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Skilly & the McGod-ee-Fly

Skilly refused to give up! he knew his grandfather would have found a way to fish after coming all that way, so he sat down on the rocks and began to talk to God. 

"Father, long have I traveled in this day. Great have been the things You have blessed me to see today. but now I am faced with a problem, what should I do?" 

As Skilly stared out across the water a group of ducks flew overhead, but did not stop at the water. and it hit him! Skilly rose from the rocks removing his shirt and looking closely on the ground. There! Skilly bent down and picked up a large dusty gray feather from the ground. he opened his tackle box and took out a pair of scissors. using the scissors to trim a small piece of the feather, Skilly took a small hook and placed the piece of feather around it.

Using a white thread from the bottom of his shirt, Skilly tied the feather in place around the hook and sliced notches in the end with his razor. he took a bright red marker from his backpack used to mark trees while hiking, and used it to make little dots at the head of his new creation. when completed, he raised it in the air and said

 " I name thee the McGod-ee-Fly! "

he tied the fly to a piece of four lb test line as a leader and began using Nutty's pole like a fly rod. letting out as much line as he could work with at a time, Skilly cast the fly out into the white water. Standing with his back to the waterfalllastfall.jpg (32212 bytes)

Skilly let the current roll the fly out onto the flat area of the pool just before the holes,bottompool.jpg (94717 bytes)


 and then out of the shadows of the hole came the first trout. he engulfed the fly and took off into the hole. Skilly lightly set the hook and began battling the fish.

What a fight! rainbowtrout.jpg (61183 bytes) but it was just the beginning. after fighting the trout, Skilly noticed a small pool up on top of the waterfall where he knew fish would be " out of their element" 

so he climbed up the rocks and sat down troutrest0.jpg (52092 bytes)by the little pool and began gently casting and retrieving the fly. "WHOOOOSH" a fish came to the surface and snatched the fly! this seemed like a big trout as it thrashed water into the air and raced around the little pool of water.  


he was great fun to catch but he was onlysucker.jpg (45149 bytes) a sucker fish.... so Skilly put him back... after this picture of course.

Back to the bottom pool went Skilly, where he spent the next twenty five minutes catching two more trout for dinner before heading to his campsite. 

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