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Jamil knew of one place where, if hit at the right time..... was sure to produce plenty of fish.

Speedwell Lake has a waterfall right at the entrance to the park. Jamil figured that after a good rain, fish that were out right at the start of the rain looking for food, might just be washed over the fall and down the stream. But the area under the fall was too shallow to hold big fish.

The stream continued on underneath Speedwell Ave. Jamil figured the fish must keep swimming until they get to a deeper pool of water along the stream.

"All I have to do is find out where the water comes out and find that first pool" Jamil thought.

 Deciding to try his new theory, he headed across the road to the other side.  he followed an old dirt road through the woods.

After stopping to mark where he was, he began to go to his right in the direction the water should be.

Jamil was surprised to see that the water ran into another lake as big as Speedwell. 

This second lake was called Lake Succasunna and had beautiful cranes and large geese. there were fish every where. Some as big around as his legs! they looked like thick tree branches laying in the water.

The water here was about three feet deep and you could easily see the fish swimming about everywhere!

Jamil spent the entire day trying to catch a fish but had no luck.

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