Correct Definition of God ...opposes Mohamed: Muslims' "prophet,"
  Mohamed, the true and violent blasphemer of Allah'
 {HRI note 20120924}  [CDGMP]
  (24 September 2012)

''Purpose of Life' (Meaning of Life) Definition Complete* Now - plus -
 'Do Sociopaths KNOW they are Sociopaths, and do Sociopaths ENJOY being so?
  Yes, Yes''
 {HRI 20120819-V3.4}  [DSKEY]
  (19 August 2012 - Version 3.4 on 11 Sep 2012)

'Complete Definition of Truth - plus -
 'Classifying Sociopaths by easily recognized, typical compulsions of theirs''
 {HRI 20120815-1-V4.2}  [CSTC]
  (15 August 2012 - Version 4.2 on 6 Sept 2012)

'The Sociopaths teach also the CIA, and at Universities,
 "how to think" about Life'
 {HRI Note 20120815-1-A-V1.0}  [CSTC-A]
  (15 August 2012 - Addition, V1.0, on 18 Aug 2012)

''Past-Life Denial' - the Social Evil and Psychopathy of
 inflicting Past-Life Denial'
 {HRI Note 20120813-V2.0}  [PLDPE]
  (13 August 2012 - Version 2.0 on 14 Aug 2012)

'Whose "genius" consists ENTIRELY of VAMPIRED Life Energy from others?'
 {HRI Note 20120812-V2.0-t}  [GLRHV]
  (12 August 2012 - Version 2.0 on same date)

'Unable to Stay Alive Without Life Energy Fluctuation Meter (LEF Meter)'
 {FPP Note 20120810-V1.1}  [UALEM]
  (10 August 2012 - Version 1.1 on 11 Aug 2012)

'What is Hypnosis - What is Perception -
 (and what is the hypnosis in 'Scientology')'
 {HRI Note 20120809-1-V1.0}  [WIHPS]
  (9 August 2012)

'The Vampire Vincent van Gogh - The Emotional and The Scientific Viewpoint'
 {HRI 20120728-V2.1}  [TVVG]
  (28 July 2012 - Version 2.1 on 7 Aug 2012)

'By any means to HIDE the nature of people and of life itself:
 All Sociopaths really SUPPORT the Evil life-work of l. ron hubbard'
 {HRI Note 20120805-V1.1-t}  [HNPLSS]
  (5 Aug 2012 - Version 1.1 on 6 Aug 2012)

'Hiding as 'Skeptics' and 'Atheists,' Sociopaths Destroy Society:
 Richard Dawkins Foundation for DESTROYING Reason and Science -
 "people have no legs"'
 {HRI 20120127-V4.3}  [RDFDS]
  (27 January 2012 - Version 4.3 on 19 Jul 2012)

''Satanology'* hijacks Past Life Regression and Life Energy Meter,
  IN ORDER to enforce Satan's "philosophy" and his 'Billion Year Reich''
  {HRI Note 20120710-V1.2}  [SHPL]
   (10 July 2012 - Version 1.2 on 12 Jul 2012)

'Wikipedia a sewer for Medical Evil, while
 implying "Medical Evil does not exist"'
 {HRI 20120701-I-V1.0-t}  [WSME]
  (1 July 2012)

'Natural Definition of Religious Freedom'
 {HRI 20030407-3-V1.3}
  (7 April 2003 - Issue 3 - Version 1.3 on 8 Dec 2009, re-issued 29 Jun 2012)

'Drugged Hate, Drugged Ugliness and Drugged Unawareness -
 inflicted by Sociopaths - Your refusal to really face Life'
 {HRI draft note 20120425-V4.0}  [MLRH]
  (25 April 2012 - Version 4.0 on 26 Jun 2012)

'How do Sociopaths cause cancer in people's body? - Remedy'
 {HRI Note 20120622-V2.0-t}  [HSCC]
  (22 June 2012 - Version 2.0 on 24 June 2012)

'What is 'Energetic Violence' inflicted by Sociopaths?'
 {HRI 20120606-V4.1-t}, {FPP Note 20120606-V4.1-t}  [WEV]
  (6 June 2012 - Version 4.1 on 20 Jun 2012)

'"The ONLY way to control people ... " - 'Yet Another Scientology Lie'
 that the "critics mafia" does not want to look through'
 {HRI Note 20120611-V3.0-t}  [TOWCP}
 {HRI 20120606-V3.0-t}, {FPP Note 20120606-V3.0-t}  [WEV]
  (11 June 2012 - Version 3.0 on 12 Jun 2012)

'The Source of Celebrities Tom Cruise and John Travolta's Fame -
 the 'Hollywood "Underworld" ' '
 {HRI 20090204-V5.0}
  (4 February 2009 - Version 5.0 on 6 Mar 2009, republished 30 May 2012)

'Famous American Life Energy Vampires - Unsuspected Of Destroying
 Your Emotional Integrity'
 {HRI 20031110-V4.2}  [FALEV]
  (10 November 2003 - Version 4.2 on 22 May 2012)

'Sucking another's Life Energy away "not a Crime in Hollywood,"
 but "the way to success"'
 {HRI note 20120520-V1.1)  [SLENC]
  (20 May 2012 - Version 1.1 on same date)

'(Travolta's) Ugliness: Rape of (some)one's (sexual) Life Energy'
 {HRI note 20120514-V1.2}  [TURLE]
  (14 May 2012 - Version 1.2 on 16 May 2012)

'Earth Condition in a Nutshell: REVERSAL of what is Normal -
 the 'Anti-Normal' DEMANDS'
 {HRI 20071208-V2.3}  [ANTIN]
  (8 December 2007 - Version 2.3 on 11 Apr 2012)

'Сокрытие Секса РАЗРУШАЕТ Любое Общество, Любую Группу, Любую
      Религию, и Любые Личные отношения - Как Восстановить Цивилизацию'
      (Hiding Sex, is RUINING Any Society, Any Group, Any Religion,
      and Any Personal Relationship)
 {HRI 20110626-V1.2-RU-V1.0}
  (26 июня 2011 - Версия 1.2 от 28 июня 2011
   Русский перевод, впервые изданный 30 марта 2012 (как RU-V1.0)) 

'Human Rights Philosopher Knowledge Extends Very, Very Far Above
 Any Person And Institution - the Human Rights Issues And You'
 {HRI 20100728-V3.3}  [HRPK]
  (28 July 2010 - Version 3.3 on 27 Mar 2012)

'Две Части Любой Терапии (вкл. Определение Живого организма)'
      (The Two Parts of Any Therapy)
 {HRI 20110703-V1.1.1-RU-V1.0}
  (3 июля 2011 - Версия 1.1.1 от 4 июля 2011
   Русский перевод, изданный 18 марта 2012 (как RU-V1.0)) 

'Natural Definition Of Insane - Relation To Humor'
 {HRI 20030205-V2.5.1}  [DOI]
  (5 Feb 2003 - Version 2.5 on 8 Jul 2008, V2.5.1 pub. 13 Mar 2012)

'Путин ХОЧЕТ разрушить Россию (и остальную часть мира)'
      ('Putin WANTS to destroy Russia')
 {HRI 20080919-V2.2.1-RU-V1.0}
  (19 сентября 2008 - Версия 2.2.1 от 20 сентября 2008
   Русский перевод, изданный 29 февраля 2012 (как RU-V1.0)) 

'What does l. ron hubbard* or any 'Super Criminal Mind,' HATE most?'
 {HRI Note 20120226-1-V3.0}  [WLRHHM]
  (26 February 2012 - Version 3.0 on 29 Feb 2012)

'Putin WANTS to destroy Russia (and the rest of the world)'
      (Versions 2.2 and earlier, were titled: 'Dangerous Non-Compliance on facing Putin,
         and so endangering us all: Condoleez[z]a, Bush, Sarkozy, Merkel, Berlusconi, etc')
 {HRI 20080919-V2.2.1}  [PWDR]
  (19 September 2008 - Version 2.2.1 on 20 Sept 2008 - issued 23 Feb 2012)

