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Camp Syndrome contacts Patti & Nutty Dog


"Ohhhhhh my goodness" yelled Patty as she opened the door and saw Camp Syndrome standing there in camouflaged clothing! Patty hugged her and called out for her husband Nutty Dog. Buhdah had already made his way downstairs and was holding out his arms for Syndrome to pick him up.

Greg was in the kitchen making a snack for the group to eat on the ride. he came in and bust out laughing when he saw Syndrome in her fatigues. 

they both started kidding each other right away, Syndrome saying " shoot this is my first time camping out in the woods and I am ready!" but Nutty replied "all right now gal, don't mess around and can't be seen, and the bears get ya" and they all started laughing loudly!

Syndrome handed Patty the message and all got quite. After reading the message, Patty asked Nutty to watch Buhdah and she grabbed Syndrome by the arm and raced out the door. driving Patty's car they headed for Skilly house, All the while Syndrome kept asking "where are we going?" but Patty would not explain, instead she kept saying " we have to acquire the signaling equipment.

When the two reached Skilly's house, Patty went in and used a secret code that Skilly had given her when she was just a small girl. she input the code into the panel to enter the room where Skilly kept his computer. then she answered a question that Skilly had left for her on the computer to access the location of a base unit and three hand held two way radios. placing them in a bag she returned to the car  and Syndrome and her went to the Food Town Supermarket and picked up all the things Skilly had placed in the message that the group would need.

When Patty and Syndrome arrived back at her house, Nutty and Buhdah had packed all their gear and were waiting in the yard. they loaded the stuff from Patty's car into Syndrome's and the things that Nutty and Buhdah had placed by the door and then hit the highway. 

As Syndrome drove,  Nutty and her both agreed  which way the group should go, but Patty  who was decoding the rest of the message told them " No, we have to go this way" and she guided the group along.

Every now and then she would tell them they should see a certain landmark soon, and after a few miles... they would! an hour had gone by since they left the house when Patty said "okay pull over here!" they pulled off Route 80 into a large parking area.

Syndrome seemed concerned and said, 

"hey, I don't think this is where we are suppose to be" and Nutty agreed with her asking Patty 

"are you sure this is the right place, this is nothing more than a parking lot?" 

Patty pretended to be unsure even though she knew once she had got out of the car that this was the way. ( she had spotted the stop sign Skilly had mentioned they would come to)

After a few moments of letting the others panic set in, Patty said " All righty then, we are suppose to follow that road by the stop sign  under Route 80 and we will come to a light that we have to wait five minutes for.

Right away Syndrome starts to complain, "what, I am not waiting no five minutes for no light, Skilly was just playing or you are getting the codes wrong"

Patty just laughed, she knew that there should be a sign telling them to wait because the road is narrow. by then Buhdah was hungry so the group decided to sit in the shade on the grass and have lunch.

They were on their way to the car when Buhdah pulled at Patty's hand. trying to get her to hurry to the car. " I hear something Mommy he said" Patty quickly glanced at her watch, pulled the car door open in time to hear " Blue Group this is Gold key one" she searched through the bags on the rear floor of the car and retrieved a radio.  putting  it to her mouth, she pressed the button and said" Gold Key this is Blue Group" Nutty Dog and Camp Syndrome looked on as she completed the conversation. when done she put the radio back in the bag and said " yeah, you two thought I got us lost! but me and Buhdah were right on top of things!"

They all got in the car as Patty told them " the Base Camp is all set up and ready. we have to put up our own tents after we sign in at the office" Skilly is checking out a fishing spot and will meet us at the camp later.

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