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Various Artists Cassette (Vol.II)
Electrope/Germany 1994

  Side A: 1. Individual Totem "Psychologic Medicine" (3:58)/2. Econic "Fortschritt" (3:26)/3. Transform At Zero "System Overload" (4:29)/4. Controlled Fusion "Technique '94" (5:30)/5. Fuse Box Machine "The Last Dance" (4:22)/6. Abscess "Man Mach(3:43)/7. Forthcoming "Ballad Pour K" (4:46)/8. Claire "Bereit" (5:09)/9. Mark Lane "Das Nicht (Factory)" (4:06)/10. The Permanent Confusion "Stoned Again" (4:40)
  Side B: 11. Der Pager Handgriff "Wehret den Anfangen (Remix)" (3:34)/12. Consequence "Seductive" (4:08)/13. Travailleur En Trance "Slave To Capitalism" (4:56)/14. Morbid Fancy "Dirty Money" (5:02)/15. Sleepwalk "Suicide Minds" (4:37)/16. Katarsi "XO5" (4:40)/17. Experience Of Nation "Oasis" (5:59)/18. Neuroactive "The World Contamination" (3:32/19. Neurotronic "Real World Hater" (5:00)/20. Jagged Fragment "Learn To Die" (4:56)

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