'THE Road to Total Domination: Scientology's Billion Year Reich
 ...shows signs of 'metal fatigue''
      (plus Definition of 'Super Criminal Mind')
 {HRI Note 20120213-V2.3}  [RTDS]
  (13 February 2012 - Version 2.3 of 16 Feb 2012)

'Источником Черной энергии (причиняющей Неосознанность)
 является непосредственно Л. Рон Хаббард'
      ('Source of Black Energy (of inflicted Unawareness)')
 {FPP Примечание 20111031-V3.2-RU-V1.0}  [SOBE]
  (31 октября 2011 - Версия 3.2 от 2 ноября 2011
   Русский перевод, изданный 6 февраля 2012 (как RU-V1.0)) 

'How with a Meter to Detect 'Satan's Soul,' and any Criminal Minds
  - 'How To' for the Common Man'
 {HRI 20120109-V1.3-t}  [MDSS]
  (9 January 2012 - Version 1.3 on 18 Jan 2012)

'Can a person heal his own body?  How Flat Is The Earth (nowadays)...'
 {HRI note 20120105}  [HOB]
  (5 January 2012)

'Zero Tolerance Towards Medical Doctors - Part 01'
 {HRI 20060305-V2.7-q1-V1.1}  [ZTTMD-01]
  (5 March 2006, Issued 7 Dec 2007 - part q1-V1.1 on 29 Dec 2011
   (edited, quoted part from Version 2.7 of 2 Nov 2010))

'How do Criminal Minds get in charge of the masses, of science, and of religion?'
 {HRI 20111117-V3.4-t}  [HDCM]
  (17 November 2011 - Version 3.4 on 13 Dec 2011)

'FALSE 'Past Lives' and NO 'Past Lives' - Vitality from Studying History'
     ('Was Darwin a monkey, in his past life?')
 {HRI 20110909-V2.0-P1-V3.0-t}  [FPL]
  (9 September 2011 - Part 1 Version 3.0 on 22 Nov 2011)

'Who Hides Evil Best ...the Materialists, or the New Age followers?
 - Unhappiness CREATED by Hiding Evil'
 {HRI 20110814-V1.0-P1-V1.0-t}  [WHEB-01]
  (14 August 2011 - Part 1 Version 1.0 on 3 Nov 2011)

'Source of Black Energy (of inflicted Unawareness), is l. ron hubbard
 (Satan) himself'
 {FPP Note 20111031-V3.2-t}  [SOBE]
  (31 October 2011 - Version 3.2 on 2 Nov 2011)

'Medical Doctors: The Sickening Force Undermining World Health, The Economy,
 and also Undermining the United Nations Organizations'
     (incl. first-ever definitions of 'Living Organism' (such as your body),
      of 'Molecule Medicine,' and real-life definitions of 'By-pass surgery,' and of 'Narcosis')
 {HRI 20100304-V6.1-SL-V4.3.2}
  (4 March 2010 - Version SL-V4.3.2 on 18 Oct 2011)

'Too Far ABOVE The Journalists - People ARE not "Anti-American" (Part Ten)'
 (Part 10. of the 'Introduction to Journalism Course' {IJC} )
 {HRI 20070106-V3.0-pi10-V3.0-C-V1.0.1}
     ('The PRETENDED Care "game" on Earth')
  (6 January 2007 - Version pi10-V3.0 on 26 Sept 2007 -
Version 3.0-C-V1.0.1 on 11 Sep 2011

'The First Law Of Economics  (FLE)'
 {HRI-20031201-V3.7.3.1}  (the HRI was first issued on 18 July 2008)
  (1 December 2003 - Version on 2 May 2009, published 8 Sep 2011)

'Natural Definition of Justice - Restoring Happiness Factor'
 {HRI 20070817-V2.2} [DOJ]
  (17 August 2007 - Version 2.2 on 30 Aug 2011)

'The natural First International Law (FIL), in very short form'
 {HRI 20091004-V1.2}
  (4 October 2009 - Version 1.2 on 24 Aug 2011)

'Innovation: Perception Aid, also for the Blind to Photons'
 {FPP 20110422-V4.0}  (IPA)
  (22 April 2011 - Version 4.0 on 8 July 2011)

'The Two Parts Of Any Therapy (incl. Definition of Living Body)'
 {HRI 20110703-V1.1.1}  (TPAT)
  (3 July 2011 - Version 1.1.1 on 4 July 2011)

'Unawareness, you know what that is? (Fine Particle Physics)'
 {FPP note 20110624-V1.0.2}  (UFPP)
  (24 June 2011 - Version 1.0.2 also on 24 June 2011)

'Music - The JOY of Creating Loving Beauty: Karen Carpenter -
 and Educating Angels to Live on Earth'
 {HRI 20110608-V1.0}  (JCLB)
  (8 June 2011 - Version 1.0 on 14 June 2011)

Stills from the movie 'Love on the Bridges of Holland' by Koos Nolst Trenite (working title, in production)

'(on Energy Vampirism) The Hollywood poem, and Jay Leno NOT EXEMPT from
 Human Rights Order on 'Scientology' icon - (Travolta, plus trivia on
 Kirstie Alley's sexuality)'
 {HRI note 20110525-V2.3.1}  (HPJL)
  (25 May 2011 - Version 2.3.1 on 4 June 2011)

'Natural Definition of God - the poem of poems - Monotheism,
 and Examining Heaven and Hell'
 {HRI 20080406-V5.0}  (NDG)
  (6 April 2008 - Version 5.0 on 17 May 2011)

Stills from the movie 'Love on the Bridges of Holland' by Koos Nolst Trenite (working title, in production)

'Is the Koran (Qur'an) 'halal' (pure)? - Criminal Acts on Muslims
 - WE end the Muslim war - (True Science examines Religion)'
 {HRI 20101014-V2.6}
  (14 October 2010 - Version 2.6 on 8 Apr 2011)

'Too Far ABOVE The Journalists - People ARE not "Anti-American"'
 (Part 21-g. of the 'Introduction to Journalism Course' {IJC} )
 {HRI 20070106-V3.0-pi21-V5.4.1-C-g}
     ('The Sociopath Putin threatens with Mass Destruction - and
       Journalists ENJOYING to be made Insane by "important strongman" Putin')
  (6 January 2007 - Version V5.4.1 on 7 June 2008 - V5.4.1-C-g on 28 Mar 2011)

'Too Far ABOVE The Journalists - People ARE not "Anti-American"'
 (Part 21-f. of the 'Introduction to Journalism Course' {IJC} )
 {HRI 20070106-V3.0-pi21-V5.4.1-C-f}
     ('False "Government" Systems - Putin and Hu Jintao ENJOY to dominate,
       or else to destroy people')
  (6 January 2007 - Version V5.4.1 on 7 June 2008 - V5.4.1-C-f on 25 Mar 2011)

'Too Far ABOVE The Journalists - People ARE not "Anti-American"'
 (Part 21-e. of the 'Introduction to Journalism Course' {IJC} )
 {HRI 20070106-V3.0-pi21-V5.4.1-C-e}
     ('False "Government" Systems - Putin's and Hu Jintao's Bipolar World,
       Their Road to Global War')
  (6 January 2007 - Version V5.4.1 on 7 June 2008 - V5.4.1-C-e on 23 Mar 2011)

Stills from the movie 'Love on the Bridges of Holland' by Koos Nolst Trenite (working title, in production)

'The First International Law'
 {HRI 20021124-V2.0.3}  (FIL)
  (24 November 2002 - Version 2.0.3 on 21 Mar 2011)

'Clean, Zero-Fuel Energy of the future - which you are far
 TOO Stupid and far TOO Insane to demand (Searl etc.)'
 {HRI quote 20081213-V2.3-q1-V2.0}  (CZFE)
  (13 December 2008 - Version 2.3-q1-V2.0 on 20 March 2011)

