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Humpty Dumpty Racing

This site is a history of all work done to the AE86.
What's this all about?
In 1984 Toyota released their last RWD Corolla model. The GTS model came powered by a Twin-cam 16v 4AGE motor. The car was purchased on November 22nd 2002 from a country boy in Sarasota who had received the vehicle from his aunt. I traded the owner an 1988 Pontiac Bonneville and paid $700 extra to convince him to sell me the car, at first he was reluctant but the $700 extra cash appealed to him. The car was red and was in an okay condition with 204k miles on the odometer. Since then I have been modding this car to my specific tastes and preference.
Goals for the AE86:
How To:
Change Oil - 12/15/2005
How to change your engine oil.
Interior Removal - 6/14/2003
Huge difference in acceleration. I can keep up with Marc's 2ZZ!
Power Steering & A/C Removal - 4/19/2003
Freed the engine to rev without parasitic drain.
Junkyard Short-Ram Intake Filter - 3/17/2003
Junkyard Datsun 280z, HP High Flow Filter, and duct tape.
Tokico HP Dampers - 2/20/2003
Worn out OEM dampers, worn out dampers no more.
Cost - Total cost of all parts so far.
Contacting me:
For whatever reason you need to contact me, send your e-mail to here.