My Survey

Okay, I've decided to compile a few surveys on series of different topics. The first of these topics is violence. A topic which disgusts me, but intrigues me at the same time. So i'll just post the questions and you can number the answers according to the question number and then email them to me, and I'll post the answers and what I've conlcuded from the results. Please include age, sex and residence in your email. You may remain anonomous if you please. Thanx. Oh, my addy is Also, I do not neccessarily agree with the opinion put forward by the following questions. I'm just curious on the answers. I will post my own answers so that you can see how I stand on the following issues.

  1. What is the most powerful image that you have ever seen?
  2. Why was this image so powerful?
  3. Did this image disgust or impress you? Why?
  4. Who do you think has the most powerful image? Why?
  5. Does this person scare or amaze you? Why?
  6. Do you think violence comes with power? Why?
  7. Think of someone you truly hate. Have you ever thought of hurting this person? To what degree would you hurt this person? If you did do this to them, would you want to be punished or do you think that it is warrented?
  8. Have you ever experienced first hand any type of extreme violence? If so what? What effect did this have on you?
  9. Are you bitter because of the above mentioned violence?
  10. Do you agree with capital punishment? Why?
  11. How about suicide?
  12. Or euthanasia?
  13. When do you think violence is justified?
  14. Is violence against animals okay?
  15. Should tormentors of animals be treated like human torturers?
  16. Which life is more important, an animals or a humans?
  17. Should slapstick(laural and hardy, dumb and dumber) violence be removed form visual media? Why?
  18. How about medium level violence? eg. explosions, car crashes, shootings. Why?
  19. Or hardcore violence? eg. rape, mass killing, women and child beatings. Why?
  20. Do you think seeing violence in a movie is a good enough excuse for murder?
  21. Should violent sexual scenes be banned?
  22. What is your opinion on violent music?
  23. Does anarchy promote violence?
  24. Do you see slam dancing as being violent?
  25. Are security guards at shows extreme or are they just doing their jobs?
  26. Does punk rock promote violence?
  27. Do you see any certain religion as been violent?

Okay so thats the lot. I'd appreciate it if you participated and thanks to all those that do. Go to answers, I mean respones, cause no one is wrong or right
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