Orphans by Choice

by James J Keene PhD

Camden, NJ - July 23, 2005 What happens when kidnapped children grow up? The youngest of the missing Keene kids, my son James R. Keene, turned 18 on July 9.

The July 9 birthday of young James begins Act Two. Have my daughter Grace and son James -- normal at 10 and 7 years old respectively -- become orphans by choice upon entering adulthood?

Possibly James and Grace as just a blur (upper left, from Rutgers faculty web site) and Grace (right, from Burlington County, NJ, newspaper reporter who contacted Keene Kids News) show the missing Keene kids are not bed-ridden, on feeding tubes or locked in a cage somewhere.

Act One: Orphans by Force

James and Grace were kidnapped over ten years ago, Feb 1, 1995, by the Davis-Flores gang led by their disturbed and unethical mother, Nilda Davis-Flores aka Nilda Keene. They lost their mother, who preferred being an outlaw instead. She and accomplices hid and detained the abducted children, preventing any meaningful communication or interaction between father (the author) and child, except for very few, very brief intervals. In short, they lost their father.

In sum, the Davis-Flores clan decided unilaterally to deprive James and Grace of parents. They orphaned them by force adding a series of crimes such as serial inter-state child abduction, perjury and obstruction of justice, to support their child abuse adventure.

James and Grace became orphans by force, suffering clear and obvious damage. As Act One closes, we now watch on the edge of our seats to learn what happens next.

Act Two: Orphans by Choice?

Curtain up on Act Two of the macabre Davis-Flores experiment -- deprive innocent children of parents for one decade.

Will the Willingboro Police and state police in New Jersey and Puerto Rico ever be investigated and sanctioned? Will the FBI ever account for its failure to investigate and prosecute demonstrable crimes over many years starting in 1995? Why does the Davis-Flores gang seem to be immune from prosecution, while non-Hispanic persons named "Smith" and "Williams" are routinely prosecuted and jailed for the same offenses?

Will Dr. Nilda succeed in her con game or will the New Jersey Board of Medical Examiners actually do its job? Will the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) pull any controlled substance license Dr. Nilda may have? Does any medical malpractice insurance company have the nerve to insure the "run-and-hide" doctor? Will any of Dr. Nilda's patients or their families take legal action against this medical fraud? In brief, will authorities ever hold Dr. Nilda and the Davis-Flores gang accountable for their crimes and child abuse?

Will those who associate with Dr. Nilda and the missing Keene kids indirectly support the deceits and falsehoods woven into their lives? Will any "support community" involved in this case be gullible or be guided by fact and sound judgment?

The stars in this cliff-hanger stage of the missing Keene kids story are James and Grace. So what is the result of the wicked Davis-Flores experiment in child abuse? Let us listen to their story. Oops, wait. Though now 18 and 21 years old, they are still missing -- I have no address, no phone number, nothing except the possibility that they are presently "hiding" in central New Jersey.

The blurred photo (above left), which might not really be them, shows what the victim parent has after a decade. My parents could always see me, find me, call me, write me, etc, and vice versa. In contrast, I can only guess what my son might look like or where he might be.

The photo of Grace (above right) was obtained by luck from a third party and shows that everybody but the father can see and talk with a daughter. Before seeing this picture, I might have thought that both James and Grace were bed-ridden on feeding tubes, given their complete silence.

These images provide a glimpse of implications of the Davis-Flores child abuse experiment using my children as guinea pigs.

When orphans by force in Act One, my children were not allowed to have independent communication with their father, except if a third party intervened [please see, for example, "Anti-Family Gang on the Run Again?"]. The abducted children were cruelly muted.

Hard to Write; Hard to Read

This article may be the only effective means to reach out to James and Grace, to communicate with them by any means.

As with all content on this web site, it is hard to write. The grief can be so intense for a victim parent -- there is always the urge to focus on something else rather than on lost children. The same applies no doubt to James and Grace -- it may be too painful to think or read about the parents they wrongfully lost, which may bring anger and sorrow to the surface.

That said, both parent and child should seek healing.

The "by choice" premise is based on the assumption that James and Grace have mental capacities to think and analyze. On the other hand, their behavior seems to strongly contradict this premise -- perhaps favoring the premise that they are acting like orphans, not "by choice", but rather by some disabilities due to their traumatic kidnapping and abuse experience.

Essentially hiding from part of their own family and given they are entering adulthood, one might speculate that they cannot blame the Davis-Flores child abuse cult any more concerning their present position; that is, it may be that it is now their choice to act like orphans.

Dearest Grace and James, "Orphans" (deprived of parents) is a figure of speech, because your Father will never give up his love for you, never give up hope that sanity will bless you. However, your acting like orphans is what is intended -- and of course, these actions are exactly what the Davis-Flores clan might hope have been internalized in you. But, alas, these actions are fundamentally dishonest and opposed to any sense of family, integrity, honor and loyalty.

Why would two children with a wonderful parent pretend to be orphans? Can the Davis-Flores experimentation on young innocents knock all love from their lives? Can the capacity to love and behave with integrity be restored? Will this article create anger, as reported previously, in James and Grace? Will they continue to hide from the family they have been hidden from for so long, as if they have done something wrong? Will James and Grace think that I am being "hard" on them, to prod them toward fact and healing? My answer: who else but your parent will say these things? Will my children ever have the character to stand up, speak up and be counted or will they opt to hide from themselves and others?

James and Grace now suffer from a major dose of ignorance about themselves and the parent and family that they do not know. And ignorance of all they would have learned over ten years from that parent, had they not been orphaned by force. Will they choose ignorance or knowledge?

Act Three

Please be seated. Lights dim. We see if and how these issues are resolved.

Copyright © 2005 James J. Keene
Original Publication: Aug 4, 2005

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