Here is the free stuff I am offering. Unless otherwise stated, the sole author is Yours Truly.

Most of the downloads are zipped, which means you need the application WinZip to open them. The fastest way to download these files is to right-click on the links and select "Save Target As."

BinEdit Downloads
BinEdit Version 1.1 DOWNLOAD NOW
A prototype that contains the code dissembler. It can do everything that version 0.9 can do. It can also dissemble EXE's and COM's. Several bugs from 1.0 have been fixed.

BinEdit Version 0.9 DOWNLOAD NOW
Contains only the hex editor. Requires only a speck of memory compared to version 1.1. It is also more robust and less crash-prone than version 1.1.

Egyptian RatScrew Download
Egyptian RatScrew Version 1.1 DOWNLOAD NOW
Egyptian RatScrew combines both speed and action with your typical mundane Solitaire/Minesweeper-type rules. This game has broad appeal.

Genetic Algorithm Download
Genetic Algorithm DOWNLOAD NOW
The genetic algorithm program was constructed in LISP, a linked-list-based language.

MacGyver ZZT Download
This is by far the best ZZT adventure I've created. You face diabolical puzzles, but unlike most adventures for this engine, you don't have a gun!

Metroid Master Download
Metroid Master DOWNLOAD NOW
Metroid Master has the same engine as the Metroid game for the 8-bit NES, but it has completely different maps. My self-extracting patcher applies the changes to the Metroid ROM I assume you already legally possess. Instructions are provided in the ZIP file.

Nibbler Downloads
Nibbler Version 2.0 (Win32) DOWNLOAD NOW
The Win32 prototype of Nibbler is the best version so far. Unlike the DOS beta version, you should have no problem running this game as long as your DirectX drivers are up-to-date. Please visit The Official Nibbler Site for more information.

Nibbler Version 1.0 (DOS) DOWNLOAD NOW
The first version of the game that I released to the general public. This is also the copy posted on Since the game platform is MS-DOS, modern platforms such as Windows 2000/XP may cough and sputter a bit when they try to run this game. To get it running, try DosBox (it works as long as your processor is fast enough to handle the computations).

This version of the game has fewer sound effects, graphics, and quality levels than version 2.0. Still, the game is a robust trial version capable of entertaining you.

Nibbler Version 0.1 (DOS) DOWNLOAD NOW
In high school, I came up with this version of the game. It is an amateur work, so don't expect to say "Wow!"

The level editor for Nibbler is a simple, grid-based application. It is easy to use and self-documented whenever possible. Help can be found at The Official Nibbler Site.

PatchWork Download
PatchWork is yet another free download on my website that you can use without any obligations whatsoever. PatchWork is a console application that creates patches for text or binary files.

RayCast Download
One can freely edit the BIGSTUFF.TXT file and change the walls of the maze in an instant. The numbers represent the desired colors of the wall, and the character "M" represents a mirrored surface (a feature that the Wolf3D engine did NOT have).

TripWire Download
TripWire provides "back-of-the-envelope" EXE file protection. Enough protection to dissuade a lot of people from trying anything.

Vintage Hyperactive Download
Vintage Hyperactive DOWNLOAD NOW
Vintage Hyperactive is a retro-style text-mode game that is designed to have the look and feel of old-school action games, when gameplay was golden and pointless. Also has a new-and-improved graphics build.

WaveCreator Download
WaveCreator is an application I am developing to create better quality sound in my programs. If your goal is not just sound processing, but sound creation, then you need some good effects to apply to your sound samples.

WideUpdate Download
WideUpdate is a small console application for those people that like to work with HTML code. WideUpdate removes page-to-page inconsistencies and cuts down web page data entry time for web pages with similar features on each page.


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