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December, 1998

Posted 11/22/1998 [The Asylum Forum has changed]

The Asylum Forum has changed

I've changed the message board server for the Asylum Forum. Please update your bookmarks. The Asylum Forum is now at http://www.cgiforme.com/cgibin/MacMINT/wwwboard.html. The old message board will be used as the back-up board. The links have been changed at the main page (http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Dreamworld/1335/mint.html) so if you forget either link, they are accessable from there. :)

Posted 11/30/1998 [Birthdays for December]

Birthdays for December
Mark your calendars! :)

12-2 Bj McKay (PC# 62)
12-8 Red Hunter (PC# 2, AINT)
12-17 bookwrm (PC# 23)
12-29 Campbell (PC# 6)

If you have a birthday in December and you are not on this list, please e-mail me and I shall rectify my stupidity and slap myself many times.

Posted 11/30/1998 [ASYLUM CONTEST!]

[Contest 1 was announced.]

Posted 11/30/1998 [ASYLUM CONTEST - 1]

Clues for graphic: ANIMATED BALL, BINGO

Your First Hint: She's escaped to another Methos Web Site.

If you find Cassandra, please mail me at jamwired@aol.com with the following information:

Your name/handle:
Your email address: (please use the one that is in your cell)
Your cell number:
The URL of the page you found the graphic on:
The name of the page you found the graphic on: (Both URL and name of page are requested so that if you copy one wrong, I can verify it with the other)
The time you're sending the mail: (In case I get two at the same time - if first place hasn't been given yet)

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