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The "MacGyver ZZT" Adventure

Many of you may be familiar with an old text mode-based game engine called "ZZT." While the graphics and sound suck horribly, it is a wonderful design platform used by a huge number of games. How many, exactly? Maybe somewhere in the quintuple digits.

It's too bad a lot of them suck. Just because it's easy to design something doesn't mean a person will design well. Most of my early creations with this engine were decent, but I wouldn't be caught dead putting a single one on my website. They just weren't that great.

New Concepts, New Ideas

Until now, that is! After many years of designing and programming, I returned to the ZZT engine with quite a few more tricks up my sleeve. And so I created "MacGyver ZZT," a ZZT shoot-em-up, except you go through the game without any ammunition, just like MacGyver. I should thank a former roommate, Tim Pipelow, for the inspiration.

To play this game, you will need a copy of the ZZT Engine, which is a free download. Oh, and a bit of warning to ZZT veterans: this game won't make use of any accrued skills you've learned by playing other ZZT adventures. No tigers, ruffians, etc. as standard fare. This game has puzzles and object AI that will strain your brain to the breaking point!

Play MacGyver ZZT!

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