Free Patching Utility

PatchWork is yet another free download on my website that you can use without any obligations whatsoever. PatchWork is a console application that creates patches for text or binary files.

Generally, patch files are advantageous when the size of a file to be altered is very large. Patch files created with PatchWork are only as large as the version differences, which makes it much easier to distribute modifications to a 8-megabyte file without occupying tons of bandwidth.

PatchWork Features

You may be familiar with a UNIX utility called RCS, which manages file version differences and histories. PatchWork is not designed to replace RCS. Its primary purpose is to create self-extracting patch files. The "/s" feature of PatchWork is quite useful because you can transmit just an executable file, which, when run, applies the patch with minimal user intervention. A configuration management system can theoretically rely on PatchWork and its self-extractors for all its versioning functionality!

Instructions for using PatchWork can be found by typing "PatchWork" in the command line without any arguments. Note that currently the "/b" and "/t" switches are not working correctly yet; They will be functional with a future update.

Download PatchWork

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