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Various Artists 2xC40 Cassette. (NT 11)
Les Nourritures Terrestres/France 1986

  A1. Human Flesh "Do You Speak Human"/A2. Jacques L. "Vacance"/A3. Architects Office "AO 266"/A4. Die Todschicke Wut "Die Zusammenfhrung"/A5. Parade Assaut "Andrpov death Disco"
  B1. Prima Linea "Brumes Et Monuments"/B2. If, Bwana "The Depth Of Silence"/B3. Y.A.G. "Ivana Petrovna As-Tu Balaye Sous Le Buffet"/B4. La Sonorite Jaune "Parallelisme Spatial"/B5. Paul Kelday "The Decline and Demise of Humanity"
  C1. Hula "Pleasure Hates Language"/C2. The Grief "Au-Dela"/C3. Mark Lane "Dreaming Reality"/C4. Kino "Here is a New Force"/C5. Quadrature De Cercle "Le Beret Fou"
  D1. Blau Reiter "Hygiene Mentale"/D2. De Fabriek "African Disco"/D3. AE "Lightning Lines"/D4. M.A.L. "Free Guitars"/D5. Lieutenant Kije "Cerebral Party"

  Notes: Both tapes are held together with large bolts with a folded information sheet inside.

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