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Jamil knew the fish here were  huge because they were smart enough not to get caught.

Remembering his grandfather had said. " They were use to eating other things. they knew a worm was a trick.  so they did not even bother to try and eat it".

So jamil began to search for an area where the fish would be out of their element, and there it was. at the very back of the lake was a waterfall. Underneath the water fall is a flat ledge. lakesrear0.jpg (30877 bytes)

Jamil knew he could walk along the ledge and find a hole maybe three or four feet deep where a big fish could hide. rearaftrstrm.jpg (23041 bytes)

It worked! while using the tip of his rod to probe the depth of the water, he found a hole just past a fallen tree near the right bank. it was three feet deep and two feet across.

Standing on the rocks he used one small split shot, a night crawler dangling half off his hook and no bobber. 

Before the worm could reach the bottom jamil could feel the tug of the first bass of the day.

A small one, ahaaaa.jpg (23512 bytes)



but the next three were over four pounds each!


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