'Too Far ABOVE The Journalists - People ARE not "Anti-American"'
 (Part 21-d. of the 'Introduction to Journalism Course' {IJC} )
 {HRI 20070106-V3.0-pi21-V5.4.1-C-d}
     ('False "Government" Systems - Preventing access to Truth.
       Plus 'Definition of Privacy'')
  (6 January 2007 - Version V5.4.1 on 7 June 2008 - V5.4.1-C-d on 17 Mar 2011)

'"Science Sucks!" - On 'Feeling Tired,' On 'Having a Headache''
 {FPP 20110304-II-V3.1}
  (4 March 2011, IInd Issue - Version 3.2 on 14 Mar 2011)

'Too Far ABOVE The Journalists - People ARE not "Anti-American"'
 (Part 21-c. of the 'Introduction to Journalism Course' {IJC} )
 {HRI 20070106-V3.0-pi21-V5.4.1-C-c}
     ('False "Government" Systems - REVERSING the necessity to block
       Criminal Minds from communicating to you')
  (6 January 2007 - Version V5.4.1 on 7 June 2008 - V5.4.1-C-c on 1 Mar 2011)

Stills from the movie 'Love on the Bridges of Holland' by Koos Nolst Trenite (working title, in production)

''Loving Gratitude' - Flashes of Loving Gratitude in the Snow -
 (plus a Philosophy of Science)'
 {HRI note 20110223-II-V2.1}
  (23 February 2011, IInd Issue - Version 2.1 on 26 Feb 2011)

'Truth is absolute - and indeed Criminal Minds have everything IN REVERSE!
 (plus examples)'
 {HRI 20110223-V3.0}
  (23 February 2011 - Version 3.0 on 28 Feb 2011)

''Neuroscience,' a "science" BY "well-adjusted" Sociopaths,
 FOR Sociopaths appease their VICTIMS (you, that is)'
 {HRI 20110110-V3.1} {FPP 20110110-V3.1}
  (10 January 2011 - Version 3.1 on 18 Feb 2011)

'Too Far ABOVE The Journalists - People ARE not "Anti-American"'
 (Part 21-b. of the 'Introduction to Journalism Course' {IJC} )
 {HRI 20070106-V3.0-pi21-V5.4.1-C-b}
     ('False "Government" Systems - Dominate All Exchange, and
       Block Access to Truth')
  (6 January 2007 - Version V5.4.1 on 7 June 2008 - V5.4.1-C-b on 16 Feb 2011)

'Their Contract with Satan, or 'Scientology' "Sea Org" Contract,
 Canceled by Human Rights Order  (CS-SSOC-C)'
 {HRO 20110211-V2.1}
  (11 February 2011 - Version 2.1 on 15 Feb 2011)

Stills from the movie 'Love on the Bridges of Holland' by Koos Nolst Trenite (working title, in production)

'Too Far ABOVE The Journalists - People ARE not "Anti-American"'
 (Part 21-a. of the 'Introduction to Journalism Course' {IJC} )
 {HRI 20070106-V3.0-pi21-V5.4.1-C-a}
     ('False "Government" Systems, Putin's and Hu Jintao's Bipolar World,
       Their Road to Global War')
  (6 January 2007 - Version V5.4.1 on 7 June 2008 - V5.4.1-C-a on 14 Feb 2011)

 (DEMOCRACY: (Those who want) Dictatorships HAVE NO VOTE)
 {HRI 20101130-V1.1-RU-V1.0}
  (30 ноября 2010 - Версия 1.1 от 30 ноя 2010, RU-V1.0 от 12 Фев 2011)

'On sociopaths who want to feel themselves and each other as
 "fighting for truth and freedom"'
 (Final FAQ about alt.religion.scientology)
 {HRI 20100402-V2.0} (SFTF)
  (2 April 2010 - Version 2.0 on 7 Jan 2011)

'Nefertiti, and "Science" DIVERTING from WHO inflicted suffering
 or other disabilities on you - incl. anecdotes'
 {HRI 20110128-V3.0}
  (28 January 2011 - Version 3.0 on 7 Feb 2011)

'Too Far ABOVE The Journalists - People ARE not "Anti-American" (Part Twenty)'
 (Part 20. of the 'Introduction to Journalism Course' {IJC} )
 {HRI 20070106-V3.0-pi20-V1.1-C}
     ('"The West" as "The Enemy" of 'Vladolf' Putin')
  (6 January 2007 - Version pi20-V1.1 on 25 Oct 2007 - V1.1-C on 4 Feb 2011)

Stills from the movie 'Love on the Bridges of Holland' by Koos Nolst Trenite (working title, in production)

'Too Far ABOVE The Journalists - People ARE not "Anti-American" (Part Nineteen)'
 (Part 19. of the 'Introduction to Journalism Course' {IJC} )
 {HRI 20070106-V3.0-pi19-V4.2.1-C}
     ('Refusal to understand Evil people,' 'Putin's JOY OF BEING EVIL')
  (6 January 2007 - Version pi19-V4.2.1 on 24 Oct 2007 - Version 4.2.1-C on 3 Feb 2011)

'Too Far ABOVE The Journalists - People ARE not "Anti-American" (Part Eighteen)'
 (Part 18. of the 'Introduction to Journalism Course' {IJC} )
 {HRI 20070106-V3.0-pi18-V2.1-C}
     ('Found a Sane Journalist,' and 'Muqtada al-Sadr is Anti-Life,
        Anti-People, Anti-Allah, and Anti-Iraq')
  (6 January 2007 - Version pi18-V2.1 on 3 Oct 2007 - Version 2.1-C on 2 Feb 2011)

'Too Far ABOVE The Journalists - People ARE not "Anti-American" (Part Seventeen)'
 (Part 17. of the 'Introduction to Journalism Course' {IJC} )
 {HRI 20070106-V3.0-pi17-V1.2-C}
     ('No Evil Customs To Be Tolerated as Import From Primitive Islamic Societies')
  (6 January 2007 - Version pi17-1.2 on 12 Oct 2007 - Version 1.2-C on 1 Feb 2011)

'Too Far ABOVE The Journalists - People ARE not "Anti-American" (Part Sixteen)'
 (Part 16. of the 'Introduction to Journalism Course' {IJC} )
 {HRI 20070106-V3.0-pi16-V3.1-C}
     ('Tracing Back Domination, Finds the Criminal Minds')
  (6 January 2007 - Version pi16-V3.1 on 10 Oct 2007 - Version 3.1-C on 31 Jan 2011)

'Too Far ABOVE The Journalists - People ARE not "Anti-American" (Part Fifteen)'
 (Part 15. of the 'Introduction to Journalism Course' {IJC} )
 {HRI 20070106-V3.0-pi15-V2.2-C1}
     ('Criminals Dominating Decent People "Brings Stability and Prosperity"')
  (6 January 2007 - Version pi15-V2.2 on 8 Oct 2007 - Version 2.2-C1 1 Feb 2011)

Stills from the movie 'Love on the Bridges of Holland' by Koos Nolst Trenite (working title, in production)

'Too Far ABOVE The Journalists - People ARE not "Anti-American" (Part Fourteen)'
 (Part 14. of the 'Introduction to Journalism Course' {IJC} )
 {HRI 20070106-V3.0-pi14-V1.1-C}
     ('The Global Fight')
  (6 January 2007 - Version pi14-V1.1 on 4 Oct 2007 - Version 1.1-C on 27 Jan 2011)

'Too Far ABOVE The Journalists - People ARE not "Anti-American" (Part Thirteen)'
 (Part 13. of the 'Introduction to Journalism Course' {IJC} )
 {HRI 20070106-V3.0-pi13-V1.1-C2}
     ('"AGREE to (be) dominate(d) and deceive(d)," as a Criminal's society')
  (6 January 2007 - Version pi13-V1.1 on 3 Oct 2007 - Version 1.1-C2 on 27 Jan 2011)

''Neuroscience,' een kwaadaardige 'Nazi' "wetenschap," die
 je leven en de samenleving (weer) vernietigt'
 {HRI 20110110-V2.1-A-NL-V1.0} {FPP 20110110-V2.1-A-NL-V1.0}
  (10 January 2011 - Addition NL V1.0 on 26 Jan 2011)

