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December, 1998

Posted 11/22/1998 [The Asylum Forum has changed]

The Asylum Forum has changed

I've changed the message board server for the Asylum Forum. Please update your bookmarks. The Asylum Forum is now at The old message board will be used as the back-up board. The links have been changed at the main page ( so if you forget either link, they are accessable from there. :)

Posted 11/30/1998 [Birthdays for December]

Birthdays for December
Mark your calendars! :)

12-2 Bj McKay (PC# 62)
12-8 Red Hunter (PC# 2, AINT)
12-17 bookwrm (PC# 23)
12-29 Campbell (PC# 6)

If you have a birthday in December and you are not on this list, please e-mail me and I shall rectify my stupidity and slap myself many times.

Posted 11/30/1998 [ASYLUM CONTEST!]

[Contest 1 was announced.]

Posted 11/30/1998 [ASYLUM CONTEST - 1]

Clues for graphic: ANIMATED BALL, BINGO

Your First Hint: She's escaped to another Methos Web Site.

If you find Cassandra, please mail me at with the following information:

Your name/handle:
Your email address: (please use the one that is in your cell)
Your cell number:
The URL of the page you found the graphic on:
The name of the page you found the graphic on: (Both URL and name of page are requested so that if you copy one wrong, I can verify it with the other)
The time you're sending the mail: (In case I get two at the same time - if first place hasn't been given yet)

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