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My tribute to Calvin & Hobbes

My Favorite Calvin & Hobbes Characters.

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In Association with Calvin and Hobbes : A Calvin and Hobbes Collection!

This is the 1st collection. Originally published in 1987, with a foreword by Gary Trudeau, famed author/creator of Doonesbury.

In this collection, we see the first appearance of the main characters, including Spaceman Spiff on pages 10 & 14. Spiff is on foot in these first appearances; no space ship yet. We see his space ship for the first time on page 18.

At the bottom of page 6, we first see how the rest of the world perceives Hobbes (as an inanimate stuffed toy tiger) as opposed to Calvin's perception of him.

We see Miss Wormwood in her usual polka-dot dress on page 7, but she isn't given a name until page 13, when Susie calls her by name.

Also on page 7, we see Calvin reluctant to eat his food at the dinner table. This scene isn't very remarkable, except that it is the first of a long series of Calvin's resistance to food at the dinner table.

Page 10 gives us the first appearance of Calvin's wagon. It is interesting to note that in this scene, Calvin asks Hobbes about his views on predestination. The original Calvin (John Calvin, 16th century pastor and reformer, theological father of Presbyterianism) was a proponent of predestination. The Wagon is also on pages 12, 59, 78 (this is the strip that inspired the cover art), 123 and 127. Note that the first (cover) and last (page 127) things Calvin does are risk his life in the wagon.

Page 10 gives us our first glimpse of the principal, Mr. Spittle, although he is not named until page 32.

Susie Derkins is first mentioned on page 12. We don't see her until page 13.

Calvin & Hobbes ride the sled for the first time on page 23, and again on pages 42, & 44 .

We see Calvin's Treehouse for the first time on page 13, and he is even in his newspaper hat, telling Susie "No Girls Allowed", but Hobbes is not present and there is no mention of G.R.O.S.S. On page 29, we see the treehouse and paperhats, but Calvin and Hobbes are pirates this time, still no mention of G.R.O.S.S. The treehouse is also on page 73.

Calvin is attacked by his food for the first time on page 24.

Calvin transformed himself into a werewolf on page 26, but we aren't shown how. No transmogrifier yet.

Moe, the bully, appears for the first time on page 39, and again on 47, 53, 60, & 76.

Rosalyn the baby sitter appears for the first time on page 86. She shows up again as the swim instructor on pages 116-117.

Many other firsts.

In Association with Something Under The Bed Is Drooling: A Calvin and Hobbes Collection!

The 2nd collection, published in 1988 with intro by Pat Oliphant.

Calvin has his first encounter with the bicycle on pages 12 - 13.

On page 46, Calvin dons a cape, and attempts to fly, no mention of Stupendous Man though.

Rosalyn the baby sitter returns on pages 50 -51.

Calvin rides the toboggan for the first time on page 63. We see it again on pages 64, & 65.

Calvin rides his sled on pages 67 & 71.

The famous playing classical music at 78 RPM dance is on page 80.

On the serious side, Calvin learns about death when he finds a baby raccoon on the ground. A touching series that runs from page 94 - 96.

The Transmogrifier box is introduced on page 101. The series runs through page 104.

We see the Treehouse and paper hats again on page 119, but still no mention of G.R.O.S.S. Hobbes makes Calvin recite the password, which is really a poem about how great tigers are.

Tracer Bullet, one of my favorite characters, first appears on page 125. Tracer is drawn in shadowy film noir style.

In Association with Yukon Ho: A Calvin and Hobbes Collection!

The 3rd collection, published in 1989. No introduction, But page 3 (un-numbered) has The Yukon Song.

On page 5, Calvin and Hobbes try to travel into the future by attempting warp speed in the wagon.

Calvin loses his gravity on page 6.

Calvin becomes 2-dimensional on page 9.

Calvin dons a cape and declares "This is a job for . . . ", but still no mention of Stupendous Man yet.

On pages 16 - 17, Calvin and Hobbes fly on a "magic carpet" that bears a striking resemblance to the rug from the hallway. They cruise by Dad's office and wave, but they can't get his attention.

Calvin and Hobbes are at the treehouse on page 39, and we hear verse 6 of the password (but you're not doing the dance!? . . .)

The whole family goes on a camping trip from page 41 - 45. Lots of character-building (and rain).

Calvin sneezes himself into outerspace on page 46 (*whew* . . . no brains).