'Too Far ABOVE The Journalists - People ARE not "Anti-American" (Part Twelve)'
 (Part 12. of the 'Introduction to Journalism Course' {IJC} )
 {HRI 20070106-V3.0-pi12-V1.3.1-C}
     ('Being able to defend yourself, "is a threat" to Criminal Minds')
  (6 January 2007 - Version pi12-V1.3.1 on 2 Oct 2007 - Version 1.3.1-C on 25 Jan 2011)

'Too Far ABOVE The Journalists - People ARE not "Anti-American" (Part Eleven)'
 (Part 11. of the 'Introduction to Journalism Course' {IJC} )
 {HRI 20070106-V3.0-pi11-V1.1-C}
     ('The "You want nothing to do with politics" infliction')
  (6 January 2007 - Version pi11-V1.1 on 27 Sept 2007 - Version 1.1-C on 24 Jan 2011)

Stills from the movie 'Love on the Bridges of Holland' by Koos Nolst Trenite (working title, in production)

'Too Far ABOVE The Journalists - People ARE not "Anti-American" (Part Nine)'
 (Part 9. of the 'Introduction to Journalism Course' {IJC} )
 {HRI 20070106-V3.0-pi9-V2.1-C}
     ('Consult your CARE ABOUT PEOPLE')
  (6 January 2007 - Version pi9-V1.1 on 21 Sept 2007 - Version 1.1-C on 20 Jan 2011)

'Too Far ABOVE The Journalists - People ARE not "Anti-American" (Part Eight)'
 (Part 8. of the 'Introduction to Journalism Course' {IJC} )
 {HRI 20070106-V3.0-pi8-V2.1-C}
     ('"Do NOT make Evil understood, or even sensed!"')
  (6 January 2007 - Version pi8-V2.1 on 19 Sept 2007 - Version 2.1-C on 19 Jan 2011)

'Too Far ABOVE The Journalists - People ARE not "Anti-American" (Part Seven)'
 (Part 7. of the 'Introduction to Journalism Course' {IJC} )
 {HRI 20070106-V3.0-pi7-V1.2.1-C}
     ('The Solution is, to educate people about Criminal Minds')
  (6 January 2007 - Version pi7-V1.2.1 on 17 Sept 2007 - Version 1.2.1-C on 18 Jan 2011)

'Jouw Liefde Voor Mij, Is Uniek Voor En Met Mij - (Addition to:
 'Your Love For Me is uniquely respecting me ... ')'
 {HRI 20081003-V1.3-A-NL-V1.0}
  (3 Oct 2008 - Addition NL on 12 Jan 2011)

Stills from the movie 'Love on the Bridges of Holland' by Koos Nolst Trenite (working title, in production)

'ДЕМОКРАТИЯ: Сохранение в секрете Жизненно важных
 Правительственных Данных РАЗРУШАЕТ ДЕМОКРАТИЮ, и является
 серьезным Уголовным преступлением против общества'
 (Keeping Vital Government Data SECRET, DESTROYS DEMOCRACY)
 {HRI 20101205-V1.2-RU-V1.0.1}
  (5 декабря 2010 - Версия 1.2 от 6 дек 2010,
 RU-V1.0.1 от 8 янв 2011)

'Cause and Mechanism of Sleep - (Fine Particle Physics)
 (incl. Definition of Intelligence and Stupidity)'
 {FPP 20100404-I-V1.4}  (CMS)
  (4 April 2010 - Version 1.4 on 5 Jan 2011)

'Vampirism by sociopaths, on your body's Life Energies - facing Vampirism
 made easier by LEF meter use (Life Energy Fluctuation electronic measurement)'
 {FPP 20110101-V1.2}
  (1 January 2011 - Version 1.2 on 3 Jan 2011)

'PEACE not in Heaven, but ON EARTH: (with many correct, extensive
 definitions) Please look at the Extreme, "Impenetrable"
 - Blinding, Hypnotizing and Vampiring - Ugliness Energies of
 Satan (current alias: l. ron hubbard, of 'Scientology' infamy)'
 {HRI 20101224-V2.0}, {FPP 20101224-V2.0}
  (24 December 2010 - Version 2.0 on 25 Dec 2010)

'The Exhilarating JOY of NOT facing Intense Evil ("well-adjusted" sociopaths,
 like dictators, and demons - deceased sociopaths - like l. ron hubbard)'
 {HRI 20101118-II-V3.1}
  (18 November 2010, Issue II - Version 3.1 on 15 Dec 2010)

Stills from the movie 'Love on the Bridges of Holland' by Koos Nolst Trenite (working title, in production)

'Опьяняющая (но Злонамеренная) РАДОСТЬ, НЕ смотрения в лицо
 Интенсивному Злу (социопатам, подобно диктаторам и демонам
 - умершим социопатам - как l. Рон Хаббард'
 (The Exhilarating (but Evil) JOY, of NOT facing Intense Evil)
 {HRI 20101118-II-V2.2.1-RU-V1.0}
  (18 ноября 2010 - Версия 2.2.1 от 25 ноября 2010
   - RU-V1.0 от 13 декабря 2010)

'Ломка "культуры" безразличия о Социопатах - об их Ненависти
 к Жизни и их Презрении к Людям (вкл. Определение Гипноза)'
 ('Breaking the Apathy-"culture" about Sociopaths
 - incl. Definition of Hypnotism')
 {HRI 20100828-V4.2-RU-V1.0}
  (4 March 2010 - Version 4.2 on 14 Oct 2010
   - RU-V1.0 on 6 Dec 2010)

 and is a seriously Criminal Offense against the society'
 {HRI 20101205-V1.2}
  (5 December 2010 - Version 1.2 on 6 Dec 2010)

'Islam Will Be Abolished In The Process Of Civilizing Earth'
 {HRI 20100812-V1.2.2}
  (12 August 2010 - Version 1.2.2 on 4 Dec 2010)

'DEMOCRACY: (Those who want) Dictatorships HAVE NO VOTE'
 {HRI 20101130-V1.1}
  (30 November 2010 - Version 1.1 on 1 Dec 2010)

Stills from the movie 'Love on the Bridges of Holland' by Koos Nolst Trenite (working title, in production)

'Others' REFUSAL to face Hu Jintao, the sociopath "leader"
 of China, who is DICTATING North Korea, SUPPORTING its
 propaganda, its abuse of the people, and its acts of war'
 {HRI note 20101126}
  (26 November 2010)

'Kenmerkend Symptoom van Sociopatie: Muggenzifterij'
- Kinderen Beschermen Tegen Sociopaten - "De Maan Bestaat Niet"'
 (Significant symptom of sociopathy is pettiness;
 protecting children from sociopaths) 
 {HRI 20101114-II-NL-V1.1}
 (14 November 2010 - Version 1.1 on 19 Nov 2010)

'De "Evolutie" van de Scheppende Kracht: 'Sub-lexia,' 'Autismopatie'
 en andere beklemmende Oogkleppen bij "Wetenschappers"'
(Scientific Blindness leads to doctrine of "Evolution")
 {HRI note 20101114-I-NL}
 (14 November 2010)

'Sociopath "Prophet" imposes Death Penalty, on anyone
 who exposes, that HE IS a Sociopath'
 {HRI Quotes 20101104-V1.1}
 (4 November 2010 - Version 1.1 on 10 Nov 2010)

Stills from the movie 'Love on the Bridges of Holland' by Koos Nolst Trenite (working title, in production)

'NOT to know about Mind Control inflicted, DOES greatly affect
 Health and Sanity and Science, on Earth'
 {HRI 20101106-V2.1.1} {FPP 20101106-V2.1.1}
  (6 November 2010 - Version 2.1.1 on 10 Nov 2010)

'Abundant evidence, that Hu Jintao is a malicious creature'
 (not "China," but China's Hu Jintao is a sociopath and is
  following China's sociopaths Jiang Zemin and Mao)
  (5 October 2010, Issue I - Version 1.4 on 7 Nov 2010)

