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Various Artists Cassette (n'6)
Moulinier/France 1986

  Face A: 1. Marc Pira "Voices (extrait)" (Fr)/2. F.A.R. "Fireflies" (It)/3. Die Wohnhaft "Douceur" (Fr)/4. Concrete Slave "Story Board" (Fr)/5. Urban Autopsy "Do You Hear Me?" (Fr)/6. Jeff Laryngo "Extirper La Douleur" (Fr)/7. Mark Lane "All Of My Dreams Have Been Taken From Me" (USA)/8. In Aeternam Vale "Kj Danse + Vol Total Des Os" (Fr)/9. Sismoid "Mortar Version" (Fr)
  Face B: 1. Marc Pira "Voices (extrait)" (Fr)/2. Qwa Digs Never Parish "Audiosophie" (USA)/3. Graf Haufen (RFA)/4. If Bwana "Red Harvest" (USA)/5. Zewa X "Cannibal Country + I See God" (RFA)/6. In Aeternam Vale (Fr)/7. Face In The Crowd "Playing Music To An Empty Room" (UK)

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