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"LIFE '85"
Various Artists C-60 Cassette
Temporary Music/Germany 1985

  Face One: 1. Emerald Web "Valley of the Birds" (4:32) USA/2. Neel Holst & Hero Wouters "Ensemble" (3:13) NL/3. Mark Lane "Who's Really Listening" (4:27) USA/4. Gerechtigkeits Liga "Existence & Utopie" (1:50) D/5. Stratis "Turkish Honey" (4:45) D/6. Asketen "Stampede Over My Heart" (4:36) D/7. Tim Story "The Scarcrow Ceremony" (3:28) USA
  Face Two: 1. Tara Cross "City Limit" (4:49) USA/2. Nagamatzu "Der Gute Kamerad" (4:33) GB/3. 96 Eyes "Wild Enten" (2:55) D/4. Die Werkpiloten "Drunken Soldiers" (4:15) D/5. The Weathermen "What About Us?" (3:10) B/6. Ende Shneafliet "Lauda" (2:46) NL/7. Port Said "Araby" (4:13) USA

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