'What 'Zero Tolerance' actually is: Intending others to be decent
 to each other - in Three Anecdotes about Koos Nolst Trenite  (ZTA)'
 {HRI 20060305-V2.7}
  (5 March 2006, Issued 7 Dec 2007 - Version 2.7 on 2 Nov 2010)

'Real-Life Definition of "Clear" (Scientology): 'Happy ABOUT being
 Spiritually Blinded and Overwhelmed by l. ron hubbard (a.k.a. Satan)' '
 {HRI 20101020-V2.2}
  (20 October 2010 - Version 2.2 on 26 Oct 2010) 

'Резюме статьи 'Медицинские Доктора: Вызывающая отвращение Сила,
      Подрывающая Здоровье Мира, и также Подрывающая Организацию Объединенных Наций'
      (Long Summary of 'Medical Doctors: ... ')
 {HRI 20100304-V6.1-SL-V3.1-RU-V1.0}
  (4 March 2010  - Version 6.1 on 7 Apr 2010
   - Summary V3.1 on 5 Jul 2010 - RU-V1.0 on 17 Oct 2010) 

Stills from the movie 'Love on the Bridges of Holland' by Koos Nolst Trenite (working title, in production)

'Breaking the Apathy-"culture" about Sociopaths (incl. Definition of Hypnotism)
 - about their Hate for Life, and their Contempt for People'
 {HRI 20100828-V4.2}
  (28 August 2010 - Version 4.2 on 14 Oct 2010)

'Bach Cantatas: Very 'un-Bach' text with very anti-Life, period "Christian"
 doctrine, to be REPLACED by actual poets, or performed using non-text voice'
  (12 October 2010 - Version 1.0.1 on 12 Oct 2010)

'Definition of Peace: OPPOSED by Beatle John Lennon - 'Imagine'
 a Criminal Mind (stimulated by Yoko Ono)'
 {HRI 20091102-V2.2-t}
  (2 November 2009 - Version 2.2 on 9 Oct 2010)

'Satan (l. ron hubbard): "Life is a Game of Overwhelming others"  (LGOO)'
 (Criminal Minds feel, that people "are objects" they need to manipulate,
  in order to get Life Energy from them)
 {HRI 20101005-IV-V3.0}
  (5 October 2010, Issue IV - Version 3.0 on 7 Oct 2010)

'A Simple Definition of Criminal Mind  (SDCM)'
 {HRI 20100928-V2.2}
  (28 September 2010 - Version 2.2 on 3 Oct 2010)

Stills from the movie 'Love on the Bridges of Holland' by Koos Nolst Trenite (working title, in production)

'Definition of Perception and Feeling Increase  (DPFI)'
 {HRI 20091203-V4.2.1} {FPP 20091203-V4.2.1}
  (3 December 2009 - Version 4.2.1 on 28 Sep 2010)

(layout of the list has been edited up to here, in Version 20111231-0)

'Honest Dutch culture versus Islam: Saint Nicholas (Sinterklaas)
 versus "prophet" Mohammed (Mahommad)'
 {HRI note 20100919-V1.1}
  (19 September 2010 - Version 1.1 on 19 Sept 2010)

'Why look at the Mystic Mass Murderer: 'Nazi' "great" Heinrich Himmler'
 {HRI 20100914-V1.0}
  (14 September 2010)

'Saving nine-tenth of National Health Care Budget,
 and 99 percent of Health Care Research Budgets'
 {HRI 20100913}
  (13 September 2010)

'Islam: "Kill any American because they burn the Quran" - Islam will be abolished in the process of Civilizing Earth' {HRI note 20100909-V1.1} (9 September 2010 - Version 1.1 on 11 Sept 2010)

''Sum Corpus' Syndrome - The Highly Destructive and Fiercely Contagious Mental Illness, of Forcing Others to Believe, that "They Are a Body Only"' {HRI note 20100905-V1.1} (5 September 2010 - Version 1.1 on 8 Sept 2010)

'Удивительно: Сайентологи, фактически ЗАМЕНЯЮЩИЕ
 Иисуса Христа Сатаной
 (вкл. определение Иисуса Христа, определение Сатаны)'
 (Amazing: 'Scientologists' actually
 REPLACING Jesus Christ with Satan (Source of Evil))
 {HRI 20100106-II-V6.1-RU-V1.0}
  (6 January 2010 - Version 6.1 on 30 Jun 2010
 - RU-V1.0 published on 20 Aug 2010)
'Amazing: 'Scientologists' actually REPLACING
 Jesus Christ with Satan (Source of Evil)  (ASRJS)'
 (incl. Definition of Jesus Christ, Definition
 of Satan, and 'Fuzzytheism')
 {HRI 20100106-II-V6.1}
  (6 January 2010 - Version 6.1 on 30 Jun 2010)
'Short Summary of: 'Amazing: 'Scientologists' actually
 REPLACING Jesus Christ with Satan (Source of Evil)  (ASRJS)'
 (incl. Definition of Jesus Christ, Definition
 of Satan, and 'Fuzzytheism')
 {HRI 20100106-II-V6.1 Short Summary}
  (6 January 2010 - Version 6.1 on 30 Jun 2010)

'Proof: The Holy Quran (Koran) in all its lines, is Blasphemy only
 - Islam KNOWS NOTHING about life, and ALL its claims are FALSE'
 (incl. definition of Blasphemy)
 {HRI 20100718-V1.3}
  (18 July 2010 - Version 1.3 on 11 Aug 2010)

'The Spiritual 'Underworld:' l. ron hubbard a thousand times more Evil,
 than (his hand-picked director of 'Scientology') David Miscavige'
 {HRI note 20100729-I-V2.0}
  (29 July 2010 - Version 2.0 on 4 Aug 2010)

'Fine Particle Physics of Bruce Lee's coma and untimely death -
 (Martial Arts Icon Bruce Lee in coma - was possibly murdered
 "at a distance" by the demon l. ron hubbard)'
 {HRI 20100711-V1.1-A1-V2}
  (18 July 2010 - Version 2 on 20 Jul 2010)

'Christians can not face Islam - Geert Wilders'
 {note 20100716}
  (16 July 2010)

'Sinds mensenheugenis de gesel van de volksgezondheid:
 AMS* - De zwaarste medische kwaal -
 En wie geneest de geneesheer ervan?'
  {HRI 20100304-V6.1-SL-V3.1-A1-NL-V1.0}
  (15 July 2010)

'Definition of Satan (Shaitan, etc.): Mutilator of Life Energies,
 and of Souls (people) into ENJOYING to inflict Evil
 - premature death of Bruce Lee and of Mozart'
 {HRI 20100711-V1.1}
  (11 July 2010 - Version 1.1 on 12 Jul 2010)

'First Correct Human Rights Declaration - ARTICLE TWO and Preamble'
 {HRD-02 20100102-V1.4}
  (2 January 2010 - Version 1.5 on 8 Jul 2010)
'Первая Правильная Декларация Прав человека: ПАРАГРАФ ВТОРОЙ и Введение
 (Human Rights Declaration - ARTICLE TWO)'
 {HRD-02 20100102-V1.3-ru-V1.0}
  (2 January 2010 - Version 1.3 on 6 Jan 2010 - ru-V1.0 on 10 Jan 2010)

'The fiercest purpose on Earth: To put and keep Criminal Minds
 in charge of people and hide their nature and activities'
     (Example: The Lesson of the Islamic Ship of Fools to Gaza,
      June 2010, and your Inconceivable Stupidity about it, and
      Islam being based on - and its prophet suffering from - LACK
      of Civilization and LACK of Culture)
 {HRI 20100604-V3.2}
  (4 June 2010 - Version 3.2 on 7 Jun 2010)

'First International Law on Islamic countries -
 Fatwa (Islamic Decision) on some known Islamic demons:'
      Saddam Hussein, Khomeini, Yasser Arafat, Khamenei, Bashar al-Assad,
      Ahmadinejad, Muqtada al-Sadr, Manouchehr Mottaki, Nasrallah, Haniyeh,
      Meshaal, Kadafi (Qadaffi), Omar al-Bashir, Mahathir Mohamad, Erdogan
 {HRI 20070223-V3.2.3}
  (23 February 2007 - Version 3.2.3 on 2 Jun 2010)

