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Wenger Gallery


As a non-Arabic speaker, the artist interpret the sounds and rhythms of the Arabic language in a different manner than an Arabic speaker. In this series the artist tried experimenting with the combination of meaning of the words and also the rhythmic flow of the sounds that the words create. Many people are surprised to learn that the artist does not speak the language. However, he has begun to enjoy a greater appreciation of the beauty of this language’s form.


Medium: forged steel with a painted finish and wood on marble & wood base.

                                                                                                         Year: 2008

Title: Um


Medium:   Forged steel on a brushed aluminum and wood base.                    Year:2008


Title: Ya Allah


Medium:   Forged steel and wood on a marble and wood base.           Year: 2008


Title: Joy


Medium: forged steel with a painted finish.                                                      Year:2000


Title: Rab


Medium:  forged copper. On steel base.                                                   Year:

Arabic calligraphy. Translates to the word “Thank you”.

 Title: Shukran

Series: “Interpretation of Language

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Title: Fakr

Medium:    forged steel                                                                       Year:

Arabic calligraphy. Translates to the word “Think”.


Title: Shukra                                                                                                                   

Title: Bismillah

Title: Wal Asr

Medium: forged copper and steel.                                                             Year:

Arabic Calligraphy. Hand forged.


Medium: forged steel and wood.                                                             Year: 1999


Medium: forged steel                                                                                 Year: 2001






Medium:                                                                                                   Year: 2006

Arabic Calligraphy in steel. Hand forged. Lamma translates to: “Not Yet”

Title: Lamma 2