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Band History!

    Whoa Sam! Actually started in October of 1996, when we all got together to try to start another band.  The three of us had been in bands together before (Thirsty Soul, Missile Tow) and wanted to do something different.  So we did.

     We wrote about twenty songs in about two and a half months, and got to where we were ready to start playing in public.  On January 1, 1997 we recorded a demo of about nineteen songs in one day (while I was running a 102 degree temperature).  The recording sounds alright but all the tension during the recording pretty much broke the band up and that was the last time we played together as a band (until 2 1/2 years later).

     Dusty went on to play in many more bands (Double 'O' Nothings, Coldfire, Hideaway, etc.).  Jose and I went on to form the Skatterbrains, where Jose played trombone.  Before the Skatterbrains broke up in May of 1999, Jose and I were writing songs for a new band we wanted to start.  Then, out of nowhere, Dusty gave me a call saying he wanted to start a band, and we did.

     The three of us have been playing around Texas for several months now. But as of late March '00, Jose left Whoa Sam! to pursue his career. All three members agreed on his replacement. Adam is now our bass player and is working out great! Having Adam in the band now enables us to tour and play more often out of town. Now we've got a bunch of new songs, we're playing a few old ones and a cover or two.  We've got a lot more energy and having a lot more fun, and hopefully we can translate that into our audience.

One day in 1996 my dad and I were driving along in the car (going to school I think) and a car cut my dad off. In the weeks before my mom had been getting on to my dad about cussing in front of us children. So when this ordeal with the car happend, my dad said, "Whoa SSS...Sam!" Now, that was something I've never heard before and I thought it was pretty funny. This was also the time we were looking for a name for the band. It stuck in my head for a few days and then BAM! It was the name of our band! That's how the name of the band came about!

     So, please come out and support us!!!!!!!  We deeply appreciate it!!!!

Whoa Sam!  Is:

Adam- bass, vocals
Kye- guitar, vocals
Dusty- drums

Jose, Kye, and Dusty

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