'Определение Мира (Definition of Peace)  (DOP-RU)'
 {HRI 20070520-V3.7.2-RU}
  (20 May 2007 - Version 3.7.2 on 26 May 2009)

'Medical Doctors: The Sickening Force Undermining World Health
 and also Undermining the United Nations Organizations'
 (incl. Real Life Definition of 'By-pass Operation,' and of 'Narcosis')
 {HRI 20100304-V6.1}
  (4 March 2010 - Version 6.1 on 7 Apr 2010)

'Russia's Putin, a serial killer by nature - How to handle severely
 Criminal Heads of State - (Serving lobster 'Polonium' to Putin?)'
 {HRI 20070629-II-V3.1}
  (29 June 2007 - Version 3.1 on 31 Mar 2010)

'Tear down the portrait of Mao Zedong, the Source of China's Evil!'
 {HRI 20090223-V2.2} (published on 25 Mar 2010)
  (23 February 2009 - Version 2.2 on 27 Mar 2010)

''To sleep or not to sleep' - Parenting Elvis Presley - The INTENSE medical
 Evil of the 'sleep industry' - Your VIOLENT, Destructive Insanity'
 {HRI note 20100222-V2.0.2}{FPP note 20100222-V2.0.2}
  (22 February 2010 - Version 2.0.2 on 24 Feb 2010)

'The lie: "A Bodhisattva does not judge others" - more on Buddhism:
 'Ego,' 'Emptiness' 'Cycle of Action''
 {HRI draft note 20100219-II-V1.0}
  (19 February 2010)

'Restoring Vital Perception: Proper use of Life Energy Fluctuation
 Meter (Vital Perception Aid) - intensely hated by Criminal Minds'
 {HRI 20100209-V4.2} {FPP 20100209-V4.2}
  (9 February 2010 - Version 4.2 on 17 Feb 2010)

'Medische humor: Een "hypo-kreet" slaken, en "ziek melken" leren,
 het 'denkplafond' van de "Lunaversiteit"
 - (Onze Geliefde Gezondheidsindustrie)'
 {note 20100203-V1.1-NL}
  (3 February 2010 - Version 1.1 on 4 Feb 2010)

'Justice for Scientology 'Dirty Tricks' ex-Head (Mike Rinder)'
 {HRI 20100528-V2.1}
  (28 May 2010 - Version 2.1 on 2 Jun 2010)
'The Social 'Mark Bunker' Psychosis: 'When the Bad join the Ugly,
 to PRETEND "to fight Evil" and "to be 'free speech advocates'"'
 {HRI draft note 20100219-V1.0}
  (19 February 2010)
'Advice to murderous sociopaths
 ("How is your jugular, 'henri'?")'
 {note 20100201}
  (3 February 2010)
'Murderous sociopaths described (How "henri" behaves like a
 'Scientologist' or as a Hubbard-clone: "Always attack, never
 defend" - which is logical, for sociopaths)'
 {note 20100201}
  (1 February 2010)
'The accessories to - , the aids to - , and the originators
 of this crime,* remain silent...'
 addition to {HRI note 20100201-V2.0}
  (1 February 2010 - Version 2.0 on 5 Feb 2010)
'Sociopaths trying to incite sociopaths to justify, and to
 again commit murder on Koos Nolst Trenite'
 {HRI note 20100201-V1.0}
  (1 February 2010)

''Trapped by Allah:' The Muslim True Believers'
 {HRI 20100121-V1.2.1}
  (21 January 2010 - Version 1.2.1 on 27 Jan 2010)

'"Defense against Criminal Minds, is making these attack" - Stalin'
 {HRI 20100111-V3.0}
  (11 January 2010 - Version 3.0 on 13 Jan 2010)
'"Защита против Преступных Умов заставляет их напасть" - Сталин
 ("Defense against Criminal Minds, is making these attack" - Stalin)'
 {HRI 20100111-V3.0-ru-V1.0}
  (11 January 2010 - Version 3.0 on 13 Jan 2010)

'First Correct Human Rights Declaration - ARTICLE ONE and Preamble'
 {HRD-01 20091223-V1.1}
  (23 December 2009 - Version 1.1 on 25 Dec 2009)
'Первая Правильная Декларация Прав человека: ПАРАГРАФ ПЕРВЫЙ и Введение
 (Human Rights Declaration - ARTICLE ONE)'
 {HRD-01 20091223-V1.1-ru-V1.0}
  (23 December 2009 - Version 1.1 on 25 Dec 2009 - ru-V1.0 on 31 Dec 2009)!topic/alt.russian.z1/VpRmfaamHOI

'Заказ Прав человека относительно Сатаны, последнего воплощения Рона Л. Хаббарда
 (вкл. Определение 'Кармы,' 'Правды,' и 'Наказания')'
 {HRO 20081017-V2.5-RU-V1.0}
  (17 October 2008 - Version 2.5 on 22 Dec 2009, RU-V1.0 on 4 Jan 2010)

In the English original:
'Human Rights Order on Satan, last incarnation being l. ron hubbard
 (incl. Definitions of 'Karma,' of 'Truth,' and of 'Punishment')'
 {HRO 20081017-V2.5}
 (latest English Version, however, is V3.2 or above)
 (see the newest version, further above)
  (17 October 2008 - Version 2.5 on 22 Dec 2009)

'Kidnapped Health Expert Greg Caton - Demands His Anti-Cancer Salve
 Recipe "Cansema" for You to Download, and Prepare it Copyright Free'
 {HRI note 20091220-V1.0.1}
  (20 December 2009)

'Ending their Hate: my Ex-wives, Ex-friends, and Ex-family'
 {HRI 20091211-V2.2} {FPP 20091211-V2.2}
  (11 December 2009 - Version 2.2 on 14 Dec 2009)

'Also in Physics and Astronomy, Criminal Minds WILL NOT STOP WHEN their
 fake intentions, false theories and autistic "research," are EXPOSED'
 {HRI note 20091209}
  (9 December 2009)

''Law of the Conservation of Stupidity' in modern nuclear physics'
 {FPP comment 20091206) -  now included in {HRI note 20091209}
  (6 December 2009)

'Elaboration and Proof, on the Royal Society's famous sociopath,
 Stephen Hawking with his ENTIRELY FALSE "Physics" and "Astronomy"'
 {FPP Note 20091204-II-V1.0.1-A}
  (4 December 2009 - Addition V1.0.1-A on 6 Dec 2009)

'Does anyone (still) believe the British Royal Society's
 most famous sociopath, Stephen Hawking? (his Insane "physics")'
 {FPP Note 20091204-II-V1.0.1}
  (4 December 2009 - Version 1.0.1 on 5 Dec 2009)

'Definitions of 'Aikido' and 'Karate' ...with Life Energy "enabled"'
 {HRI note 20091204}
   (4 December 2009)

'Love Is Free For All Muslims Here, Now - Islam IS AGAINST Human Rights
 and Islam advances Dictators and Domination'
 {HRI 20091201-V1.1}
  (1 December 2009 - Version 1.1 also on 1 Dec 2009)

'Chemical Concept Of "Life" - The 'Big Bang' In Your 'Primordial Soup''
 {HRI note 20091115-I-V3.2.2-u_all}
  (15 November 2009 - Version 3.2.2-u_all on 30 Nov 2009)

[on censorship by Google of posts soon after posting]
'The FCC, and Google's war against GOOD, and the vile
 abominations and demonic cowards posting at
 {Note 20091128}
  (28 November 2009)

'Courage and Care for people - Vile cowards DON'T DARE post
 THE toppling truth about 'Scientology''
   with reference to: {HRI note 20091105-V1.3-u_all}
 {HRI note 20091126-V1.0-u_all}
  (26 November 2009 - Version 1.0-u_all on 27 Nov 2009)
 Thread: ... /

