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Arriving just as the sun was beginning to rise. Jamil and his grandfather unloaded their gear from the truck and proceeded down the path. stopping near a tree, they set up their chairs and began putting together their cane poles.

The sun was up and the birds were singing by the time they were both ready to gently sling their lines in the water.

Jamil sat patiently as the slow flow of the water would move his bobber down the lake .

Time after time he would watch as the bobber would roll along until it was too close to the shore and he would sling it back out again.

Jamil's grandfather told him stories about the lake as they enjoy their lunch and took a break from fishing.

"George Washington's camp was in this area" said his grandfather,

"That building has been here since our first president was alive". 

Pointing  to a building that looked very old and sat  in the middle of the lake right above the waterfall of Speedwell Lake.

speedwell.jpg (11741 bytes)

With eyes wide and mouth full, Jamil kept eating while he sat and listened to his grandfather tell stories of Morristown and Trenton New Jersey and a great river he called "The Lower Delaware".

Although they did not catch any fish, Jamil had a great time sitting by the water listening to stories and learning about nature.

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