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As he drove home jamil's grandfather told him that different types of fish eat different things.

The bass jamil had caught normally would not eat a small piece of worm attached to a bobber unless he was very hungry, but he would grab a nice dangling night crawler drifting in the current.

The next trick to catching fish is catching a fish out of his element.  jamil asked " but what does that mean grandpa? catching him on the land?"

"No, it means to catch the fish when he is away from his home"

Grandpa said " when a fish is in his own home or area he can survive better because he knows where everything is. when he is in a different area, he has to adjust and learn how to survive, you simply have to catch him away from his home before he learns the new area".

Jamil could not wait to get home to tell the story of how he caught the big fish to his family and friends.

He thought about what his grandfather had taught him.  On his sixteenth birthday Jamil got a brand new Eagle Claw spinning reel combo. He had developed a system of hunting down those areas where fish were as grandpa would say "out of their element" and was ready to try out a theory of his own.

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