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Dr. Strangelove Productions I'm Going To Need Females
Bob L. Petersen
Musical Remake Of War Of The Worlds - Richard
Peter Finch Mad as Hell

I was being bothered while walking down the street on side of the Main Branch of the LA Library. I decided I wanted to do Al Pacino's. Ain't This Guy Great. Ok what do I need to do? It's a dry rasppie voice. I need to clear my throat. I don't want any to see me bring my hand up. I think I should do it pretty hard, too. Out came the rumble. I knew what I heard but, that wasn't what I was doing. I did two Ain't This Guy Great. I rounded the corner and started to see what I could get. I had tried to get another voice but had no way to get closer to his. That was the guy from Moulin Rouge! that sings out! Anger Jealousy Will Drive You MAD. You now know eactly why I just left. I now had something to do. Someone brought out a knife to steal something of mine at night while I slept. There had been many other things so I decided to leave LA.

Almost 6 months later I came up with a plan to work on it. I wanted to include something sweet sounding with it. I'd be working it two way. The second would tell me how my throat felt. By the sound I could put out. What a pair lines from songs. I had a time and a place, sunday and the place an underground parking garage that was closed. Anger Jealousy Will Drive You MAD and Roxanne and opening line of the song Ewan Mcgregor big song in Moulin Rouge!. His hands upon you face. I'd stop there and wait and then do it again over and over. Stop sit down let some time pass. By the time I started get the sound I wanted. I tried to go ahead into the rest of Ewan Mcgregor song. I just put a bunch of air behind it I didn't change anything else. It will still be a another year before I could hear it from a recording. I know how high that is. I was now resting from both but I was happy to sit and wait. I believed the guy that wrote it was a genius.

Some day after my throats had a rest from screaming I'll include it here.

I can do Peter Finch's I'm as mad as hell and I'm not able to do more. I still need more work to do that at a scream.

Here's my best line Time is not a fire in which I burn. Sore thoart, not a Soran

Anger Jealousy Will Drive You MAD is still on the all time play list.

Without a plan 4 years later around Christmas and did the song The First Noel. I was very happy and the notes are very long. Out came my vibrato. I popped back in there to check I had a farly tight vibrato, so what they say about them getting wider and deeper is do to loosening. Went iinto the following summer to see if I could still sing it with a vibrato. I have not tried any other song. I just want that one to hold on to what I do have. It does still pop out once and shile if I'm relaxed and not paying attention.

That is as close this at full volume as I can get Thus hurts. It Will cause damage
This Hurts, One Must Rest Till It Doesn't Or You won't Learn What's Ok. Again it takes a long time.

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Bing Crosby Christmas I May Be To Do Bing. But Why Not Try To Help Bing. Is Bing Nice Or Hope's Net

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Bob L. Petersen

Bob L. Petersen

I am using Dell Inspiron Mini. It also has a 8gig ramdrive, not a standard hard drive. This elimiadates the hum normal to any computer. I am using just the built in microphone. I had a older computer with Window 95. I set it up so it used a 32meg Compact Flash in a pcmcia card to give the computer it's extended memory. That meant the hard would shut off 1 minute after a program had started. A Great saving in power consumption. But it also took the buzz out of any recordings. Later versions of windows do not allow for this. I only got to make one real recording at that time. Guess who?

This use is for educational proposes. I credited working on styling for helping me for getting ideas on designing a car. Part of what we do must be innate. This was what made the belief that effort will bring growth innate. There are four elements that must at controled at a minimum PICTCH, TONE, SPEED and TIMING. The next is SOUNDS MADE EXTERNAL TO VOICE BOX most of which are errors. Errors though if minor and are made when putting an effort to speak at least semisoftly and sweetly are also something that person will enduer while making the effort. This can also include the effort of thinking of what they may be saying. Do they expect there to be signs of any efforts cost. There is something that is going wrong right now that is worth noting. The perfection my mind wants has eliminated almost all of the ERRORS MADE EXTERNAL TO VOICE BOX ARE NOT APPEARING. A note on what happened after I had written about this. I deliever my first ever even close to perfect perfectly. I had the the timing before but not the sound. The sound is a well controled ?mistake? at least what ever is close to this is trained away so you'll get more volume from less breath.GUESS WHO HERE?

Bob L. Petersen

Bob L. Petersen