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Patient Fanfic and Art
Oh, To Be Like a God -- Methos: Man, or God?
Pieces of Methos -- Poem
Xmas present -- '98 Christmas present Amand-r made for MacMINT/AINTs

Ties -- Two immortals meet in unusual circumstances and discover they have some things in common.

Methos' Mouth -- Poem

Duende -- Poem
Trinity -- Poem

Never Come Back -- Methos has taken up residence in Mac's barge while the Highlander is away. Life seems blessedly uncomplicated until a charming and unstable young woman falls into the river -- and joins the party.

Blue by You -- Poem
Bright -- Poem
ROG4ONE -- Graphic

apocalypse -- Poem
champion -- Poem

Sorcha Dee
Immortal Crusader -- A lone woman walks into Methos' life, bringing with her a deluge of disturbing dreams and memories. Is it prophecy, or just plain old-fashioned insanity?
We -- Poem
You -- Poem

This site is static, and I am no longer updating links or taking new submissions. I apologise if there is a broken email address or you wanted something of yours posted.

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