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Team Alpha arrives on station.

Skilly left his house early Friday morning and used the map to get to the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area.

after going under Route 80 he came to a long red light....he was patient as he looked over the cliffs at the lovely water below (besides, there was a sign that explained that this narrow one lane road was very dangerous and only one car could fit at a time.) onstation.jpg (72747 bytes) He was also very excited as he read the sign announcing his arrival at the Worthington State Forrest where he and the group would be camping.

Once the light changed, Skilly headed up the small winding road (Old Mine Road) and was soon pulling into the entrance of the campgrounds. he registered at the office and got his site pass and visitors stickers for the other cars that would be in the second group.

Skilly quickly set up his tent after starting the coals to make dinner with. when the tent was complete with air mattress,  sleeping bag, blankets, pillows a little table with magazine for reading, color TV, lighting system and other essentials...... he walked down the small sloped hill (just ten feet away) to the Delaware river.

Skilly sat by the water and watched the animals nearby play and collect food. he went back to check his grill, since it the coals were now ready, he placed a slab of ribs he had seasoned and wrapped in aluminum foil from the larger cooler on to the grill. Skilly smiled as the meat seared and began to cook. 

He had time, so he got his camera from the truck and taking off his boots, walked out intorecon1.jpg (31087 bytes) the water to take this photo .

After turning the meat over and adding some sauce, Skilly began giving thanks to God for creating such a beautiful place for all to see and enjoy! recon2.jpg (25353 bytes)

Skilly raised the meat up high the grill and with the food cooking on low, Skilly went to see a waterfall water1.jpg (39653 bytes)that is hidden in the woods about half a mile from the campsite. he decided to use the auto feature on the camera to take a photo of  himself.underfall.jpg (43428 bytes) But the ground was slippery and he slid out of position before the picture snapped...

Skilly headed back to camp and finished cooking before he relaxed by the fire and ate barbecued ribs, macaroni and cheese, collard greens and drank cherry flavored punch on ice from his Giants cup.

After he was full Skilly got out his flashlight (as a spare) and lit his lantern and went for a walk by the camping office and the play area, where kids were riding swings and running back and forth.

That night Skilly left the top flap open and read his Bass masters Magazine, every now and then stopping  to  stare up at the stars and hundred of lightening bugs before falling off to sleep.

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