Calvin and Hobbes time travel in the Time Machine on page 49 (It looks like the transmogrifier turned upside down). The story runs through page 52.

Calvin fights with his food on page 54. He takes a bite, but it almost kills him. Good faces.

On page 55, the title story ( Yukon Ho) begins. Calvin and Hobbes secede from the family and set off for the Yukon. The story - line runs through 61 when Hobbes is finally found after becoming lost during the adventure. Love the helmet.

On page 65, mom and Dad are going out, and Rosalyn comes to baby sit. Ends on page 66 with the police at the house.

Stupendous Man!!!! At the top of page 75, we get our first glimpse of Stupendous Man , although he does not yet have his official costume.

On page 109 Uncle Max comes to visit. He stays till page 112.

On page 121, Calvin shows Hobbes the new improved version of the Transmogrifier. A Transmogrifier Gun (looks a lot like a water pistol). The story - line runs through page 129, when Calvin reverts to being a kid again, after having been stuck as an owl.

The last page has Hobbes building a snowman of himself, while Calvin places snowheads around the snow-tiger.

In Association with Weirdos from Another Planet: A Calvin and Hobbes Collection!

This is the 4th collection, published in 1990. No forward or introduction.

It starts with another Rosalyn the baby sitter episode, on page 5.

The first really creative snowman scene is on page 8.

The Treehouse is on page 36, and we hear verse 7 of the password, but still no mention of G.R.O.S.S.

The family goes camping again on pages 55 - 59. Building character again. I'm not sure, but I think the Sunday strip on page 54 actually came in the middle of the camping story - line when this series ran in the newspaper.

The ballloon incident begins on page 63, and ends on page 66. Calvin saves himself using his transmogrifier gun.

Calvin's parents take him to the zoo, and he gets lost. Pages 69 - 72.

There's a great full page wagon scene on page 87.

Calvin makes some great faces, and apparently is poisoned at the dinner table on page 90.

Moe punches Calvin right out of his shoes and off the swing on page 92.

Calvin & Hobbes visit Mars in the wagon from page 94 - 99, but they forget the camera.

Calvin sneezes and blows his head off on page 112.

Finally the world is safe from wrong-doers! Dictators and criminals beware! Stupendous Man has arrived! Pages 115, 116, and 127. A great way to close the book.

In Association with Revenge of the Baby-Sat: A Calvin and Hobbes Collection

The fifth collection, published in 1991.

There is an excellent sled episode on page 8, that includes a discussion on Santa's "being good" requirement.

On page 13, Calvin asks Dad to read him "Hamster Huey and the Gooey Kablooie".

There's a goodSpaceman Spiff Strip that runs from page 26 -27. Calvin resists going to school and doesn't get on the bus.

Rosalyn the baby sitter returns on page 36. The story begins on page 35 with Mom and Dad getting ready to go out. This is the one where Calvin & Hobbes steal Rosalyn's school notes, lock themselves in the bathroom, and pretend to flush her notes down the toilet. Series runs through page 38.

More creative snowmen on page 41.

On page 43, Calvin decides to order a propeller beanie offered on a box of Chocolate frosted sugar bombs. The ensuing story runs through 48. A long strip through which Calvin learns a valuable lesson. Right. As If . . .

The House is broken into and robbed while the family is gone to a wedding. At first Calvin is worried sick because he can't find Hobbes, but Mom finds Hobbes under the bed covers. Story begins on page 66 and runs through 71.

On page 73 Calvin decides to form a Secret Club, and G.R.O.S.S. is formed. Story runs through 75, and segues nicely into the story where Calvin and Hobbes push the car into the ditch, and run away from home. Finally wraps up on page 80.

Stupendous Man is back on page 82. He reverses the spin of the Earth, so time goes backward.

Stupendous Man returns briefly on page 87.

There's a great strip on page 101, drawn in the "serious" style, as if it were one of the soap opera strips. Turns out Calvin is playing house with Susie.

On page 109, Calvin & Hobbes are Pirates again, in the Treehouse.

On page 110, Dad explains the sunset to Calvin.

In Association with Scientific Progress Goes 'Boink': A Calvin and Hobbes Collection

The 6th collection, published in 1991. Starts out with another food poisoning incident on page 5.

G.R.O.S.S. meets in the treehouse on page 10, and we hear yet another verse of the "password". how long is that password anyway?

