photographs from Tara's graduation party, photos taken anytime before grade 10, photos from any Graves Island trip (especially the very first one), the naked photos from Andrew Mac's house (if they were even developped!!), Xmas photos, school trip photos, and ANY PHOTOS YOU HAVE!

Crimcello, Bahoofa-la, and welcome to little ego. Formerly a nice place to rant, presently in progress, potentially a site for us to share all our many photographs from over the years.

Ok. Really. Well, there is no excuse, is there? I've just been too damn busy to work on this page for.... um.... months. But fear no more. I've got some time off work, and I have no real life, so things should begin moving along speedily.

I've been wondering about how you guys think I should organize the photos. I was working on a grade by grade basis. The trouble is that not all of us experienced grade, say, 11 at the same time, and a few experianced grade 12... twice! And then there's the problem of university: 1st year, 2nd year, and so on don't necessarily apply to all, namely those who've chosen to forego university, and people didn't enter straight out of high school. So should I switch everything to a year by year basis (eg: 1999-2000)? Just curious about what you guys think is the best way to present the photos...

also, I'm still eager to get any and all photographs I can from you people, and I'm not talking about only the brilliant, I-can't-believe-they-caught-this-on-film moments! Any photographs that have one or more of "us" in them is all I'm looking for... So get emailing me! Otherwise, bring photographs home at Spring Break or just the next time I see you! I promise they will be returned soon after!


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