    [CENSORED by Google soon after posting]
    {HRI note 20091126-V1.0-u_all}
    (posted concurrently, on 27 November 2009)
 EMPTY msg: 
 EMPTY thread: ... /be.politics/browse_thread/thread/16a6747589dabc34#

    [CENSORED by Google soon after posting]
    {HRI note 20091126-V1.0} - (26 November 2009)
 EMPTY msg: ... /
'Deadly Exposure of 'Scientology' is AGAIN censored by Google
 - i.e. {HRI note 20091126-V1.0}''
 {HRI note 20091126-V1.0-AG}
  (26 November 2009)

[CENSORED by Google soon after posting]
 EMPTY message: ... /alt.gossip.celebrities/msg/94c0afb394fb544d 
 EMPTY thread: ... /alt.gossip.celebrities/browse_frm/thread/3663bb20dc373605

'Liefde Op Hollandse Grachten' (Dutch language version created
 - for the occasion of 20 Nov 2009 public performance)
  (18 November 2009 Dutch creation - Version 1.1 on 25 Nov 2009)

   lees of download pdf

'Extremely High Performances of Bach - Introduction to Bach
 (Johann Sebastian Bach)'
 {HRI 20051021-V3.2-A-V2.1}
  (31 Dec 2005 - Version 2.1 on 24 Nov 2009)

'Mathison-Trenite 'Particle Buster,' Life Energy Fluctuation
 Meter (LEF Meter) of May 2009'
 (description, plus links to manuals and circuit diagrams)
 {FPP 20090913-circuit-V1.0.nfo}
  (13 September 2009 - Issued on 17 Nov 2009)

'EXPOSING evil in Islam: Exposing Hate, IS THE OPPOSITE of
 'Inciting to Hate' - but Criminal Minds have everything
 in reverse - 'Fitna' and 'Obsession,' the movies'
 {HRI 20080402-V3.3.1}
  (2 April 2008 - Version 3.3.1 on 7 Nov 2009)

'The CORRECT Definition of 'Scientologist' - (plus history and some
 Fine Particle Physics, and scolding your Stupidity)'
 {HRI 20091105-V1.3}
  (5 November 2009 - Version 1.3 on 9 Nov 2009)

'Opposed to Peace: John Lennon, a Criminal Mind (stimulated by Yoko Ono)'
 {HRI 20091102-V2.1-t}
  (2 November 2009 - Version 2.1 on 4 Nov 2009)

'Much vital truth acquired by me, the Demonic Critics of
 Scientology, have been attacking and denying, since thirteen
 years now (Example: Mike Rinder Interview 1996)
 (includes Ambassador for Mankind RI-753i of 2 Dec 1996)'
{HRI note 20091103-V1.0-t} - includes {AfM RI 19961202}
 (3 November 2009)

'Mathison-Trenite Life Energy Fluctuation Meter (LEF Meter) of May 2009:
 Expanded to Five Diverse Readouts of Signal - 'The Particle Buster'  (image .pgn)'
 {FPP 20090913-circuit-V1.0}
  (13 September 2009 -  circuit image issued on 2 Nov 2009)

'Fine Particle Physics and the Mathison-Trenite Life Energy
 Fluctuation Meter (LEF Meter) - PART THREE'
 {FPP 20090913-draft-V1.0-p3}
  (13 September 2009 - Draft V1.0-p3 issued on 1 Nov 2009)

'Fine Particle Physics and the Mathison-Trenite Life Energy
 Fluctuation Meter (LEF Meter) - PART FOUR'
 {FPP 20090913-draft-V1.0-p4}
  (13 September 2009 - Draft V1.0-p4 issued on 1 Nov 2009)

'What are 'Double Lies:' Unraveling 'Scientology' (l. ron hubbard's) lies,
 some of the most obvious ones'
 {HRI note 20091023-V2.3}
  (23 October 2009 - Version 2.3 on 29 Oct 2009)

'Anyone "here" NOT wanting me murdered or destroyed? - Their
 incitement to murder the very able'
 {HRI note 20091028-t}
  (28 October 2009)

'Protecting heavenly Bach and Mozart soprano, Arleen Auger, from death
 (Arleen Augér)'
 {FPP 20090913-draft-V1.0-p2-q1-V1.2}
  (13 September 2009, quoted 19 Oct 2009 - Version 1.2 on 27 Oct 2009)

''Where is Osama Bin Laden' in Fine Particle Physics'
 {FPP 20090913-draft-V1.0-p1-q1}
  (13 September 2009 - quote 19 Oct 2009)

'Fine Particle Physics and the Mathison-Trenite Life Energy
 Fluctuation Meter (LEF Meter) - PART ONE'
 {FPP 20090913-draft-V1.0-p1}
  (13 September 2009 - Draft V1.0-p1 issued on 18 Oct 2009)

'Fine Particle Physics and the Mathison-Trenite Life Energy
 Fluctuation Meter (LEF Meter) - PART TWO'
 {FPP 20090913-draft-V1.0-p2}
  (13 September 2009 - Draft V1.0-p2 issued on 18 Oct 2009)

'When Koos Nolst Trenite is mentioned to Demonic creatures (to
 hidden sociopaths)'
 {HRI note 20091002-V2.0}
  (2 October 2009 - Version 2.0 on 4 Oct 2009)

'Refuting some of the Evil of Tulka on me, that Demonic creatures
 love to repeat'
 {HRI note 20090929-V2.0}
  (29 September 2009 - Version 2.0 on 2 Oct 2009)

'Rights of Brasil's Lula da Silva and other friends of Castro and
 Chavez, and of other "democratically elected" Criminal Minds'
 {HRI note 20090724-V1.2}
  (24 July 2009 - Version 1.2 on 30 Sept 2009, later than Version 3.0)

'Hitler Loved by Lonely, Pained Soul Mate Michael Jackson
 - ( Violates Human Rights Order on
 Soul Mate l. ron hubbard'
 {comments on media 20090926}
  (26 September 2009)

'Biggest Secret of 'Scientology' exposed by {HRO 20081017-V2.3.2}
 incl. actual 'Definition of Truth,' 'Definition of Punishment,'
 and 'Definition of Karma''
 {HRI note 20090923}
  (23 September 2009)

'Proof of YOUR Destructive, Abject Insanity (no joke)
 - (encl. {HRI 20070207-V3.7-q1} 'Balance of Power' etc.)'
 {HRI 20090920-V2.1}
  (14 September 2009 - Version 2.1 on 21 Sept 2009)

'Did you ever face the SHUDDERING Ugliness of l .ron hubbard?'
 {HRI note 20090921}
  (21 September 2009)

'Real Life Definition of Cult Member, here 'Scientology'
 "'Sea Org' member" - Providing the Demon (here the rapist-ghoul
 l. ron hubbard) with Life Energy
 - (encl. {HRI draft 20090822-V1.4} 'Real Life Definitions ... ')'
 {HRI note 20090914-I-V2.1}
  (14 Sept 2009 Add. Issue I -  - Version 2.1 on 17 Sept 2009)

'A Cult (Scientology) Demon's "Definition" of "reality"
 - (encl. The ACTUAL Definition of Reality or Truth,
 in {HRO 20081017-V2.3.2})'
 {HRI note 20090914-II}
  (14 September 2009 Additional Issue II)

'Mathison-Trenite Life Energy Fluctuation Meter (LEF Meter),
 Simplest and Portable Version, of 20 January 2009  (image .png)
 - includes Fine Particle Physics explanations and instructions'
 {FPP 20090912-circuit}
  (12 September 2009)

'In "Science," Sociopaths Will Determine "Who is a Sociopath,"
 and "Who is Not a Sociopath"'
 {HRI 20090901-V2.0}
  (1 September 2009 - Version 2.0 on 3 Sept 2009)

'Die Bamberg Notiz - (A Notice to Bamberg)'
 {HRI note 20090819-D-V2.1}
  (19 August 2009 - Version 2.1 on 31 Aug 2009)

'Filtering out his "critics," who are AS demonically malicious as
 l. ron hubbard himself, and 'Scientologists' alike, plus rabid
 supporters of either'
 {note 20090826-V2.0}
  (26 August 2009 - Version 2.0 on 30 Aug 2009)