On page 11, Mom and Dad get ready to go out, and Rosalyn comes to baby sit. This is the one where Calvin steals Mom and Dad's shoes, trying to prevent them from leaving. Then he locks Rosalyn out of the house.

Stupendous Man returns on pages 17 - 18. He uses a lens off the observatory telescope to direct the sun's light at the school, burning it up and leaving a smoldering crater where the school once was.

On page 23, Dad explains color and Black & White to Calvin. . . . Yeah, right.

From page 32 - 37 Calvin has a series of mishaps that prevent him from doing any homework. First his personal gravity is reversed. Then he inexplicably grows to cosmic proportions.

There's a nice Christmas Scene on page 48, with a poem.

More creative snowmen on pages 50 & 53!

On page 55, we see Calvin's duplicator, which used to be the Transmogrifier. This is the story that inspired the cover art. Calvin makes a duplicate of himself, and that duplicate makes more duplicates. It runs through page 62, and Calvin can't think of a lesson that he learned from it.

Tracer Bullet is back on pages 65 - 66. The case of Mr. Billion.

Back in the treehouse on page 81, for another meeting with G.R.O.S.S.

On page 87, Calvin finds out his parents are really bug-eyed aliens from Neptune.

Rosalyn is back on page 88 - 92. Stupendous Man makes an appearance, and fools Rosalyn into searching for Calvin outside, while Calvin is really back inside with Hobbes.

On page 96, the baseball series begins. I get a real kick out of this story. Calvin's non-conformity rises to the occasion, Spaceman Spiff makes an appearance, and it all leads to the development of Calvin Ball on page 101.

On page 108, Calvin is attacked by his food again.

On page 110 is an accurate rendering of my childhood school memories. Yours too?

A two-page Spaceman Spiff adventure runs from page 111 - 112. Calvin escapes from school.

On page 113, Calvin & Hobbes play more Calvin Ball!

Stupendous Man rescues some cookies and perplexes Susie who wants to borrow an egg for her mom.

Calvin turns neo-cubist on page 120.

Calvin & Hobbes use the box for a time machine on pages 123 - 126. They journey back to the Jurassic period, and photograph the dinosaurs. Strangely, when the film is developed, the pictures appear to be of toy plastic dinosaurs.

In Association with Attack of the Deranged Mutant Killer Monster Snow Goons : A Calvin and Hobbes Collection!

The 7th collection, published in 1992..

More adventures with the bicycle on pages 12 - 14.

Dad shares some of his perspective on life with the reader on page 18

Calvin struggles with the bicycle again on page 27.

G.R.O.S.S. meets again from pages 28 - 33. Secret Codes, a light strike force, Calvin and Hobbes kidnap Susie's ``Binky Betsy" doll. Hobbes is kidnapped, prisoners are exchanged.

More Calvin Ball on page 34.

Hobbes helps Calvin with math on page 35. The math story line continues through page 40, and includes an appearance by Spaceman Spiff on pages 38 & 39.

Calvin fights with his food again on pages 45 & 60.

On page 62, Moe once again punches Calvin off the swing and out of his shoes.

On page 63, Calvin makes faces for the camera.

On page 67 we see another "serious" strip, like the one on page 101 of The Revenge of the Baby-Sat. Calvin and Susie play doctor.

In the middle of page 68 is a terrific statement about Calvin's beliefs on the subjects of Theology and Meteorology.

On page 74, Calvin does his impersonation of Dad.

On page 77, a reference to the mysterious "noodle incident".

Another creative snowman on page 83.

The title story begins on page 85, as Calvin brings a snowman to life. The story - line runs through page 90. Calvin learns a lesson. . . . Uh-huh. Yeah.

More creative snowmen and snow-art on page 92, and a snow - snake on page 99, and more snowmen and a snow monster on page101.

On page 100, Calvin's whole world is black & white.

On page 102, there is a great Sunday panel where Calvin is abducted by aliens, and has all his math abilities removed on the operating table. Told entirely in verse.

On page 103, another adventure of Stupendous Man begins. It involves an increase in the Earth's gravity, and large snowballs. It continues through page 104.

Tracer Bullet returns on page 110, in what is my favorite story. Great monologue by Bullet, excellent film noir atmosphere. It runs through 111.

On pages 118 - 122 Calvin is helped/plagued by an ethical duplicate of himself that he created by adding an ethicator circuit to his duplication box.

More Calvin Ball on page 125.

On the last page is a drawing of Calvin & Hobbes in the treehouse.

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