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Breakfast at Base Camp One.


Skilly woke up early, and removed a piece of rib from the cooler to make a sandwich with to take on his journey. he made a big breakfast to give him energy for the exploits of the day. bacon, eggs, grits and a big glass of orange juicebreakfast.jpg (33418 bytes)


Skilly packed a big bag of trail mix and extra trash bags (for carrying out any thing he carried in) into his backpack. he took Nutty's special fishing pole with the telescopic rod. it was easier to walk through the woods with than Skilly's pole.

Entering the woods about four miles south of the Copper Mine Trail, Skilly began to climb the slope upward toward an area of the map he had made called the Appalachian Trail. 

Skilly decided to stop and rest by a tree that had fallen over and the roots were exposed. he ate part of a sandwich and drank some water before starting out again. soon Skilly arrived at a path that ran parallel to the road below. there was a sign on a tree nearby that read "Appalachian Trail" with arrows pointing in opposite directions. 

Skilly had made it! he had found the Appalachian  Trail. the view was lovely and he stood staring at the valleys below before taking a picture troutrest.jpg (40426 bytes) for memories.

Now Skilly knew his map was correct and that there should be a stream he could fish on his way back down the mountain. 

It was now time to contact Bravo Group. Skilly removed his radio from the backpack. holding down the button he repeated " Blue Group this is Gold key one, Blue Group this is Gold key one, how hear me? over"

A short pause went by before Patty replied " Gold key, this is Blue Group, be advise, we have reached area Alpha and will arrive at the Base camp one in half an hour. over"   Skilly informed Patty that all is well, he had the camp set up except for their tents, he was off to recon a fishing spot and he would see the group at Base camp by dark.

Skilly hiked his way down the mountain using his map and a compass he kept in his backpack. as he got closer, when he stopped moving, he could hear the water running over rocks not far below. soon there was a path that led him to a set of large rocks.

On the other side of the rocks was pathtorest.jpg (48433 bytes) the water! Skilly made his way along the rocks looking for a good place to fish.poolslide.jpg (19523 bytes)

but this water was different. it was very narrow and fast flowing. he would have to continue on until the water open up and got deeper.  pool2.jpg (39492 bytes) okay this was deeper and wider but it was flowing too fast for Skilly to fish. so continued further.

                                                        pool3.jpg (24860 bytes)

It was till early afternoon but Skilly was anxious to fish!  Suddenly the water became much faster.                                             lastfall.jpg (32212 bytes)         There was a beautiful waterfall   that emptied out into a calm pool. the pool was about a foot deep and had a few holes where fish could be bottompool.jpg (94717 bytes)seen hiding.                                   

This was the perfect spot in every way thought Skilly. It was hidden in the woods so it was cool from the shade of the trees, it had a nice calm pool  that was fed by the fall. food was washed into the pool constantly so the fish should be of nice size, but then Skilly's face frowned as he saw a sign on a nearby tree that said " this is a natural trout stream, Fly Fishing permitted ONLY!"

Skilly had everything else in the book, except fly's and a fly rod. What was he to do???

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