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Various Artists Cassette (Noel 2)
Noel/Holland 1985

  Side A: 1. "Soundpiece I" (1:15) Ned/2. Jacques van Evren "Longfellow's Christmas Bells" (2:30) Ned/3. Panta Rhei "Drie Wijzen" (3:49) Ned/4. Otto J. Grunbauer "Do Mr. Elstak Like Snow" (3:49) Ned/5. Doxa Sinistra "Sade Claus is Coming To Town (Chapter I-VII)" (4:52) Ned/6. Deficit Des Anees Anterieurs "6000 Gestes Inutiles" (6:35) Fr/7. "Soundpiece II" (Ned) (:31)
  Side B:/ 1. "Soundpiece III" (1:15) Ned/2. History of Unheard Music "Frosty" (2:20) USA/3. V.O. "Noel au Balcon (Danse de St. Gui)" (6:20) Fr/4. Bene Gesserit "Joyeux Poeme!" (1:42) Bel/5. Genetic Factor "Vigilia di Natale" (6:05) Ned/6. Mark Lane "When The Candle Burns Tonight" (3:15) USA/7. Bump "X-mas Time In El Salvador" (1:55) USA/8. "Soundpiece IV" (1:50) Ned

  *Soundpieces by Grandmaster O.

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