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Whilst in theory there are a few ways of casting with a centrepin , and each has its own veriations and no two people cast them quite the same way,i much prefer to think of them as styles that we learn and make our own.whilst doing research for these articles it's has become apparent that the descriptions and history of some of the cast's had become comfused , this is due in no small part to the rise of using open faced reels over a generation or two.and with the gradual return of people using centre pins again someware in between things had gotten a bit mixed up,for instance what is or isn't a nottingham cast and is the wallis cast or the side cast the nottingham cast or is it the loop cast,not being a hundred years old myself , i asked a few old timers who still only use centre-pins and read all the articles i could find on centre-pin fishing i have formed my own opinions on how the casts developed from the simple side cast and how everything hinged on where the line left the reel it seems the people from around nottingham liked the line to exit from off the bottom of the drum and people from around sheffield prefered the line to come off the top of the spool and this diference is what seperates the same cast into 2 diferent styles the Sheffield style (off the top) and the Nottingham style (off the bottom)
The two styles both relied on the angler to pull line off the drum between the reel and the first rod ring and were then developed further to enable the anglers of the day to cast out further ,The Sheffield anglers developed their style by drawing more loops from between the first few rod rings and then casting out while the Nottingham anglers improved their style buy imparting motion to their cast to gain extra distance.
I carn't substantiate any of this , its just a bit of wild speculation on my part perhaps it happened this way or maybe not , but one thing is curtain we ended up with two great casting styles both of which i was taught as a lad growing up living near Nottingham .
like so many my centre-pin casting skills were pushed aside and neglected in faviour of my fixed spool reels and has suffered greatly for it . i try to remedy this by using my old " Rolls Royce " centre pin when i go chub chasing or grayling grabbing on the( derbyshire ) derwent or the trent.

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