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Oil Change


  1. Park car in gear with e-brake up. Prop hood and open engine oil cap.
    *You can place the oil cap in the hood latch so if you close the hood and forget to replace the oil cap you'll know because the hood will not close.
  2. Jack car up and place jack stand underneath for safety. (Place cardboard underneath the engine area.)
  3. Place drain pan under the engine oil pan.
  4. Loosen the engine oil pan drain bolt with the 14mm wrench/socket & rachet. Once loose remove drain bolt by hand so it doesn't fall into the drain pan.
  5. Let oil drain into drain pan completely.
  6. Bolt the drain bolt back into the engine oil drain hole by hand and then tighten with 14mm wrench/socket & rachet.
  7. Wipe the oil pan clean with rags so it doesn't drip on your clean driveway.
  8. Place drain pan strategically under the oil filters expected drippage.
  9. Use oil filter wrench to remove the filter, once removed check the filter for the O-ring.
    *Sometimes the O-ring sticks to the engine oil filter surface area. Make sure it is not stuck on the engine, or the new filter will leak and you'll have a mess and possibly damage your engine.
  10. Open a bottle of the new oil and dip your finger into the oil and smear onto the new oil filter's O-ring.
    *Don't forget to recap the oil bottle or you might kick it over or something.
  11. By hand screw the filter onto the engine filter adapter. Once tightened wrap your palm with a rag for more grip to tighten the oil filter by hand till it is snug and tight.
  12. Check to see the drain plug is back in place and tight and the oil filter is in place and tight without the old oil filters old O-ring attached still to the engine block.
  13. Pour in 4 quarts of oil. Close oil cap.
  14. Remove the drain pan from beneath the car, remove the jack stand and lower the car.
  15. Turn on the ignition and let car run for awhile. Turn off motor and let it settle. And check oil level with dipstick. Pour in more oil if necessary as needed.
    *You may want to purchase 5 quarts initially just incase and to save yourself a trip.
  16. Replace oil dipstick, close the hood, and go for a test drive.
    *Make sure you put the oil cap back on, if not it may be a fire hazard.
And enjoy your test run. =D