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Coded Message sent to Patty

As soon as Skilly arrived at his grandfathers house, he raced up the stairs to visit with his granddad. while telling him what the group had planned for the weekend, Skilly's granddad interrupted and said "why don't you use my truck  and use some of that junk all you kids keep packing in my garage" Skilly pleased with the suggestion gave his grandfather a hug and headed out to the garage.

Skilly used the secret family key to open the garage. he went inside and began bringing out all the gear the group would need. batteries, lanterns, flashlight, wiring & antennas, portable radios & TV's, pots,  pans, utensils, tents, sleeping bags, charcoal, fire logs, cots, folding chairs, boots, fishing gear & anything else he could think of. over the years the family had collected quite a bit of gear at yard sales, and now it was time to use everything!

The way Skilly figured, by taking all this equipment, the only thing the group would need was food and water. once the truck was loaded Skilly went inside to write the instructions and directions down for Patty.

The group had a friend who Nutty had named Camp Syndrome because whenever they were all together they would joke and laugh because she would always do something she was not supposed to.

Skilly knew that if she came ,the trip would be so much more fun, so he decided to create a mission out of their weekend.  Skilly coded the message so that Only Patty would understand it and thereby cause confusion among the others in the group.

Then he backed the truck into the garage and locked it. he used his car and went to their friend syndromes house and told her about the camping trip, right before leaving he handed her the coded message and told her to deliver it to Patty! then he headed home to get some sleep.

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