'So You Are Soldiers - But You Can't Face (Be Aware Of,
 Understand) Evil?'
 {HRI 20090825}
  (25 August 2009)

'Far Beyond '1984': Real Life Definitions, Versus Dictionary - ,
 Versus Medical - , Versus 'Dianetics-Scientology' "Definitions"
 - Example 'Engram''
 {HRI draft 20090822-V1.4}
  (22 August 2009 - Version 1.4 on 25 Aug 2009)

'"Critics" HIDE the Evil Energy Inflictions of l. ron hubbard and
 thus of 'Scientologists' too, by DENYING both Life Energy AND
 Demonic Individuals - like l. ron hubbard, and themselves - to
 {HRI note 20090726-V2.0}
  (17 July 2009 - Version 2.0 on 19 Aug 2009)

'Actor Tom Cruise not less Criminal in Mind, than l. ron hubbard,
 his guru - The Past Life Torture to Death'
 {HRI note 20090816-V1.1} also {FPP note 20090816-V1.1}
  (16 August 2009 - Version 1.1 also on 16 Aug 2009)

'Independent, Objective Definition of Evil'
 {HRI 20090810-V1.1.2}  [ODE]
  (10 August 2009 - Version 1.1.2 on 11 Aug 2009)
'Независимое, Объективное Определение Зла
 (Independent, Objective Definition of Evil)'
 {HRI 20090810-V1.1.2-RU}  [ODE-RU]
  (10 August 2009 - Version 1.1.2 on 11 Aug 2009)

'The Uri Geller Syndrome, and Mass Hysteria on Michael Jackson,
 the 'Hit-ler of Pop:' Hypnotist and Vampire on your Life Force'
 {HRI 20090707-V3.3}
  (7 July 2009 - Version 3.3 on 7 Aug 2009)

'Brute Force Of Hypnotism in Politics - The Rights of Chavez, Ortega, Correa,
 Zelaya, but also Hitler, and other "democratically elected" Criminal Minds'
 {HRI 20090724-V3.0.1}
  (24 July 2009 - Version 3.0.1 on 6 Aug 2009)

'l. ron hubbard far more Forcefully, Intelligently Evil, than
 his Executor David Miscavige'
 {HRI note 20090804-V2.0}
  (4 August 2009 - Version 2.0 on 5 Aug 2009)

'Not WHY Is There Suffering, But WHO Causes It - Is The Question'
 {HRI 20030610-V1.1}
  (10 June 2003 - Version 1.1 on 23 July 2009)

'The INTENSE Evil of Licensed Medical Quack "Science" - Kurt Cobain,
 Heath Ledger, Michael Jackson'
 {HRI note 20090720-V1.1}
  (20 July 2009 - Version 1.1 on 22 Jul 2009)
'ИНТЕНСИВНОЕ зло имеющего медицинскую лицензию "ученого"
 шарлатана - Kurt Cobain, Heath Ledger, Michael Jackson'
 {HRI note 20090720-V1.1-RU}
  (20 July 2009 - Version 1.1-RU on 22 Jul 2009)

'Intro to (the) Demonic creatures etc., having NO PERMISSION to
 talk to decent, caring people unless very specifically asked'
 {HRI note 20090713-V2.2}
  (13 July 2009 - Version 2.2 on 14 Jul 2009)

'The Rights of Criminal Minds  (RCM)'
 {HRI 20040108-V2.1}
  (8 January 2004 - Version 2.1 on 13 Jul 2009)

'Getting Your Lost Life Force Back To Yourself'
 {HRI 20090712}  (also {FPP 20090712})
  (12 July 2009)
'Возвращение Вашей Потерянной Силы Жизни К Вам непосредственно
 (Getting Your Lost Life Force Back To Yourself)'
 {HRI 20090712-RU}  (also {FPP 20090712-RU})
  (12 July 2009)

'Criminal Minds want to have everything seen and felt IN REVERSE'
 {HRI 20090703-V1.0.1}
  (3 July 2009 - Version 1.0.1 on 5 Jul 2009)

'The Scientology (l. ron hubbard) ENERGY: 'What is True "are
 lies," and Lies "are the truth" - the nightmare of decent people'
 {HRI note 20090702-V2.0}
  (2 July 2009 - Version 2.0 on 2 Jul 2009)

'Psychic Self-defense against Harmful Energies Projected by
 (alive or deceased) Evil Individuals'
 {FPP note 20090630}
  (30 June 2009)

'The Rights of Potential Murderer Roger Gonnet and Similar Sociopaths'
 {HRI note 20090626-V1.1}
  (26 June 2009 - Version 1.1 on 29 June 2009)

'Evil "critics" are walking 'advertisements' FOR (the)
 'Scientology' (cult of lies and domination)'
 {HRI note 20090625}
  (25 June 2009)

'Gedwongen Hoofddoekjes Zijn Tegen De Nederlandse Grondwet
 [Compulsory Head Scarves Violate The Dutch Constitution]'
 {HRI note 20090624-NL-V1.0}
  (24 June 2009)

'Main But Missing History Of 'Scientology:' The Grand Theft'
 {HRI note 20090121-V3.1}
  (21 Jan 2009 - Version 3.1 on 22 June 2009)

'Scientology's Himmler, In Case You Want To Face Him Also'
 {HRI note 20090528}
  (28 May 2009)

'The First Law Of Economics  (FLE)'
 {HRI-20031201-V3.7.3}  (the HRI was first issued on 18 July 2008)
  (1 December 2003 - Version 3.7.3 on 8 Apr 2009)
'Первый Закон Экономики (The First Law of Economics)'
  (1 December 2003 - Version 3.7.3 on 8 Apr 2009,
   ru-V1.1 published on 26 Dec 2009)

'Actual Purpose of Russia's (KGB, now) FSB'
 {HRI 20080705-V2.3.1}
  (5 July 2008 - Version 2.3.1 on 16 Mar 2009)
'Фактическая Цель русского (КГБ, теперь) ФСВ'
 {HRI 20080705-V2.3.1-RU}
  (5 July 2008 - Version 2.3.1 on 16 Mar 2009)

'Evil Creatures Fight for Evil BELIEFS, versus the Rational
 {HRI 20080918-V1.5.1}
  (18 September 2008 - Version 1.5.1 on 15 Mar 2009)
'Злые Существа Борются за Злые ВЕРОВАНИЯ, против Рациональной
 Правды - (Evil Creatures Fight for Evil BELIEFS, versus the Rational Truth)'
 {HRI 20080918-V1.5.1-ru-V1.0}
  (18 September 2008 - Version 1.5.1 on 15 Mar 2009)

'Refusing to Respect, that China's sociopath Hu Jintao is Evil
 only, fully Evil, and nothing but Evil to China'
 {HRI 20080707-V3.9}
  (7 July 2008 - Version 3.9 on 13 Mar 2009)

'The Answers to 'Questions to test the "experts" on 'Scientology'
 and on 'Scientology' front groups' '
 {HRI note 20090102-A-1.0.1}
  (2 January 2009 - Answers V 1.0.1, on 17 Feb 2009)

'(Associated Press) Journalists must not assume United Nations
 staff privileges' (encl. 'Definition Of Peace' V3.3)
 {iJC note 20090201-V1.1}
  (1 February 2009 - Version 1.1 on 2 Feb 2009)

'Life Energy Fluctuation Meter (explained, and) - Minimum
 Sensitivity-Upgrade Required for the 1999 "E-meter" circuit'
 {FPP 20090120-V3.0.1}
  (20 January 2009 - Version 3.0.1 on 25 Jan 2009)

''In God We Trust' - What does it mean? - Why then does it work?  (IGWT)'
 {HRI 20081213-V3.1}
  (13 December 2008 - Version 3.1 on 15 Jan 2009)

'Can You Tell Those Who Created Roses?  (WCR)'
  (5 January 2009 - Version 2.0 on 12 Jan 2009)

young Leonardo Da Vinci

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