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Over the years Jamil and his grandfather returned to Speedwell lake quite often.

They caught a few small fish over the years (mostly sunnies) but they never caught any big fish.

Jamil thought to himself,  while walking back and forth looking for a better part of the lake to fish. maybe there are no more big fish. maybe they had all gone. 

Confused, he asked his grandfather. "grandpa,  How do we know if there are fish in the lake? we never catch anything but little ones?"

His grandfather laughed a loud long laugh and said with a grin "ohh they are in here, but they are just very smart! They have seen a lot in their day and know a few tricks of their own."

Reeling in his bait, he said " just as they have tricks, we have a few also" and he told Jamil to change the way he put the worm on the hook. Every now and then leave a large piece hanging off so it looks different to the fish.

Jamil did what his grandfather told him. It was not long before it paid off  before he could speak his grandfather whispered "shhhhhh, not yet, okay now!"

Jjamil set the hook and landed his first largemouth bass, much larger than any of the fish he had caught so far.

Jamil danced and jumped up and down.... "I did it, I did it" he yelled, I caught a big fish.

He watched as his grandfather released the fish back into the lake and waived good-bye!

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