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Various Artists 4xLP w/7" (Hawai 006)
Masam Hawai/France 1985

  LP 3 Face Eruptive: E1 Suyama Kumiko "Dance"/E2 Twipi Twipa Twipi "Bad Dream"/E3 Wadya Want? "Snapshot"/E4 Kid Montana "Rico Apollo"/E5 Stabat Stable "Bubbie"/E6 Hypnobeat "Can God Rewind?"
  Face Finale: F1 Autopsia "Lebensherrgabe"/F2 BP.Service "Enervated Tiny Dranghts"/F3 Paul W. Sutherland "Don't Do That"/F4 Pekka Airaksinen "Kashypapa"/F5 Randy Raine-Reusch "Pelan Pelan"/F6 Strafe Fur Rebellion "Kamerun"
  LP 4 Face Glucose: G1 3 Musketeers "New Brass"/G2 Gheneral Thi Et Les Fourmis "Prima Dona"/G3 Twice A Man "Happy Life"/G4 The Pool "Burn The Bride"/G5 Peter Kaminski "Compudrive"
  Face Heteroclite H1 Bill Rhea "Incarna"/H2 Denis Mpunga & Paul K. "Funyaka"/H3 96 Eyes "Schneepalast"/H4 Ohama "The Drum"/H5 Carlos R. Arcavte "Psique"
  Additif 7"Face A: D7 Mark Lane "Pushing And Pulling"/D8 Stratis "Herzlos"
  Face B: H6 Vo Ese "Rike's Birthday"

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